Monday Meal Ideas: Some of my faves

Good morning friends! Hope that you are all doing Ok wherever you are around the country right now. For NSW it’s a scary time with so many increased cases and a seemingly out of control spread of the virus ripping through regional NSW. Gosh it’s all so depressing. Without dwelling, I thought that I would share some tasty things to make for lunch or dinner if you are locked down (or not) for the week ahead. I love making and eating these for a quick lunch and then some more slower cooked ideas for dinner. Rob’s lamb shanks are always a good idea.

Salmon Rilettes
Crustless Quiche
Chili coconut roast chicken
Rob’s lamb shanks

We start home schooling today for who knows how long, and a different time for us. I think we all feel a little nervous and unsure about what is to come, but also safe at home which feels good. Stay safe and sane friends. Sending you lots of love from me to you and your family x


  1. Happy Birthday, Beth! I hope you did something nice for yourself today xx

  2. Must be relieving to be in the middle of nowhere!

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