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You guys, we are almost through the term. We are ALMOST there, kind of. Sheesh, term 2 has been a BIG one and while Daisy has been off school since Thursday last week, it’s still very much BAU for the other two and Rob who has been away for work and me who somehow starts the juggle of work and kids and holidays.

But I complain digress, there’s still be lots happening including a cheeky weekend escape at the beach that made it feel like holidays were here…until we got home and had to hit the ground running again with after school stuff, Doctor’s appointments etc. That said, some warm weather and sunshine and being able to have our shoes off definitely put a spring in my step and was basically like being in Europe right? RIGHT.

Before then though there’s lots to cover. Like the fact that Maggie had school photos and self directed the hair and outfit down to the last little space bun and glittery shoulder cardigan. She does love to pull together a look.

THRILLED with the fact that when the buns came out she managed to look like a Beauty Queen pageant division 5 winner. I say Maggie! It’s safe to say, it won’t be the last time space buns get a run around these parts.

Did I mention it’s cold? I LOVE the cold. I find it invigorating, beautiful, you name it, I love it. And yet always in July I find myself a little meh at the prospect of many more months of it. I’m complex I tell you. But look! FROSTY MORNS which are delightful until you have to start to hang the washing out.

There’s been a little baking (scones, nothing too fancy) but delicious nonetheless. There’s been lots of driving around taking Mum to rehab and I can report that now 5 weeks post op she is doing REALLY well. Next week she will be able to get herself around again and things will improve greatly with her – independence is so important isn’t it? That and good health.

Now this is something Uber eats can’t deliver

There were train ride adventures on the Cockatoo Run which we LOVED. Highly recommend it for any locals here with kids (big or small) quick trip from Robertson to Mossy and back again over a few hours…it felt glamorous and old worldly which I must say is quite the opposite to how Robertson usually feels on a mid winter Sunday afternoon.

And then of course our escape to the beach for 3 nights with Lucy and her kids. Harper was back home with Rob as she various things on she had to attend, so with 4 kids and two tired Mums, well we just had the best time. Lots of sitting by the fire listening to music, non judgmental scrolling of our phones, lots of time at the beach, catching up with our Dad, solving the problems of the world, that kind of thing. I want to do it again. And again. And again.

Smile Dots!

Yeah, not bad at all.

Good luck getting through the next few days my friends – enjoy those moments of peace that will soon be filled with the sounds of fighting and dobbing on each other before things settle into a lovely rhythm and it’s time to turn around and go back.

I’m hoping to get through some reading, not having to get up at 5.15am to try and get work done, lots of time outdoors, a visit to the farm and of course some more baking. Always with the baking. I will get summer ready in summer right?

What have you been up to?
Have you been away? Are you cold and tired and overwhelmed?


  1. My girl is nearly 9 months old, and while this is the best age so far, I’m both tired and overwhelmed.

    She’s such a good kid – we’re very lucky – but it’s just the same thing day in, day out. Has she slept enough? Has she eaten enough? When do we drop a bottle feed? Am I doing enough for her brain development? etc etc (Can you tell I’m a first time Mum haha!)

    I know this feeling won’t last, I already feel better for having typed this! Think we’ll spend the next couple days soaking up some sunshine and chilling out together.

    • Oh my love it’s SO full on. All of it! It’s mundane and repetitive and wonderful and joyful and frustrating all rolled into one. It’s a million emotions from both of you in the space of a day. Be kind to yourself, express yourself and try to remember that it won’t be like this forever. Lots of love and strength to you Mama x

  2. Beth the house on the beach looks amazing ! Did you rent it or know someone to borrow it from ?

  3. Imagine if there was Ubereats for scones though! Daily emergency delivery – I’d never leave the house!

    • I do believe we have discovered a gap in the market. Emergency grandma Uber Eats for extra comfort. Baked goods! Biscuits! Soups! Roasts all wrapped up in tea towels and crocheted rugs!

  4. Oh S being a first time mum is really hard. My mums only advice to me was and it was the best “if you are not screaming and the baby is not screaming you are doing the right thing”

  5. As an older mum I thought it was funny when you mentioned about holidays coming and the dobbing but then I realised its still happening here only its Uni holidays and the 24 y o is home with the 21 yo (stirrer) and 18 y o (also a stirrer but nothing on his sister) Saints preserve us!

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