Skin stuff: what I’m using Feb 2021

You know the drill, it’s the new year and we are all being served up a shit tonne of ads from various beauty companies telling us ways that we can improve ourselves, our skin…our lives! There are recipes on TikTok that we should be making that are easy, lists too download, it’s all quite overwhelming isn’t it? If you are like me you may have found yourself adding to cart with the hope off looking like you are 27 instead of 44 or maybe that’s just me? I bought a few bits and pieces and said on Instagram that I would share what I thought of everything that I had bought and tried. Which upon looking back, is quite a lot. I am quite the sucker for a well targeted ad and promises of youthful skin. Here’s my thoughts and 2 cents worth – everyone will have a different opinion on something depending on their own skin types and whatever, but here are mine.

Bangn Body

Now I know lots of you are interested in this as when I shared that I had bought it a few weeks ago LOTS of you messaged me to see what I thought. I bought a bundle for Lucy and I (there are few discount codes from various ex TV Bachelorettes so if you want to buy check their stories for discount codes. I have been trying the Smooth Skin Scrub & Firming lotion. The scrub was underwhelming but I think that’s because I like a scrub with LOTS of bits in it to really exfoliate. I also think you are meant to do this dry and I tried it in the shower first (see: bull at a gate and no time to read instructions or watch videos). The lotion I have been trying post every shower enemy legs and arms. It’s good and thick, the scent is STRONG. Like pineapple lolly smell (which I love to eat) but apparently don’t love as much all over my skin). It’s good but it’s just, I don’t know. Meh. Ish. I bet Daisy would love this but I felt like my old skin needed a little more. I asked Lucy what she thought and she was the same. I’m not sure I will buy out again when it runs out. Would definitely think it would make any teen girl happy as a present.

You can check out their full range here.


All of last year I tried to get a facial every 6 weeks or so during the school term so managed to stick to the most I have ever had ever. My skin has been very happy getting a microdermabrasion and whilst getting this was introduced to Ultraceutical skincare. It’s quite expensive but it’s just so good. I bought myself some products towards the end of the year first of all using the Balancing gel cleanser, then the smoothing serum and then the UV protective moisturiser. I use all three of these every morning and I have very happy skin.

This week when I had a facial I grabbed some products for night to use and add to my collection and they also had a sale on so DER. The Ultra A serum I use after using the gel cleanser above (I do this after I take my make up off) and then add the serum and then this new thick moisturiser. So far SO good. I feel like this Ultra A is going to be great.

You can check out their full range here.

Too Faced

I think I have been wanting to try this mascara for years. YEARS. I grabbed this online with Mecca recently when I had to grab some Go-To and added to basket as the stars aligned and I remembered that I wanted to try it. Verdict? AMAZING. I really really love it! It’s bushy without being clumpy AND it’s easy to come off at the end of the day, will definitely be using this again. I also have one of their eyeshadow palettes which is excellent.

You can check out their full range online here.


Another great brand that I started to use last year on the recommendation from the girls at Mecca when I was in store. This is the second one of these I have bought as I flogged it and asked Lucy for a replacement at Christmas. It gives great thick, black lashes. A bit harder to get off than the one above but very very good.

You can check out their full range here.


I have been using this products since 2016 on and off and various versions when I decided that I better start to take my skincare seriously and when I started to suffer from perioral dermatitis (which I still suffer from have just started ANOTHER round of antibiotics it’s the most annoying ongoing condition EVER). These are the three latest that I have tried and LOVE all of them. The masks Lucy gave me for Christmas and they are EXCELLENT. I can’t recommend Fancy Face enough for taking off make up at night. It gently removed the thickest makeup and feels so so nourishing. I use this every day, then the Ultracuetical cleanser, serum and moisturiser. I just started on the Removalist which is their latest clay mask which I bought for Daisy and I to do every week. She has done it once, I haven’t had a chance to as yet but watch this space!

Lucy also gave me this for Christmas (aren’t I lucky? She had me for the family KK) and I LOVE IT. This is what I was comparing to with the Bangn Body and I have to say I prefer this one. For the scent and thickness and nourishing feeling that I get from it on the body. I will definitely be buying this one again for my skin (I smother the arms and legs in it post shower).

You can check out their full range here.

Lastly I thought I would show you what perfumes both Rob and I are wearing at the moment. His I bloody LOVE – smells so so good! And this one I think I got from Priceline that I smelt on a friend and loved. I am on the look out for a new scent though.

So tell me…

What’s your latest obsession on your skin?
Got a secret we should all know about?
What’s a new scent I should be wearing?


  1. Yes, Beth! I live for your reviews of this stuff. Hourglass prods are an expensive rabbit hole, indeed, but have you tried their eyebrow arch brow pencil? It is unbeatable, in my opinion! Don’t get me started on their ambient powder!!

  2. Beth, you inspire women to take a chance and try something different. My premenopausal skin is out of control and I need to just try other products. Thanks for the recommendations

  3. After finding my way to skincare TikTok, I’m using Cerave and The Ordinary. That’s it!

  4. Great reviews, very helpful! Maybe time to finally give Go-To a try after following for years! And yes to Chanel Eau de Bleu…. just smells so good on my husband!

  5. Love the Go To products also and am awaiting my delivery of The Removalist. Recent purchases I have loved include : Laura Mercier caviar eyeshadow sticks – so easy and quick to apply and lovely and creamy on the eye. Isle of Paradise self tanning drops – so good for a natural looking tan all over and Kate Somerville Exfolicate – expensive but worth it.

  6. If love to know what foundation you use. You’re skin always looks glowing.

  7. Ultraceuticals are the BOMB!!! During Covid “lockdown” last year when I couldn’t get into a salon for facials etc I decided to stick to my daily at home skin care regime religiously and when I went back for a consult after six months, my beauty therapist took photos to compare with some she’d taken six months earlier and even she couldn’t believe how much my skin had improved…lines, pigmentation, general texture…it’s an amazing product. Stick with it.

  8. Thanks for sharing Beth. I have 2 drawers full of beauty products including samples that I need to use up before streamlining my skin and body care products. I was very bad in 2020 and pretty much stopped using makeup and barely bothered with any skincare except moisturiser. I started back with regular facials in November and a more consistent skincare regime. I really like the Go to range especially the sheet masks ! Motivation to looking after me is ME and our daughters wedding in September !

    • How exciting! I am so glad I finally started to make an effort with my skin after so many years of doing nothing. Wish I had started sooner!

  9. I swear by Jo Malone scents

  10. The biologi skincare serum range absolutely changed my life! I have sensitive skin and get rosacea and dermatitis. Their Bf serum has cleared that completely and I’m now using it and the Bm serum (alternating day/night) with their rose hip oil Br. Also love go-to, moogoo cleanser and quite frankly natural skin care

  11. Love the reviews! Just Meh – the perfect way to describe banging body!

  12. My recommendation… ditch the expensive stuff and go natural for microdermabrasion. Check out this beauty recipe on Annabels blog. It is truly lovely and your moisturiser soaks deep in to the skin after.

  13. I love Go-to products. I wish I had started putting the effort into my skin so much earlier. I tend to use a mix of low to high end products. I’ve started using Dermaveen moisturiser and I must say my skin has never felt so soft and smooth. I also like that its not scented so doesn’t clash with perfumes.

  14. Jenni Liddell says

    My daughter has put me onto Korean/Asian skincare and my face has never been so hydrated!! I am 52 and needing every bit of moisture I can put on nowadays.
    It requires quite a few steps – double cleanse, toner essence, serums, moisturiser and more so quite a process but I am loving it and so is my skin. My daughters’ skin (25) looks amazing and we are both hooked. Not too pricey either 🙂
    Will definately be keeping it up.

    • What’s it called? x

      • Jenni Liddell says

        Hi Beth
        Check out K-Beauty or Korean Beauty. Hugely popular and involved with all the steps required but I dont think I can go without it now – my skin feels not as plump and soft when I miss the am or pm routine.
        Its like going down a rabbit hole but oh so good….

        love your blog/facebook/instagram pages. Have been following you many years 🙂

  15. I’m OBSESSED with Shea Moisture African Black Soap Soothing Body Wash. I bought it for my daughter because I was told it’s great for eczema but I’ve been using it too. It makes your skin so soft, has little bits in it so also exfoliates, and smells delicious but subtle. You only need the tiniest bit and it’s $15-$20 at Priceline so it lasts forever. And my fav perfume is Tom Ford Black Orchid – I get compliments every time I wear it.

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