Monday Meal Ideas: Biscuits

I tell you, weekends go by way too quickly. I swear I wasn’t ready when this one started so it’s all over before it began. Much like the pace of this year…

I have a hectic work week ahead with lots to do, deadlines to meet as we head towards the end of the year. It’s going to require extra energy and some downtime and comfort so for that me that usually means baking something for the kids. This week I think it might be biscuits. Here are some of my favourites!

Jam Drops
Home made crispbread
Monte Carlos 
Cheat Milk Arrowroot cookies

Hope that you all have a great week ahead doing whatever it is you get up to. There are seriously 5 weeks till Christmas and for lots of you guys…school holidays fast approaching. Stay strong, bake and be well! x


  1. I am obsessed with crackers & dip right now so I’m going to try your mums recipes. The crackers are pretty similar to one I make but mine have no cheese. I think my people would love the cheesy flavour.
    I hope you get shit done this week with minimal stress. 5 weeks! It’s gonna fly by!!!

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