BabyMac’s Top 10 travel essentials

Oh how the recent use of my passport has lit a fire and passion for even MORE travel. Always the way isn’t it? I thought I better jot down some hints and tips that I learnt from this last trip before they escape into the recesses of my overtired brain forever!

I love reading back on these travel posts (mainly for myself) but it’s something that I do get asked about A LOT – any tips that I have experienced that I am more than happy to share. I have LOADS of different posts in my travel archives too which you can check out here.

Before we start you might want to read this post (Ultimate travel tips) that covers the lot! Most of this is to do with family travel, packing tips and all the various places we have stayed OS with the family. It’s a good starting point.

This trip was very different as it was a girls only adult trip. Not something I have a lot of experience in, but it meant that I could take LOTS of clothes without being questioned by Rob, so the tips are probably extra adulty and girly if you know what I mean.

1. Get some good travel clothes

Usually when I am travelling with the kids I don’t care what I am wearing. I know it will get shit spilt on it, I’ll be slept on, I will be wedged in a plane bathroom with 3 other people and at the end of the 24 hours I will never want to see it again. But a leisurely ladies trip? Different story all together! I had THE ultimate ensemble from Sassind that was both comfy AND stylish. I had LOTS of questions about it all on Instagram when I posted this outfit originally so here’s a little more detail.

These 100% merino Jodhpurs in blue
This boxy free style cotton sweater in grey
These High line leather ballet slippers in blue
This Australian merino oversized wrap in Grey

Now THIS is an outfit you feel in place in the Business lounge of the airport! I loved that I could strip back or layer up as the temperature changed from home to through the airport and onto the plane and then at my destination – on and off on and off! The shoes were like SLIPPERS and as soon as I was on the plane I whacked my compression tights on and I was good to go.

This wrap especially was the perfect companion. Rolled up as a pillow or used as a blanket it’s lightweight but SO warm. What they say over natural fibres and quality is so true – I know that I will have this for so many years to come. It also got a run as a blanket in the park when we were picnicking.

2. Get a good passport wallet

I have a much bigger one that I use for the family that fits our 5 passports in but for just me I was THRILLED with this gorgeous one from Arlington Milne. In fact, ALL my travel handbags, wallets etc are from them.

I usually transfer my basic stuff (credit cards, debit cards, FF card) out of my everyday wallet and put it into a smaller purse for travel. This one in fact (in leopard print and rose gold nonetheless). I can also fit my phone in this and use a smaller cross the shoulder clutch purse for easy travel when I don’t have my camera. My normal wallet is so big so I love just having something smaller and cooler than usual!

These passport wallets are perfect for your FF card, a pen (an essential for the filling out of entry cards etc), boarding pass and stand out in your bag when you need to find them quickly (which is a LOT from the moment you enter the airport).

Loved this one so much I know it will get LOTS of use over the years. I have used their wallets and bags for years now and the quality remains TOP SHELF. They just get softer and better. I love the colours and styles SO much too.

3. Get some good quality headphones (and an eye mask!)

A perfect pressie to ask for your birthday/mothers day are some good headphones. Rob gave me some from Bose a few Christmas’ ago and they truly are the best. Noise cancelling so you can’t hear a thing on the plane (when everyone is talking, snoring and farting) LOUDLY. They also work a treat when you inevitably wake up with jet lag at your destination and you want to be quiet while someone sleeps next to you. I tried for the first time ever a sleep mask that was given to me SILK! So fancy and so good. I put this soft delight on and was happy as a clam in it. Also good to use at the other end when it was light to well past 9pm and early from 4am.

4. Get downloading Netflix to your device

We flew Qantas and while there was lots of choice of movies there may be some half watched shows on Netflix that you REALLY want to watch. I am always amazed at how little space they take up on your phone too – I love being able to continue watching them in the airport between connections, or at your destination when you are awake early or generally not sleeping. Just go to the menu in Netflix where it says available for Download and start downloading. They expire after a little while so don’t do not too far out from your trip.

5. Get your granny on with some compression Tights

This was a first for me too this trip and they made a huge difference to swelling which must be a good thing right? I bought a pair from the chemist for about $30 I think (they were knee high) I whacked them on as soon as I got on the plane and then took them off at landing and they made a huge difference to the state of my feet and legs.

6. Add some moisture to your skin with Skin Boss oils

It’s the booze, the elevation, the sitting on your arse for so long but my skin is never drier than on a plane. Lucky for me this time I had my skin boss oils that I slathered on at intervals throughout the flight. While I usually wear a little make up before I take off, after take off it’s wiped off and oil and moisturiser applied liberally. This stuff is amazing and I swear by it for the good state my skin is in at the moment. I took the night time one because I love that lavender scent.

7. Get some good walking shoes and wear them in!

You guys know how much I love my Frankie4 shoes but they truly are the best travel accessory. I got a new pair before I left (Jackie’s) and I made sure they were WORN in for a few weeks before I left. That way it felt like I had slippers on but they looked good and went with everything!

This is me, wearing in my shoes and pants before I left! Also a good idea with clothes for the plane as you don’t want to discover a rolling waistband or wedgy something 2 hours into a 14 hour flight.

8. Jetlag tips (walk, sunshine, melatonin)

I am useless with jet lag, I get it, I get too excited when I am there to sleep and function purely on adrenaline (hence why I have crashed with sickness since I got home) BUT! There are a few tips I have. Go walking/running in the mornings. I always wake so early so hit that pavement before the city wakes up. My favourite travel memories ever are walking the streets of London, Hong Kong and New York before the world had woken up. It also helps with sleep at night and of course getting your grounding and bearings in a new place. Our walks through Hyde Park were my favourites this trip.

A suggestion from lots of people is to get some melatonin as well. Take when you wake up when you shouldn’t to try and get those sleeping patterns back into line! Especially good when you get home and have to parent and you are awake at 2am ready to go!

9. Get some packing cells

I stand by the fact that the best travel accessory I have ever bought is these travel cells. I had a take a LOT of clothes for this trip (Luce wanted options and I had lots of outfits to do as well) so I completely overdid it. The packing cells turn piles into neat, compact piles that are manageable in the bag and separated into tips and bottoms, undies and scarves etc. You can get them from lots of places – just google “travel packing cells”.

10. Plan some spots ahead of time

Because there were so many places I wanted to remember to go to I created a collection on Instagram and saved images as I saw them to this collection. It gave me the handles of accounts I wanted to follow and where they were so I didn’t have to think. Remember the days of Lonely Planet Guides? This is my version of that. I also go to the website Mr & Mrs Smith for a list of cool hotels that will inevitable have COOL HOTEL BARS to have a drink in. Also once you have chosen a location to stay in (like a hotel or AirBnB go to that location in instagram to check out what’s to your liking in food, drink or shopping. It’s a great one stop way to get a feel for the area. I do this down here locally too.

Of course you’ll need a camera (enter my giveaway for one of your own), extra batteries and you will be good to go! And whatever you have packed, take 1/3 of it out. You will end up buying something new and will wear that the entire time. Promise.

These are some of my top tips…I would love to hear yours!

What’s your top travel tip or essential?

I was gifted the clothing from Sassind, the passport wallet from Arlington Milne and shoes from Frankie4 but have bought from all three of these brands before and will continue to do so long after today. I wouldn’t share them if they were shit, nor am I obligated to do so. I like them, and think you will too.


  1. Love love this post. I too can not sleep when I get to where I am going. I usually chuck my bags in my room and off I go along with my sisters. That way we get into the right time zone.

  2. Amanda G says

    Thank you Beth, some awesome tips. I do not go anywhere, not even a long weekend away without using packing cells. We have so many now, enough for everyone to use, it makes it soooo much easier! I loved your London wardrobe, so chic and stylish! Does Arlington Milne still stock your black handbag? What is its name please? Looking for a good size black handbag, thanks!

  3. Loved your Royal Adventure and this blog post is so helpful! Thank you for including Skin Boss in the mix – it was a lovely surprise to see it nestled in amongst your fabulous travel tips x

  4. Hi Beth, I am just catching up on all of your posts. I have just been writing a heap of posts about my travel to NYC… I, of course, got most of my tips from your fabulous posts. Love these. I probably did everything I shouldn’t have on my long haul flight but they seemed to work – all the bad shit – drank wine, took sleeping pills, didn’t have noise cancelling headphones but gee we had fun and we were up the back of the plane. Love your outfit, looks super comfy and really good. PS: I loved my Frankie4 Nats in NYC, they were unreal.

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