Maggie is now 6!

First she was one, then two, three, four, five and now….


And I know how many of you have been here from the very beginning. From the announcement I was pregnant, to the Preggo Files, the Newborn files, The toddler files and life beyond. And while it feels like it was yesterday, I mean REALLY, it all feels like yesterday, it was six years ago now. SIX.

Maggie had her birthday on Sunday, which she had been counting down to for the past MONTHS (actually since the 1st January). We had a quiet day with some family visitors in the afternoon and next weekend she has another little family party at home. It was low key and lovely, just as a 6th birthday should be.

The birthday cake brief was Women’s Weekly (of course) Hickory Dickory Dock and thanks to my hangover, was very dodge. But she loved it. Let’s focus on my cake for next weekend instead ok?

Our sweet little lady who brings us all so much love and joy and light and still that precious part of childhood that her sisters are moving out from, we love you. We love you. We love you. Happy birthday you clever, sweet thing. I hope that six is everything you hoped it would be.



  1. I will always remember that chat next to the pool in Dubai when you said you thought you may want another. And there she is! Just gorgeous! xx

  2. Happy birthday to Maggie!
    What is that sewing/knitting machine looking thingy please? Looks like something my six year old would be interested in.

  3. Beautiful post, beautiful Maggie. Thanks for sharing 🎂💕

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