The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal enthusiasts {ep 20}

Well my WORD has it been busy in the Royal family over the past few weeks. Two tours! Law suits filed! Intimate insights into the Sussex life! Baby Archie revealed to the world! Stacey and I knew that there was much to fill you guys in on so have broken it all into sections. This episode deals specifically with Haz and Megs and all that has been going on since their tour.

And hasn’t there been a lot? A LOT YOU GUYS.

Oh Hazzy.

This episode was a tricky one for me. With these guys at the moment I am feeling ALL the things. From this to that and I constantly flick between frustration and sadness for these guys. I hadn’t watched the doco at the time of recording (yesterday) but watched it last night so my views may have changed a little since then. Maybe. Maybe not. See? It’s complicated guys.

So enjoy this 1 hour deep dive into Haz & Megs and what they are going through right now. Enjoy the differences between Stacey and I and hopefully share YOUR thoughts on this stuff. It’s actually confusing me right now and this episode is a little bit of therapy for me so pop on and enjoy the ride.

You can listen to it here:

Or listen to it through iTunes here. Whack it on in the car, on the commute to work, while you are working or cleaning or going for a walk. Next week we will tap into the Cambridges and all that happened on their tour. Enjoy!


  1. I am so over this pair.
    hoped someone would say it before me
    is she the first to have a baby, didn’t we all feel vunerable especially with our first
    if you don’t like what the the press write don’t read it
    if your not happy, bugger off

  2. Deidre Gai Mitchell says

    I love love love this podcast. Thank you ladies.

  3. Love the catch up! Do you think all the shirt dresses/button downs were to make it easy to nurse Archie?

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