Forage to Feast: a Wild Feast for a New Age

I was excited on Sunday to attend an amazing event right here in our village being held with our local friends from Trolleyd. The event was to help us get back in touch with nature around us: using the weeds we see every day and seeing how we can incorprate them into our cooking and eating and medicine.

The “Wild Feasts for a New Age” series begins as a collaboration between renowned forager and environmental educator Diego Bonetto, the movers and shakers behind the sustainable drinks and events company Trolley’d, and stylish chef, designer, foodie and weed convert Marnee FoxWe had hoped for a sunny spring day to forage and eat on the terrace in the sunshine, but knowing the Highlands, we instead had a rainy and cold Sunday ahead of us.

These are actually my favourite kind of days though, we really got to enjoy the full Burrawang experience. After a smoking ceremony and Welcome to country, we tried some native food and medicine, then started our forage ad learning. It was fresh, but oh so beautiful.

Then it back to the warmth of the fire and cocktails before we got to enjoy an 8 course degustation using some of the weeds we had seen and collected ourselves. The drinks were all made by Trolleyd and were exceptional. Slowly the sun starting to poke its way out through the afternoon as we ended our feast a few hours later.

It was such a great event run by Byron and Nicola and Diego & Marnee – I love seeing creative minds come together to make events for us to experience and learn from.

You should keep an eye on the events that are being held by Trolleyd and sign up for their newsletters to find our more about any future events that are coming up. Thanks for having us guys – such a great day anda fun thing to do right on our literal doorstep.

Note: We paid full price for our tickets…no freebies here. I just wanted to share this with you as you would love it too I’m sure and I love seeing friends doing well and being creative, especially after what has been such a tough year

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