Monday meal ideas: Easy mid week dinners when life is CRAZY

How are you guys? My goodness I am starting the feel like the last month or so is catching up on me…I am tired, in need of another weekend etc etc. Daisy has now finished school but we have plenty more happening this week with the other two: Maggie finishes preschool on Friday and then Harper has her end of term assembly and presentation tomorrow afternoon. Throw in the shop that has been flat out (thank you!!) we are all getting a little weary I must say.

So this week we need food that is simple, nousirhsing, quick and tasty. Sounds easy enough in theory doesn’t it? Here are some of my favourites that will get a run this week for sure…

Fish in a bag with coconut rice
Crustless quiche
Chicken fried rice
Pork & chorizo sausage rolls

Hope you are hanging in there too – poor Harper has next week at school too not finishing up until Wednesday 18th. I know we will be there before you know it, but boy am I looking forward to a change of pace! Dig deep my friends, stay cool and safe in this hot weather that looks like it will hit.

Have a great week x


  1. thanks beth …
    always helpful hun!
    inspiration is all i need from baby mac … then i’m off and running with my own take on things!
    much appreciation for your work<3 mxx

  2. Thanks Beth! This can be my menu plan for next week!!!
    We are limping to the end!! My youngest daughter and I don’t finish at school till the 20th!!! Yes you read that right!!! We are so ready for holidays…

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