Good Things

It’s September. And after a long cold winter just the sound of it gives us enough promise of good stuff to come. We still have a lot of winter to do round here…the fire will be on constantly for the next month or so and will be on and off until the end of the year.

But there’s sunshine, we had some decent rain last week and there’s new green popping all over the garden. The snow pears are in bloom, the birdsong is sublime and the washing is drying in the daylight hours again. Many, many good things all about so I thought I’d share some of it with you.

There’s been lots of new stock arrive in the shop. It’s been so much fun to open up all the boxes to see what we ordered weeks ago and to get it all out into the world and to you guys. Talk about playing shops (which Lucy and I did over and over again when we were little).

It was Father’s Day yesterday and I love love LOVE that when Rob and I first met we were young and cool and did fun stuff and now it’s come to this:

He couldn’t have been happier to get his hands on this. The excitement over the Satin bower bird in our backyard meant we had to take his twitching seriously so the book was called for. He loved it.

We love him.

My orchid that I was given for my 40th (2 years ago) has finally decided to flower again and dead set, it’s giving me SO MUCH JOY. I am smugly pretending that it had everything to do with me, except that I have honestly just neglected it for 2 years and now this! It’s thrilling. This is the yang to Rob’s bird twitching ying. This is 42.

And every afternoon the last light hits that bad boy and puts on a show for us all. I spend a lot of time telling everyone to “LOOK AT THE LIGHT” and because no one ever does, I got my camera out so I could tell you guys “LOOK AT THE LIGHT”. So you know, look.

And while we’re looking at flowers, my white daphne has put on a show and is in bloom. It’s a newer plant in my garden so I’m thrilled to see it thriving.

Don’t get me started on the pink Daph, she’s going bonkers.

Same with the hellebores. I’m not even bothering to pick them this year as the wilting and the mess make me sad so I’ll just enjoy them in the garden.

We went to Mum’s yesterday for lunch and I whipped up a sponge with jam and cream. It was a variation on the ginger fluff (everything except the cocoa/ginger/cinnamon) and it was a winner. I feel like I real country woman now that I have mastered a sponge.

The hedges have been done at home and it’s very satisfying to finally get them down to a manageable height. Rob should be able to keep on top of the driveway ones now. And how about the cute neighbours roof peeping through.

There’s new potted colour ready for me to plant, cobwebs to brush away and plants to feed.

And yesterday I made myself the most perfect egg and lettuce sambo on multigrain bread that I couldn’t help but think that life was indeed, very good.

What’s good in your life at the moment?


  1. Tim has finally finished a job that seen him working away during the week & only being home for day or two over the weekend. What was supposed to last 7 weeks went for 16 so I am glad that shit is finally over & I’ll have my husband home each night. That is something good!

  2. there are so many good things happening right now, and I notice them but finding the joy in them is a struggle at the moment.
    Have to say though I love the word bonkers and think it should be used so much more, i’m going to make it my personal mission to use it once every day.
    fire will be on here for a few weeks too, and probably well off and on well into november

    cheers Kate

  3. Now that spring is giving hints of its arrival in the mountains, I notice the bird population is changing. Magpies are back and one had an enormous worm yesterday. No currawongs as yet. Tiny honey eaters are checking the grevilleas each day for blooms. I think I saw a satin bower bird yesterday but no rainbirds yet. A large king parrot was very obvious the other day with its scarlet and green and the front yard has many pairs of wrens flitting around. Finches chatter late afternoon. There will be more. And possums too, which I would rather not have so close to the house. They trigger the front verandah light through the night and we have had them get into the house and pull down blinds and curtains.

  4. I live in New Zealand now so it’s similar to where you are in that we get long winters but also proper seasons – daffodils, hydrangea bushes greening up, colour everywhere and birds going crazy every morning. The light changes and the air, while still cool, loses its bite. It’s my favourite thing about living in a cooler climate, stunning seasons.

  5. Susan Beauchamp says

    Love that it’s now Spring as I love the colours and bright days. What’s making me feel good is that I turn 50 in 6 days and have been surprised with a weekend away with my extended family, down the south coast of NSW. I cannot wait to laugh, go on stupid, eat and drink and not do any chores. We haven’t been on a holiday for 3 years so I’m beyond excited.

  6. Debs Sutton says

    Opposite here i The UK the days are shortening by the day and there’s that Autumnal “nip” in the air which I love. Loving the new series of GBBO which started last week and Jamie O’s new vegetarian series.
    Finally sold my Mum’s house, unfortunately the finances are needed to pay her care home fees, she has Alzheimers and dementia.
    Our roses are having their 3rd bloom and the smell is luscious.
    Booking our Xmas trip to Australia soon but this time our daughter, SIL and our granddaughters will be coming too!!!

  7. Good things abound!
    Day two and a half of nice spring weather in Melbourne and I’m in a dress at work. Huzzah. Cardigan is over the back of my chair, but I haven’t needed it yet.
    Falafel making before work today was a win, can’t wait to get home and devour the rest of them for dinner.
    Sunshine, budding trees, and yes, the light, everyone must LOOK!

  8. Pauline Walden says

    Just reading your lovely post in bed and feeling warm and fuzzy! Hope you and your family have a wonderful spring. Off to sleep to dream (and maybe smell) some beautiful daphne. X

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