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It’s Tuesday morning and it’s a little cooler than it has been for ages. I think it’s only 4 degrees outside as I can feel the cool coming up through the floorboards on my bare feet as I sit and type here in the cool dark. The weather has been hot, the garden coming alive with spring in all its glory. From the first night green tips, into now the lush verdant abundance of every shade of green. We had a little rain, and plenty of sunshine and warmth so it has burst into life. Makes you think of all the possibility there is…if a bare stick of a tree can do that, imagine the changes we all can make?

It reminds me that I need to lose a little weight which is just boring.

Most of the clematis has bloomed and the wisteria done, so now it’s the roses turn while everything else does its moment in green. I love an early November green – it’s every shade in between.

Maggie started her first school orientation last week, I know I can’t believe it either. She was NERFOUS and timid and shy, even though she has spent her entire life coming here each day for the girls. It’s different when it’s your time to step up isn’t it? She loved it by the end of it, but any mention of it again and it’s NOT TO BE SPOKEN OF.

Change and new things and people always take time with her. I get it. She is going to love it.

She’s growing up so fast. She’s bored and feral and tired and adorable like any 4 year old in the last term before the end of the year, especially so when it’s the year before they start school. She is bossy, she dobs, but then turns around and is a joy. It’s complex this age, being it, and parenting it.

There barely seems to be a moment of quiet for me in a day, a week, a month, it’s been a year of running every single day with the shop and work and life and the next few weeks until early December will be the same. I am so grateful for all the orders we have been getting – that Christmas shopping has well and truly begun. If I get a second of quiet at home in between it in, I sit and soak it in. My meditation being a quiet home. I think that’s why I wake up at 5.15 every day so I can enjoy it. Home is where I am happiest. Home, with all my people in it.

I really must make exercise part of that too.

There are posies of flowers around, how about this one from Mum’s garden. It smelt just as sweet as you would expect it to.

Last week I was busy heading up to Sydney two days in a row and even an overnight stay on Thursday night with my dear mate Nikki. It was so good to catch up face to face – most weeks we chat when we can about business and work and family, but to have some unlimited time to talk about everything and anything and be a little silly was so much fun.

Friday night we went to the opening of my old mate Mrs Munro’s new exhibition that has opened in Robertson at the SHAC (runs until the 25th November). The evening was warm and wonderful as we watched Ben Quilty open the show and the Arts Trail that has begun. I am so proud of Mrs M and all she has achieved with this show – amazing work and effort! If you are near Robertson any time until the 25th of the month make sure you try and get there to check it out.

I can hear Maggie calling out in her sing song voice “M-um, I’m ready to get uuuuu-ppp” so the day has begun, my quiet over for another day. I have started reading again you guys, I whipped through a quick book in a few hours on the weekend which has given me my reading mojo back. I am encouraged at night to jump into bed and not mindlessly scroll and it feels so good.

I know exercise will be like that, but, you know…

Hope you have a great Tuesday. Be kind to yourself, and others, it costs nothing to make someone’s day with some nice words or actions.


  1. Pauline Walden says

    Holy hell – with everything you have going how does your garden grow sooo beautifully. Country Living needs to make a visit! Ps you look fabulous – exercise shmexercise. Px

  2. what a lovely read- thankyou
    PS must check out your shop for xmas purchases

  3. Just read your email…
    Don’t forget to breathe…
    You got this…..
    is it worth getting Gary’s yellow book??? I’ve started reading too and you’re right it’s good not to swipe and to just hold a book x
    I will be returning to your shop again for chrissie too xx

  4. It was so, so lovely to hang with you in person xx

  5. How does #notafatmoleforchristmas role around so quickly? I am still trying from 3 years ago, ha ha ha. Can’t believe Maggie starts school next year!

  6. Oh Beth your home is just so beautiful. Each and every time you post pics of the garden and outside of it I just swoon.
    Thanks for sharing it all with us.
    xx Manda

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