Monday Meal Ideas: One Pan Wonders

I’m not sure why it is that Monday’s come around SO fast, or that they continue to surprise me with their speed. But here we are on the 7th September, staring down the barrel of another week. Girls are at school, I have a busy week of work ahead…let’s do this! I will be looking for dinners that can be thrown in the oven quickly but still provide a tasty dinner with minimum effort from me. So here’s some of my favourite ways to do just that: the mightly one pan dinner. Set and forget, these are all winners.

Ottolenghi’s Pasta Bake
Lemon greek chicken bake
Salmon & spinach Bake
Chicken and Chorizo bake

Hope that these help you out a little in the week ahead? Melbourne, how are you guys doing? Sending you strength and love. Hope the rest of you all have a great week ahead too – stay sane and well, may the sun shine your back and dry your washing. Have a good one friends x


  1. Elissa Hunter says

    Melbournite here! Big deep breaths, focus on the end game, let’s do this 😩.

    I love me a one pan wonder… But they have a different name in our house…. They’re a ‘dump and bung’. Dump it all in a roasting dish and then bung it in the oven. Walk away.
    Honestly, it’s about all I can muster most days at the moment 🙃

  2. I love your Monday meal ideas. I have made the Ottolenghi’s pasta bake again in the last week and also tried the Greek Chicken bake – might tweak a bit for us but loved the concept.
    Have a great week Beth.

  3. Jody Dent-Pruks says

    The secret sauce is the scanpan roasting pan. I put off spending the dollars on a good pan (whilst buying cheap pans that I would have to replace all the time!) and when I did upgrade…OMG. Anything roasted in it tastes wonderful. Even my husband commented on what I am doing different (it’s the pan hun LOL).

  4. Danielle Crismani says

    One of the things you inspired me to do is throw a bag of spinach in just about anything and you have provided greens for the family.
    It is cheats way of removing all dinner guilt for me!
    Thank you.

  5. Yum!

    Dinner tonight won’t quite be a one pot wonder, but it’s partially cooked already. Huzzah!

    Just because ‘food prep’ isn’t in my job description doesn’t mean it’s *not* permitted, right??
    I am working from home, after all…

    Lots of chopped veggies, chickpeas and Israeli couscous, mmmmm get in my guts!

  6. I tried the chicken & chorizo bake and it’s a winner – thanks Beth. I can’t wait to try this for a family dinner once restrictions are over.

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