Rangi Kahu: The Hawk House

I often get asked how I find some of the places that we have stayed in on AirBnB over the years. It’s a job I take very seriously (ha!) trying to find somewhere that I know will be special and make a holiday all the more enjoyable. I love staying in homes as you can cook and do washing (not interesting to many on holidays I know, but something that means we can control things a bit if the kids are feral and tired) and it ends up being affordable for us as a family of 5 which means we’d need to get two hotel rooms. We have found some pretty amazing ones over the years (from London, Paris, New York, Scotland, Australia, Italy) and our search in New Zealand was going to be no exception for me.

I think I stumbled across the Hawk House after many MANY hours trawling different areas and different prices and couldn’t believe how amazing it is. A piece of design architecture BEAUTY I couldn’t believe our luck when it was available for a few days for our stay.

Located between Cromwell and Wanaka in Queensberry it is quite isolated but worth it when you walk through those doors and the views absolutely take your breath AWAY. I have never seen a view quite like it from a home.

It has three bedrooms (all king beds with the bedrooms being able to split into twin beds in both) and 3 bathrooms it was great for our family of 5 but could have easily slept 6. The kitchen and all the facilities are TOP NOTCH DESIGNER – think showers you press buttons to start, auto start gas stoves, so much heating as well as a fire. The ceilings are the most stunning wood and the design of the house is unique and amazing – the main bedroom and living room bunked in at both ends.

We ate in a lot – because is there a better view anywhere in the world than this? And as for that terrace to take in the view and have a drink from while the kids play? Heaven. Absolute heaven plain and simple.

I feel so grateful that we got 4 nights in this piece of paradise. Denise, the owner was so lovely to deal with and Sarah who helped us check in was so helpful and is there to help with any questions along the way. From the 56 million messages I got while I was there, I think it won’t be the last Babymac reader that enters those doors…let them know I sent you and dear LORD tag me when you are there enjoying that vista!

You can book the Hawk House here – just follow the links to Air BnB.

Obviously we paid full freight ourselves for the accomodation and I just wanted to do a blog post about this for Denise because she is so lovely and the house is amazing and I like to share ALL of the good things I can x


  1. Beautiful 😍

  2. I wanted to do this exact trip!

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