3 easy Easter Platters

You guys know my love for a good platter runs DEEP. Head into any of my Instagram cooking tags and you will see that whenever we are entertaining (which seems to be a lot) a platter will be my go to to have with drinks or even as the main event for lunch. Thought I would share these 3 simple ideas for Easter as you might be entertaining over the weekend and these ideas might help you out too!

Everything can be grabbed at the supermarket and you can add or take away anything you like. I love the idea of everything going in the middle of the table as it’s a chance to share and chat and all join in together.

Good Friday

Some of you might be looking for a non meat version of events for Friday and this one should do the trick. A little deconstructed Nicoise salad or even prawn cocktail you can’t go wrong with this combo. You can find the recipe for my seafood sauce here and I grabbed some hot smoked salmon from the supermarket too. Use the lettuce leaves as cups for the seafood or of course you can just add  a side of crusty bread on the side for a prawn sambo.

I think this has a touch of Mr McGregors garden for Easter with drinks or again you could use this one for Good Friday as a veggie option. Have lots of dips and lots of left green veggies with the ends of their tops left on to make it look like you have just plucked them from your garden! Add in as many colours as you can: tomatoes, carrots, radishes, olives, celery…nuts as well as other deli items and cheeses. I guarantee you your kids will smash this one…there’s something about prepared veggies that just gets them eaten.

Dessert Platters

This literally takes 5 mins to throw together. You are only limited by your imagination on these…I usually go will in the decorating aisle of the supermarket and then add in extras like hot cross buns, eggs, cupcakes…any chocolate or berries you like!

Quick decorating idea

Oh and lastly, this is a cute quick way to add a little Easter style to your table. Roll your napkin out lengthways on a diagonal (actually, maybe that’s too long bunny ears looking at this) and then add in en egg (real or chocolate) with some ribbon and a little flower and you are good to go! Cute right?

What’s your plans for the Easter weekend ahead? Remember I have ALLLLLL the food ideas in this post which may help you decide. Whatever you decide make sure you throw a platter into the mix as it really is just so easy to feed a large group with high impact and just a little prep.

Happy Easter friends! x

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