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Doesn’t take long to get back into the swing of it all does it? Holidays and the slower pace (and juggle of work) seems a distant memory now as we tackle term 2 and allllllllllllll of the things that go with it. It’s May SOMEHOW later this week…birthdays galore coming up…it’s all a LOT. But as Turtle Creek always says, “let’s pause, take a minute for what we are grateful for” and for me right now, there’s SO much.

For a starter, Autumn has put on a absolute show this year. Everywhere you turn in the village there is pure beauty. You know my thoughts on April light, but you GUYS, the light! It’s spectacular. Cool, clear darks nights with sprinkling of stars and frost in the morning. It calls for long walks whenever possible.

Dorothy turned FOUR last week with a little catch up after gymnastics and the like at their place. Chris outdid himself with a Bluey pool cake (a variation on the old Women’s Weekly classic I always wanted as a kid). Bless her world, she is a true joy to us all. What are we going to do there are no more babies?!

It’s been busy getting back into the swing of things at work. I was thrilled last week to host the launch of Sophie Hansen’s new book at Centennial Vineyards on a cold and blustery Autumn Highlands day. Her new book is a joy (we have more copies coming in for the shop in the next day or so).

With Mother’s Day coming up on the 9th May Lucy and I have been busy in the shop getting everyone’s gifts wrapped and written and sent off. We have lots of lovely stock and some great Mother’s Day ideas for you all so make sure you come and pay us an online visit!

Friday afternoon I headed away quickly after lunch to get up to Sydney for a quick visit with my old pal Nikki from Styling You. She was up visiting her son for the Anzac Day weekend and as stars aligned and hockey byes lined up I was able to escape for the night. We had SO MUCH FUN. Truly it was balm for my soul to properly catch up with her and have a sleepover. We literally did not stop talking for 12 hours, then we slept, and then we talked some more, I got away Saturday morning (a whirlwind 19 hours together).

We stayed at Spicers Retreat at Potts Point and it was an absolutely amazing hotel which I have to head back to sometime soon. Felt like we were over in London again….all under 2 hours from home! Such a treat on every level with great food (we ate at Bistro Rex) great cocktails and wine as we went too and so much talking. Our husbands would have been beside themselves with the pace and vigour of which we talked.

Then on Sunday morning (Anzac Day) Lucy and I helped out our friend Mrs Munro create a gorgeous wedding that she was pulling together. Lots of foliage and foraged leaves and textures for an all green wedding. She is so clever in how she can create this stuff and so much fun to be a part of!

See? There’s been a lot happening in the past week! Lots of fun and spending time with people I love which is just the best thing ever. The girls are back into school and lots of sport: we have hockey on Mondays and Saturdays, Netball on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, gym on Wednesday, Jujitsu on Thursday…you get the drift there’s a lot happening and some serious kms being driven in term 2 in the Highlands.

I’ll just have to keep making sure there’s lots of fun sprinkled in between to keep us all ticking along. But really, that’s enough about me….tell me!

What have you been up to?
What’s been happening?
How are you?
Tell me everything. Go!


  1. I laughed at the first few sentences where you wrote Term 3! Panicked for a minute and then realized it’s only Term 2! Lol

  2. Christine Robinson says

    Love the photos & the autumnal magic in your patch! I hope you find time just for you & snuggle up in front of the fire and delve into the pages of my book ‘Sharing Joy’s Treasures- an exquisite antique shell collection reveals hidden stories’ and give me some feedback! Check out my Instagram posts on noosamakesmehappy & seashells_antiques. Thanks.

  3. Just wanted to say how adorable is Dorothy and how much does she look like Lucy when she was little ❤️❤️Very cute, hope she loved her birthday

  4. I don’t understand?..how is Dorothy 4?

    cheers Kate

  5. Never stop these reports! Loved it all. How can Dorothy be 4? And you meeting up with Nikki? Best!

  6. Isn’t Autumn the best of seasons?
    I’m so jealous that you got those 19 hours with Nikki. Nothing better than catching up with a friend.
    If you haven’t yet, take the girls to see Peter Rabbit 2. I guarantee you’ll laugh more than than the kids. Very clever writing. A lot of the country scenes were filmed on the family farm in Robertson, the same paddocks as Babe was filmed.

  7. These are my absolute favourite posts. I’m so jealous of your beautiful Autumns. I started talking to a cute man on an app yesterday but he is in Townsville. Very annoying. Living in regional Queensland makes it very hard to find lovely men. Holidays feel like they were so long ago! Very lucky we’ve had two public holidays in Queensland already. It has made settling in to the term much easier.

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