Who doesn’t need a wardrobe wingbird?

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Living where I do I don’t have a HUGE range of shops to visit (or to be honest, time or inclination to peruse shops) so shopping online (hello wine and no bra!) has been great for someone like me to have access to anything I like from here and around the world.

I was first introduced to online store birdsnest a few years ago by my very good friend Nikki from Styling You.  For me, being online and on social media I have found SO many amazing companies, people, brands and products to follow from recommendations from others that I would never have found otherwise. Online shopping has changed the way we shop and are marketed to, and it’s led me to create my own work in this space and of course now have my own shop where I can share products and brands that I love for you guys. It’s quite something isn’t it?

Being able to see how REAL women wear and style clothes through hashtags like #everydaystyle has also been a game changer for me. Seeing clothes on models is one thing, seeing you in said clothes in your bedroom is another entirely! My style transformation over the past 10 years or so has come about through seeing the real life style of women from all over our country, different styles and ages, shapes and sizes and the guidance of people in the Instagram community to show how REAL people can make fashion work for them.  And for me, now, well I love SO much that lots of you guys see what I like to wear, or style something and see you guys do the same! How good is that? (as weird as it might seem to me!)

Wearing boho bird  ROLL WITH ME knit (size 14) $109.95
Wearing  bird keeper
BEST SELLER pant (size 14) $89.95

Through all these learnings and insights over the past few years, my love for birdsnest began. There are many ‘wingbirds’ in your life but when it comes to styling, the ‘Wardrobe Wingbirds’ at birdsnest really have your back, and can help guide you through the process of finding an outfit that you feel truly confident in. To get that personalised service from an online shop is something really unique.

There’s SO much to love about birdsnest as a brand. For me personally it’s been a few different things:

  • birdsnest is based in a small country town outside the Snowy Mountains in NSW, Cooma. What started with the owner, Jane, falling in love and then dreaming of creating her own online store from the country now has a team of over 140 birds young and old who work on this world-class store that has customers all over the country. I love such a successful and thriving business in a regional town that employs locals (including traineeships)
  • Size inclusivity: their in house labels reach a size 22 (one a 24) and they are committed to model diversity
  • Express delivery and personalised notes with the best return policy 365 days a year: they make it SO easy to send back what you don’t love and their birdsnest Changeroom feature allows you to try on $1000 of clothing before you buy, sending back what you don’t like in a paid returns bag
  • They have a HUGE range of clothes to cover any style, shape, age, size…if you can’t find something you like then there isn’t anything!
  • I have loved trying different styles over the years that I would never have chosen. Maxi dresses, wrap dresses, lots of patterns have all been things I wouldn’t have tried before but have LOVED and always get so many compliments on
  • You can shop by outfit: the team have put together so many great different outfits that you can choose from. I love seeing how pieces work together and being inspired to take pieces from here and there to make my own and work for me!

Wearing that bird label ODETTE GARDEN DWELLER DRESS (size 14) $139

  • You can shop by capsule: whatever your style, event or personality there will be something for you to choose from.
  • You can change the model view option when looking at clothes so you can see what the clothes will look like on someone YOUR size

Wearing bird keepers WIDE LEG PULL ON PANT (Khaki, size 14) $99.95

But the really great thing I wanted to share with you guys was the best part of the personalised shopping experience that you get through birdsnest and that’s the STYLE PROFILE.

How the Style Profile Works
  1. Fill in your Style Profile
  2. Receive your free Style guide
  3. Receive weekly emails with style recommendations on what’s new
  4. Visit your style recommendations for daily updates

Showing us that they really are our Wardrobe Wingbirds the team have created the most comprehensive style guide that is suited just for YOU.  Just enter your style questions and you will have the birds sort you OUT. I love this…we all know the kind of stuff we like, or know look good and this takes out the overwhelm of choice!

And you can also choose the style that you like to wear: for me it’s always going to be casual that wins! Looking at the examples they have really helps you know what you like, and don’t like. It’s a seriously good piece of IT that does all this!

The more questions you answer, the more specific the choices will be for you…so put the work in once and then you won’t have to think much about it again!

Wearing boho bird MEADOW WALK MAXI DRESS (size 14) $149.95

Then you get your emails, or can go online and see what’s good FOR YOU whenever you go online. Like walking into a shop and seeing the owner who knows EXACTLY what you want! I love this kind of personalised service.

Wearing handpicked by birds PAINT STROKE DRESS (size 14) $89.95

I have loved this function for myself, taking the overwhelm out when looking for something to wear to a certain event, or knowing that I love the wrap dresses from boho bird…knowing that when something new arrives that will suit me I will know about it. There’s just another reason to get shopping at birdsnest! I have loved working with birdnest over the past few months as an Ambassador and I hope you guys have enjoyed the styles I have pulled together. You can check out all my outfits from birdsnest over the years in this hashtag.

You can check out the details about all of the different things I have mentioned online here:


And thanks to the wingbirds at birdsnest you can get $10 off your order if you enter the code BABYMAC at check out. Valid for one week until the 4th June 2019 for all orders over $70.

Have you shopped at birdsnest before?
Who do you get your style advice from?
Do you enjoy shopping online for clothes or prefer to try them on?


  1. Beth, this is Birdsnest in a nutshell! Thanks for sharing great insight into one of my favourite online boutiques!

  2. Great post and you sure do wear clothes well! I like Birdsnest’s range of designs and style inclusivity. A greater choice of garments made from natural fibres, especially cotton and linen, would be very welcome. Natural fibres are much more comfortable to wear and are much better for the planet.

  3. Beth this is a GREAT post! Thanks for telling us about some of the features we might not’ve heard about. Birdsnest have such a great range. When I moved back to regional QLD, online shopping became VERY IMPORTANT. I absolutely judge brands on how good their online store is (Peter Alexander – not great, Sussan – very good! St Frock – ugh). Birdsnest made shopping for a christening very easy!

    • They do customer service SO well – I’ve been amazed that so many of our customers from my online store are from regional QLD – I hope to get them back time again. Thanks so much for your comment x

  4. You look fabulous, great article & I love seeing you in bright colours & patterns xx

  5. I’ve just moved to the this town and so happy they have the range of sizes! Great post Beth!

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