Full & Thorough Reporting

It’s almost been a month since my last full debrief with you guys and while we are just in the thick of Term 2 of school which means lots of driving and sport, we’ve been busy.

It’s turned from full Autumn, to full winter in that time.

Those glorious soft, warm autumn days have stripped all the trees of their leaves and we have had some seriously cold nights this past week. The frosts have been back with a vengeance, the wold pile disappearing before our eyes, the camellias are starting to bloom and the days have been cold but sunny. I think we might be in for a cold winter ahead of us.

It’s been a busy social time in amongst all that sport too though. We’ve had family visit from Sydney for an overnight dinner. Drank way too much for a school night and listened to old rock and roll too loudly, but it was just the best. Love those unexpected nights.

We had Mum’s Birthday.

And then we had Mother’s Day.

And then we had Rob’s birthday.

And a few days later, Maggie’s Birthday.

Lucky she still snuggles up to me on the couch.

We had a busy time in the shop for Mother’s Day and are slowly catching our breaths back in the office as things calm down. I love our office so much – that space! It’s just the best being able to head in somewhere and then close the door at the end of the day. Total gamechanger.

This weekend we have a little party planned for Maggie with her cousins from Sydney coming down for a sleepover – it’s going to be a fun filled weekend with lots of people around our table once again. Always love having our family here for the weekend.

Hope you guys are all going ok and staying warm. We made it through another week and isn’t that a great thing?

Tell me what’s been happening with you?
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