Monday Meal Ideas: Teacher food pressies

It’s IMPOSSIBLE for my head to get around, but I can see that we are heading towards the end of the school year AND FAST. Lots of kids in QLD and Melbourne I think even break up at the end of this week, so you may be looking for teacher gifts or get organised for the weeks ahead. When I had more time I used to make all the teachers at school a gift of food: lemon curd or pickled cucumbers for them to enjoy over the festive period, it’s always so well received and show an extra bit of home made love. Plus you can make a big batch and get it all done in one go. Here are some ideas for you to think about over the next few weeks:

Christmas scented potpurri pots
Pickled cucumbers
Lemon Curd

Of course if buying a teacher a Christmas present is more your idea then head to the shop and check out what we have there too – we can wrap it for you too!

How is your week ahead looking? Lucy and are I flat out in the shop, I also have Rob away again for work for a few days which is great. I am so happy that he’s starting to get some more work start back up again – what a year it’s been! I have some extra deadlines as well, lots of running around…same as every week of course but with an added feeling of a faster pace if you know what I mean? Whatever it is you have to tackle, hope you get it done friends. Have a good one x

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