Mum Uniform update with Frankie4 shoes + Giveaway!

Note: The giveaway has now closed and the winner chosen! The lucky Jody D won with this comment: “The answer to my prayers! I work with BEAUTIFUL Special Needs kids full time at a wonderful inclusive high school and have searched high and low for closed in shoes that look smart enough to accompany them to their mainstream classes but that will also support my feet and back during the many hours of lifting, feeding etc! Current shoes have gone flat and ain’t comin back! The Ellie black smooth leather shoes would make me and the kids dizzy with excitement ( they love a shiny shoe!) xxx”

There were so many teachers that wanted to enter and I wish I could have given you all a pair but Jody got it with all the extra work she does with special needs kids. Thanks to everyone for entering – there were so many great comments! I hope you all get a pair somehow one day!

Original post follows.


Sponsored Post for FRANKiE4 Shoes

If you are anything like me, that is: generally pretty tired, constantly thinking about everyone else besides yourself, running around like a headless chook and needing to get 12,000 things a day, you will find that the very last thing you think about is what you look like Monday-Friday between the hours of 7am and 9pm. While the kids get dressed into a school uniform every day, I pretty much do the same thing except that it’s jeans and a t-shirt and in the colder months, a scarf or jumper thrown on as well. It’s my Mum uniform, it’s not fancy but it’s practical and comfortable and not too daggy, so it works for me.

At the start of the year we fork out an extraordinarily large sum of money for school shoes for the kids: new school shoes and sneakers and I happily do so knowing that they wear them every day and that while they are in them their feet are being looked after. But for myself? Man, I am slack and get into bad habits of the same old shoes (or sandals) that I have picked up and are generally worn out. Much like anything with Mum’s we put ourselves last with our own needs.

I am STOKED that the great Australian shoe brand FRANKiE4 have asked me to work with them showing you guys some of their fabulous range of shoes that not only look good, but are good for your feet too. Designed by Australian Mum and Podiatrist & Physio Caroline, these are our own versions of school shoes. Except not, because they actually look good but best of all they FEEL good. My own Mum would be proud of me wearing well-supported & cushioned shoes that actually take CARE of my feet as I run around getting those 12,000 things done. See Mum? I’m growing up!

Frankie4-12 copy

Now I am no fashion blogger (Praise Jesus for them though as they actually help me see what normal people look like in clothes and help me make pretty much all my fashion decisions and stop me from donning the polar fleece vest prematurely which my husband is very grateful for) so I wondered the best way that little old me could show you these fab shoes. Should I attempt a serious fashion shoot with my feet places just so whilst running around the village? Should I just explain the comfort of these shoes in a straight bat photographic style post? Or should I try and somehow show how shoes actually work in real life? Let’s see what I can get away with.

I’ve chosen 4 great styles from FRANKiE4’s current collection to show you guys. These are every day shoes for everyday life that honestly feel SO good. And I reckon they look pretty good too.

ELLiE Black smooth leather $229.95 (also available in Rouge & Silver)

I have these in red and FLOGGED them during my pregnancy with Maggie. I knew that so long as I could get my trotters in them, my feet and back and the few extra, ahem, kilos would be supported. I have walked overseas in these for hours and hours and they are perfect for running around in. There are different laces that come with them so you can mix it up and they also come with different inserts to get just the right support for your foot. I’ve worn them with shorts, jeans, pants, dresses and if I was inclined to wear a skirt I might just get away with them too. These are my every day school/Mum shoes that I wear pretty much every day.


And, you know, making school lunches in the morning when I stand just so. Nikki are you PROUD?


You can check them out online here.

KAT $199.95

These sandals (come in black or watermelon) are like walking on clouds. Dead set. I think it has something to do with the arch & forefoot support with cushioning the whole way along the shoe. The thin straps (adjustable on the ankle and forefoot) look great on your foot and I love the shiny patent leather. You can dress them up…


Or you know, just wear them whilst swiffering your floors at home. Like I do. 27 times a day. Who said running a well oiled household means you have give up your willing to live?


You can check them out online here.

JENNi GOLD $229.95

Don’t be fooled by her jazzy ways, she’s still JENNi from the Block with all that support that is in the other shoes, even with a little more grip. They are orthotic friendly AND I can sing Black & Gold when I wear them with my black jeans. That’s a winner in my book. These will give you a little lift when you look down and see the gold shining at you…fancy Mum School shoes friends, and I think they are a little rock star.


Which is important to me as I go about my laundry duties on a sunny weekday morning all whilst having fun! I get out! I hang out washing!


You can check them out online here.

LAUREN Black/Zebra $209.95

I have a terrible habit of buying new trend fashion shoes (hello espadrille, thong, ballet slipper etc) that may look good but are really bad for my feet. And I usually wear them until they have literally worn through the sole until I throw them in the bin. The cushioning on these fancy zebra numbers would take a good couple of hundred years to wear through and similar to the other sandal’s these have adjustable straps on the ankle and foot and excellent cushioning throughout. They work when getting dressed up or as I do, with a t-shirt and some of those soft pants that are basically just fancy track suit pants.


Which is perfect for sitting on the verandah and “watering the pots” AKA shovelling baked goods into my mouth before one of the children comes and finds me.


You can check them out online here.

You can view the whole range of FRANKiE4 shoes and read a little more about the story behind this great Australian business here.

And thanks to FRANKiE4 one lucky reader will be winning a pair of shoes (to the value of $299) of their choice. Hello! Just leave a comment below telling me which shoe would be perfect for your everyday tasks – is it JENNi to help you with your washing? Or KAT for picking up the crumbs off the floor from the babies meal for the 4597th time?!!! Giveaway will be open until 9pm AEST Friday 26th February 2016. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

We also have a special discount code for BabyMac readers who want to get shopping right now! Just enter the code BABYMAC at checkout online only at FRANKiE4 for $20 off all current season styles (code valid for 7 days from today Friday 19th February 2016).

So for a chance to win your very own pair, tell me which shoes will help you get your stuff done?
Anyone else go and hide from their children and eat cake too?
What’s your mid week uniform look like?


  1. I’m a bit like you, I was just living in whatever I could grab quickly, 3 daughters under three and a busy husband, it is usually thongs. They kill my back and feet some days (which can some times turn into very long nights on the tiles with twins) so I would love to get my mum stuff done in a pair of Laurens please. I live in Cairns, it’s hot as balls even in winter so something cool and light that aren’t thongs would be amazing! I promise to love them like they are one of my girls hehehe ?

  2. Michelle Liston says

    Love love love Ellie! Would certainly funk up my uniform for kinder pick ups and swimming lessons!

  3. Chantelle McLeod says

    I’d love a bit of Ellie in my life. I think they’d match my toaster and letter box perfectly.

  4. Oooh I have been coveting a pair of Frankie 4 shoes for a long time! I think the Kat in black is my fave. They’d look really cute paired with a nice dress for my business meetings (I run my own business so it’s smart casual not corporate for me), and they’d look right at home with a pair of casual shorts or pants when I’m not working. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize Beth!

  5. Hope Crockett says

    I think I would wear the Kat sandals to death.With our climate sandals are needed amost 12 months of the year. Plus I am about to go overseas and these are much needed.You have to look after your feet and your feet will look after you.

  6. Joanna Fisher says

    Working in the school office and living in Queensland (hot feet) I love a sandal and I need either Kat or Lauren to get me through the day. At work I am constantly on my feet either running to classrooms to drop forgotten swimmers, lunches and homework to children, opening the uniform shop, taking the children of traffic hassled mothers back out to the stop drop and go zone, as well as doing my office job. On a Friday I like to put my sandalled feet up and have a wine but due to allergies me feet tend to swell, so Lauren’s adjustable straps will be perfect! And soon we are hosting my sons 21st at home … I need comfort and style ?

  7. Gabby Howlett says

    I would love to win the Ellie Black! I go to about 49,567 sporting events every week with my 8 year old son, after school & weekends & everything in between. It’s a lot of standing, walking, watching and waiting oh and did I mention standing? These would be perfect to look on trend (say what ??) and to be functional.

  8. Let me begin by clarifying that I am not a religious reader of star sign predictions. Hurrah for you if you are, this is not a judgement, it’s just not me. Having said THAT, I know I am a Pisces. Which is a fish. Which in my tiny mind, means I was not meant to have feet. No. Fins my friend, I was meant to have fins. What this means in my everyday world is that I can never as in ever find shoes that are comfy and still cool and don’t rip up my delicate Piscean skin. I’m talking blood. I’m talking blisters. I’m talking hobbling and then I’m talking thongs again for 3 weeks while the tootsies heal. I would love to see if Kat can save me. She looks so funky, it’d be such a shame to ruin her beauty with my bloody blistered feet though. X

  9. Cath Bakker says

    I would LOVE to get the JENNI GOLD. As a mum of 2 who has just ruptured her Achiles at the gym on Monday and is now completely laid up for 8 weeks with crutches and a wheelchair I need a serious shoe for my good leg while I recover….. And these are serious but I can still look FUNKY with the sparkly gold….

    • Cath Bakker says

      HAHAHA decided to take an adventure to my fav shop “Harris Farm in Bowral” with my crutches and a THONG on my good foot……

      Lets just say there was lots of SWEAT and swearing under my breath when i got a cramp in my GOOD FOOT, half way around!

      I NEED these shoes and QUICK hahahhaha

  10. I would love a pair on the Lauren Black/Zebra these are vavavoom
    I’m going thru a stage where I don’t like my toes covered so these would be the perfect pair and I also need a shoe that is functional and can work at home but also work in the office…

  11. Oh Beth i have tears of laughter! I hide in the pantry & eat chocolate so my girls don’t see me…glad i am not alone. I’m with you, I just forked out hundreds of dollars for my girls school shoes & yet for myself i get around in cheap ballet flats which i wear through until the sole has disintegrated. The Lauren black zebra would be just wonderful. Think might have to just use that wonderful discount code & treat myself. Thanks for making me smile xxx

  12. Belinda Galbraith says

    I would seriously love a pair of those gold Jenni’s. I reckon they would make the 5-9 (yes up at 5am with the baby!) much more bearable with my tootsies gently enveloped I their buttery leather softness. Plus I can totally see myself pulling off the rock star swagger in them at school drop offs!

  13. Ooooo I love the Ellie in black! I have a trusty old pair of vans that I wear for school run….I’m usually wearing jeans/denim shorts and a casual t shirt. In winter I’ll dress it all up with scarves and summer it’s with necklaces. And yes I always hide from my kids when I eat cake! I

  14. Amanda O'leary says

    Loved your article, can so relate to it all. I would love a pair of the Jenni gold. I already own the Ellie in black & these are great, so would love to add another pair to my wardrobe, to do all those household chores!!

  15. I think I need Ellie in my life great for work and then for my days off!

  16. Lovely Lauren’s all the way! Could a shoe get any more beautiful? As for the kids, I’m considering changing my name – ‘Mum’ seems so overused these days ?

  17. The Ellie in red would fit with the rest of my mum uniform!

  18. Kat! They would be amaze balls. I wear skirts to work and whilst making lunches and zooming kids to school run to the coffee van line to fuel myself up for my office job then zoom back to pre school and school for pick ups. I could do it in style and COMFORT. Do they come with an odometer..ha ha ha my myer brand shoes have not lasted the summer …they need to be retired to the nearest bin and my sore feet will be grateful for it.

  19. Kat in watermelon has my heart. In my blissful retirement, I have decided I only need a few pairs of shoes and they must be comfortable and fabulous. No more cheap-and-cheerful, good-enough-for-work shoes. No more aching feet from bad shoes. Beauty, comfort, quality only. Kat, it is and definitely cheery watermelon.

  20. Yvonne Duke says

    The Ellie in silver would be perfect for me to run my 4 children to school, to their part- time jobs, help out at school and do my house work too ! In fact they would be perfect to do everything in !!!

  21. Dakota Morgan says

    Is it bad that I only wear havis? Day in and day out because it’s quick and easy and they go with everything? And if your down the park with kids you can hose your shoes and your feet. Or is it bad that I’ll buy 4 of the same outfit for myself in different colours because I can’t be bothered to think of a new outfit everyday! I would love to win the KAT because they would honesty go with everything I’ve watched Styling You and Iris May all wear them religiously! I

  22. I recently tried on the Sophie in silver and I LOVE them! So comfy. Would also love Ellie in black…but like so many other mums, my shoe budget (which used to be healthy and glorious!) is now spent on the kids. Maybe one day!

  23. I’m always too cheap to spend big dollars on shoes. I have the feet of a giant and find it so hard to buy shoes which always leaves me buying cheap ballet shoes from target. This post has hit home a little now that I am *gulp* turning 32 this year… 32 feels so old. 30 I was okay with. 31 no issues but 32 has me slightly panicky. Like sitting on the kitchen floor, behind the island and eating baked goods for breakfast because I just feel so unorganised panicky, and who doesn’t love baked goods? They sure love my hips!
    Anyway I digress, I’m in desperate need of a sandal that could work for pants, shorts or the very rare dress. So Kat definitely has caught my eye.
    I’m torn though. My feet are currently FREEZING and I know as the year progresses it is only going to get worse. So my mum uniform needs me some closed in shoes. I’m now coveting Sophie shoes. Black, cute, Sophie goodness.

  24. Oh Lauren you would make my feet sing…making lunches, tapping my PC and hitting the supermarket!

  25. Whilst I love the ELLIES and how they would help me lug my 17 month old along for the kindy pick up and drop off, I feel like I need the sexy sass of BELINDA to make me a wee bit taller and the calves look more shapely….ooh and be comfy enough to trot me around the supermarket looking a bit posh

  26. Whitney Sigler says

    I love them all but, thinking the Ellie Black would work best. To do my running after small grandchildren and my day to day task. I haven’t been able to wear sandals since 2005. Car accident and foot crushed then fused and orthotics. I do t know if I’m able to participate in the giveaway, I’m in the States but, either way that’s my choice. ?

  27. Glitzy glamour Jennni for zhushing up my plantar fascitis ridden feet for doing the housework. Flash!

  28. lisa webster says

    Yes! I am a Frankie4 tragic! I have a pair in black, gold, red and silver! After running, i got planter fasciatias (spelling) and these are perfect! I call them my uniform in winter! But in summer I struggle! Would love a pair of the sandals.

  29. Please please please I need a pair of the Ellie’s in silver! Last year I coveted them, wished for them… And it didn’t happen. Your article and competition is a holy sign from the shoe gods! I would wear these babies running around the park play equipment with my 2yo son like nobody’s business. Or while scooting around the house after my 9 month old daughter who delights in foraging under the coffee table. Lastly I could dance gleefully up the aisles of coles on the Ellie’s while having kid-free ‘me’ time doing groceries at 8pm on a Friday night . Hey, at least my feet would look good. Fingers crossed xx

  30. I would love a pair of Ellie’s because I am sick of wearing crappy shoes and they are a bit out of my reach budget wise. They look so funky but practical!

  31. You look spunky in all of them, rock that swiffer. I think I like the Lauren black zebra to replace my Aldi purchased Haviana thongs which are clearly making a statement at kinder drop off. The statement is my cracked heals and unpolished toenails. Egad!

  32. My oldest has started kindy this year and I made the decision that we would walk to/from school (15 mins each way, up and down hills …) because there is no parking or kiss and ride at school and also, um, exercise. So I have taken to wearing *shudder* activewear. I think the Ellie would be perfect with the activewear. The only question is should I get the red (would match my face as I arrive at school all hot and bothered), or the silver (to go with my natural silver streaked hair)?
    (The different inserts are especially appealing as I have flat feet and my feet get so sore so easily).

  33. Suzi Johnson says

    I think it would be the Ellie to support my almost 40 year old arches while I chase around after my 3 year old son and 9 month old daughter. They look great and would keep my tootsies comfortable and warm as it gets cooler – please Brisbne let it get cooler. Xx

  34. Oh the Jenni Gold ones would add sparkle to my days as I deal with 10 m.o-induced-sleep-deprivation whilst chasing somebody’s paintbrush-wielding toddler around at playgroup. Oh that’s right. She’s mine.

  35. Ooh I love Kat! I’m 6 months pregnant with my first and have always chosen style over comfort when it comes to shoes, but I’m really starting to feel it in my feet at the end of the day. These shoes would be perfect, comfy with no compromise on style!

  36. Love be the poses!! Nicki will be proud!! Can’t decide between Elli and Jenni. Have been lusting after these shoes for ages. Thanks for sharing the shoe love 🙂

  37. Love, love, love the Frankie4 shoes, I would feel like a total rock star in the Jenni Gold’s, perfect for school drop off for Ollie’s first year at School and amazing for running after our two year old Tom with all the household jobs in between (including sitting down to baked goods). I am currently a full time Mum which although fantastic most of the time, I would love something to pop on to lift my day and help me feel like a Mamma with an edge instead of a Mamma heading into middle aged…
    You are looking fantastic in all the shots Beth and I credit your blog (& have shared with all my friends) to helping me keep my sanity on a daily basis and reminding me that to be a great Mum I don’t have to be perfect!

  38. Laura Elphick says

    Fact: Housework makes me feel like I gained a tiny sense of control and order, in the house that holds piles of emotions and feels from the children and motherhood in general. I would wear a pair of FRANKiE4’s while werkin’, sweatin’, ownin’ the housework. I WOULD SLAY IN THE JENNi GOLD SHOES!

  39. looking great beth!
    this is no joke! I woke up this morning thinking I wish I could win some frankie 4’s!
    I love the ellie in rouge! or the lauren for that is the name of my god daughter! … true story!
    it would brighten this old boiler no end! … get me out of my feb funk! just in time for my birthday! … just say’n! love m:)X

  40. Cathy martin says

    I have just entered into the wonderful ( not) world of orthotics !!!
    What an utter relief to have found Frankie4 ?
    I have just bought my first pair and they are settling in nicely .. Would love to try the Ellie for winter ..
    Thanks for the opportunity

  41. I love frankie4’s I bought a pair of Ellie’s when I started my nursing course and they have been a life saver!
    I would actually love a pair of Monica’s (I would happily pay the extra) as its my graduation in June and I would love to treat myself after 18 months of full time study.

    Or I would love a pair of Lauren’s so I had a nice sandal to wear to school pick up, opposed to the thongs I wear when I’m not in my ellies.

    Love love love Frankie4s

  42. Absolutely need some Ellie in my life!! Perfect for running around after kids, for going to work, doing the shopping and housework!!! Everything a busy mummy does, while also looking super stylish – Denim shorts and zimi dresses in summer and jeans in winter! ????❤️
    Please I need a pair!!!!!!!

  43. I’ve been considering and saving up for a pair of jenni’s for the longest time – everyone on the interwebs has a pair! It’s about something decent looking for winter that will support my orthotics that I’ve recently been told I need to wear 70% of the time 🙁 would LOVE some!

  44. Who can go past the Ellie?! I am seeing them everywhere. Yes I’m jealous and have been desperate to get my greasy mitts on a pair. I see them taking me to the shops with my toddler screaming to get out of the trolley; tromping through that dusty mulch at the playground while miss toddler throws said mulch at me! 🙂

  45. The Jenni Gold are the pair for me! Because I’m about to do my block. 31 weeks pregnant plus a 20 month old toddler, working full time and putting up with this stupidly unseasonal Brisbane heat is doing my head in! When I pop this baby out I’m going to need that shiny gold brilliance to run from one child to the next and whilst pushing a big ugly double pram around the shops!!! Pick me pick me!!!!

  46. Would love a pair of Lauren’s to dress up my very workaday mum uniform of shorts and burkis. I live in Brisbane and it’s hot as hades plus I’m recovering from a bursitis in my metatarsal (foot) so these would be just peachy. Please and thanks ???

  47. Ahh the Ellie in red or Silver! I love Frankie4 shoes, I have um larger feet (a good grip on the earth I say) and also plantar facitis (ouch) so finding shoes that fit, are comfortable and are stylish for a 39 year old mother of 3 is near on impossible. Frankie 4 is THE only brand I have found that fits the bill, I adore them!

  48. Ellie black in that beautiful smooth leather.
    I need them! Everything hurts. Feet, back, hips. What an awesome opportunity to be free of pain and look absolutely awesome at the same time 🙂

  49. I need the Ellie silver in my life. I’m pregnant with number 3 and something comfy and stylish to wear would lift my drab maternity outfits. I also have the dreaded painful varicose veins so having to wear daggy support Skins leggings everyday. The Ellies would motivate me to get a bit more active

  50. I would choose BELINDA, because I’ve lusted after them ever since seeing you, Edenland and Styling You, showing them off. After a busy morning, I would take my well deserved cuppa and banana bread, cross my feet on the coffee table and admire my stylish yummy mummy-ness. Oh I can feel the smugness already.

  51. Jenni Gold would be my pick because I am always in black (I blame being born in Melbourne) and they look awesome, but comfy. You are very brazen eating your pastries out in the open like that! I have to go undercover. Literally -in my bed. It makes my hubby so happy with me…

  52. Gosh, we have some clever clogs people in Australia, don’t we! These shoes are gorgeous, and look very comfy (I”m all about the comfort, these days). I think the Lauren sandals would be fantastic, because they add a dash of style to any outfit, even if it’s jeans and tee for the daily run to school to get the kids. Added bonus, I can show off my pedi (when I get time to have one), and all the other mums can say, “I want what she’s having!”…

  53. My mum uniform is not the problem, it’s the ugly black leather nurses sneakers that I wear every day at work that are so bad to look at, but so good for my feet. Which is why I think the Ellie sneakers to go with my mum uniform after hours would be the perfect gift to my feet as Havaianas are not so good on the supportive front. Kind of like a well supporting bra for the boozys.

  54. Oh JENNi, you golden beauty! Are you the final piece in the puzzle that is my life? My feet need you, oh what the hell …. my body needs you! I sit in the Brisbane humidity, with swollen ankles and feet looking for the necessary motivation to MOVE! If you adorned my feet, you would demand to be taken out because ….. GOLD SHOES everyone!!!! I need your support (did you see what I did there?) to get my body moving for the sake of my health and wellbeing. I need to move more – my doctor says so – but it hurts my feet and ankles and knees and toes …. la la la ?. But with gold JENNi helping out, not just moving but dancing would surely be happening!

  55. I would love Jenni from the block. They would really brighten up another hockey or netball or footy game…. The list goes on.

  56. Oh the Ellies!! But back or silver…hmmm sensible Jess says black but I love the idea of the silver. Surely they’d be better for me than wearing my thongs every time I leave the house with the tornado toddler? My back would thank you and so will I 🙂

  57. Phillipa Palmer says

    Wow! I would go for Ellie!! I have arthritis in the foot, I have a granddaughter Frankie (!) who is 2 going on 4! These would be wonderful for running around after her which I do a lot! Especially in red. Love them all.

  58. You’re hilarious. Best fashion shoot ever! xx

  59. Corina Morgan says

    Hi Beth..Although all of the shoes are gorgeous, the Ellie in black looks like it would be my go to shoe! Errands and housework, it’s comfort looks out of this world!

  60. It’s gotta be the Ellie black. Today my baby vomed on all over my shoes and the kinder floor when dropping the kids off. Luckily have a spare pair and gave a fist pump for my organisation (or lack on unpacking the car).
    Then on the way to work I trood dog poo! Awesome, I smell like poo and milk, and need new shoes.

  61. Finding shoes with arch support that actually look great is so hard! I love the Lauren!!
    We have been traveling and working for over 3 years now, living in a caravan so space is at a premium. This means I have to choose wisely and having a shoe that I can dress up or down, that goes well for every occasion, means it will get a spot in the cupboard alongside the steel-cap work boots and high-via gear ?

  62. Katie Elliott says

    Wow! So many applicants already but I may as well throw my hat in the ring anyway. My mummy uniform consists of denim shorts/jeans, any shirts with boob access and thongs is all I can manage with my broken arm at the moment. If I were so lucky as to win, I would love the black Ellie’s as they are just gorgeous! With the way my luck is going so far this year, I am pretty sure I have zero chance of winning and will more than likely end up with a bill for some of these shoes but no shoes!! But gotta keep trying ? Love your blogs Beth…they keep me sane

  63. Ellie for the win! Superior Support for these 42yo feet and Sublime Style for my 20yo brain!

  64. Jenni Gold are the ones for me, aren’t they just so pretty? They make folding washing a breeze and help me clean out the deep freeze. But really what I’ll use them for is, helping me to mop the floor!

  65. Donna Saunders says

    Oh I love them all but Jenni Gold are calling to me. I need a little rock star in my life while I answer emails, clean the house and ferry children about. xx

  66. Ellie black for me please. Just the thing for shifting the sheep, cleaning the trough or jumping in the tractor. Classy and that’s clever,!

  67. My mum uniform is currently a pair of shorts or comfy printed pants, tee & sandals (boob access essential). So It’s Jenni for me to help with pushing the double mountain buggy up the hills to school, run around after newly walking one year old & play with miss 3!
    ‘My feet scream comfort please but with a little pizzaz & Jenni in gold would ensure my feet would be jazzy & bold.’

  68. I just loved the flat black Kat sandals! If I’m at home running around the house, and then popping out for groceries, coffee and cake the girls or a nice dinner out with friends – they are my go to shoe! Equally fabulous with jeans or a lovely black maxi dress! I would just love a pair of these beautiful healthy shoes! And so would my feet ?

  69. I don’t have children unfortunately and I am single and in my mid-late thirties. I truly believe that the Ellie’s in black would fill a hug void in my life that is currently being filled by ice cream and chocolate.

  70. Lizzy Duggan says

    Swiffering! Ha! Oh Beth I needed this post. Sitting waiting for a rego check on hubbys car and I’m BORED and I’m wearing the one pair of shoes I wear everyday (that I incidentally purchased 18 months ago to wear on the plane to NYC). BORED wearing BORING SHOES.
    We’ve just moved from the Gold Coast to Hobart. And I’d get the silver Ellie’s to sparkle myself up and hopefully be the talking point for some school mums and I can make some friends. You can take the girl out of the Gold Coast….

  71. Hi babymac, reading your blog and looking at your insta, I feel like I know you!!
    Anywho.. Those black Ellie’s look delicious, I do the same chuck on my cheap thongs and off I go whilst the kids wear clarks to school. (?!:/ )
    Love your work, good luck in the robbo show..

  72. I love all of the shoes above but out of all of the Frankie shoes I really want the Belinda’s! Primarily because I need any extra height but also because I want to be like Carrie in Sex in the City and run in my heels and I think i could master it in these!! I can then dream I am running down a NYC avenue and not after one of my girls!!

  73. In a house full of boys this Mumma would love a bit of GIRL!!! Kat is calling my name with a fresh pink pedi to boot!!!

  74. I would so love to try the Kat for the bane of my life….the feet! My biggest problem every day. Having had to go the Granny route with some clod hoppers that just look disgusting, I never ever feel “dressed”! Please help me claw back a little class with added comfort….winner winner chicken dinner!!

  75. OH MY! Jenni Gold with out any question! I confess that when I say Jenni in my head I sound like Forest Gump. Running around after the kids and working in our cellar door (Called The Blok so really it is meant to be… Jenni from the Blok) my feet will no longer wine 😉 about how sore they are! X

  76. I was literally drooling over the Belinda tan wedge last night! I am slightly addicted to vacuuming and man would I feel super hot sucking up dog hair and snack crumbs in a pair of those beauties!

  77. Cute shoes all of them! The Ellie if I could squeeze my own trotters in them post broken ankle.

  78. I’d love black Ellie. They would be great for walking kids to the bus stop, soccer training, gymnastics and dancing. And for rainy days when visiting in laws in Robertson. Much better than my thongs 🙂

  79. I think the Ellie would be great. Casual but dressier than my usual active wear that I am in half the day. Love your clothes style Beth, very much to my taste. Love me a stripe! The Ellie’s would rock a jeans and stripe t combo. Just add a blazer and scarf to dress them up. Good work on the poses too 🙂

  80. I’m a scientist by day, kid wrangler by night. Unfortunately, closed toes are a must in the laboratory environment (unless you want to face the wrath of the OHS team!!), so the Kat and the Lauren are out :(. I’m afraid the Jenni Gold’s would bedazzle my fellow lab monkeys, also resulting in potential OHS issues. Which leaves the Ellie’s, which would have been my pick of choice anyway!! Thanks!

  81. Janesse Kirkhope says

    Jenni from the block for me!! My friend has signed me up for a boxing class this year (with 2 boys I need it apparently) and I’m pretty sure thongs won’t cut it! Imagine those beauties on my feet, zooming me from school drop-off to bloody boxing and then racing the boys to footy in the arvo keeping my toes toasty warm and my back and legs happy to stand with a kid on the hip watching them on the field this winter. All without changing or cursing my shoes. Plus they will help me hang out the washing- WIN!!

  82. The Ellie Black! They will smarten up my tackie daks beautifully! Kidding, not kidding 🙂 I have two bubs under two plus I don’t drive so I walk everywhere, I need quality shoes that last the distance. My mummy waredrobe consists of whatever has the least about of spit up on it, top knot and giant coffee in hand. Having new shoes would start my new and improved look, starting from the bottom up! 🙂

  83. I love the glitter of the Jenni as I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to bright shiny objects. They attract me. However the Ellie in classic black leather is just such a no brainer. Ellie is a hands down winner!

  84. I love the look of the Lauren. They would be perfect for ferrying my children to school/sport/school /sport…………etc in this Perth summer heat. Cool, comfortable and they look good, perfect!

  85. Now I would love the Ellie’s for my walk to school. Week 4 and I’ve only got in the car once for a pick up. Looking a bit fancy while staying comfy is what I’m after! Thanks!

  86. Kara Spargo says

    I LOVE the gold JENNIs. So much better then throwing on my nikes with my jeans as I run out the door with baby on the hip and head out for errands. A 26 year old in joggers and jeans is NOT cool, but these beauties would make anyone cool!

    I get cold feet so these would be perfect all year round.

    Oh and maybe they’d inspire me to make the trip to the clothes line instead of the ugly clothes airer in the playroom that my almost crawling daughter likes to pull all the clothes off!

  87. The Ellie for certain!! Especially if they come in red as we all know red makes you go faster. Where I live it’s cold a lot. And there’s no foot paths. And lots of bush. So as much as I would love to wear pretty sandals all year (I would love to wear no shoes all year but that ain’t going to happen), a closed toe lace up would get worn to death. And with a nearly 3 year old (going on 20) and a 7 month old I really do need to have my laces done up tight to get through the day!! Right now we have the “I want to learn to crawl but don’t know how” eh eh eh eh eh going on, place the waking up 19384 times while we figure it all out plus getting out second tooth and learning how to eat. Oy. What a busy life just the baby has!
    But seriously, I would love a new pair of shoes. xx

  88. gosh I’d love the Ellie but in silver (bling!). being mum of 3 boys, I need to start wearing ‘practical shoes’ and it rains alot here and my sandles and flats just don’t last the distance. I broke my favorites this week! arghhhh!

  89. Oh, it’s the Ellie in black for me. I had a conversation the other day with some friends about how I need to retire the havis (normally worn every day even in the depths of winter) and start wearing supportive shoes so my feet start to love me again. There were nods of agreement all round from my dirty-thirty crew. Plus I’m about to move to a place with plenty of snakes, so I need some nice covered shoes!

  90. I have crowned myself the new queen sneakers/running shoes. I shattered my heel bone late last year and now have 10 screws holding my heel together!! A few weeks ago I donated all my beautiful high heels to St Vinnies (because who knows when, if ever, I will be back wearing those) and I am wearing sneakers permanently for now (not even bare feet!). I can’t nominate one job for which I would wear the black Ellie sneakers — it would be all my jobs! … but I do these jobs very happily because I can finally move around again and wrangle the kids on my own 🙂

  91. Julie harris says

    Hi Beth,

    I am not going to enter because I never win anything. But I do want to buy a pair and take advantage of the discount. Can you please pass on the Frankie4 that they are out of stock in size 10 in the silver and gold shoes Ellie and Jenni. Do they know when some more might be coming in?

  92. OMG Lauren! Love the zebra print and everything about them.

  93. I absolutely love a tan sandal, I splurged recently and bought myself a $15 pair from a certain discount department store that have fallen apart already. I would love a pair of the Lauren Tan so that I can send my cheapies to the bin once and for all. The Lauren sandals would add a touch of class to my mum uniform when doing the grocery shopping….I feel like I am always at the supermarket!

  94. Beth, you have done it again another great offer. Personally I love them all your photos were fantastic as yes that’s how I like to swivel with my Dyson too. Yes I pretty much live in flats exactly like you said until I don’t have any sole left. Running around after children, husband and yes putting myself last shoes aren’t always at the top of the list for me on the budget so any off those beauties would look amazing on my feet and certainly put a spring in my step.
    Wow!!! Someone will have the joy of getting a pair of these fab shoes how generous ?

  95. ELLIE ELLIE ELLIE! At 35 weeks preggo and counting down a comfortable pair of shoes would be most welcome. These Frankie4 shoes would be perfect for running after my 3 year old, heading out to the park, day care drop-offs & pickups and coffee catch-ups (and celebrating my 40th birthday next week). Living in a pretty hilly area of Brisbane a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes are a must for getting out with a newborn next month. And a choice of different laces is awesome!!

  96. Yes, Pooks, I am PROUD. x

  97. I need the Frankie4 Louise! I am changing careers and going into retail – standing all day long! From racing to the train station, getting very close and personal with my fellow commuters to standing on the lino tiles of the store my poor feet need little clouds to stand in! I know in my heart it is time to part with the cheap plastic shoes that I could get away with when I sat at a desk all day.

    The Louise would be perfect for all seasons and allows me to still look young and trendy with well supported feet; like a proper grown-up! All without resorting the the Nanna Pharmacy Special that comes in both gold and metallic peach…

  98. Love the reality of life and how baked goods are SO important.
    As a first time Mum who is busy feeding and chasing a very active little girl I would love a pair of Kat in black.
    Flat and comfortable – means you run in them
    Patent and stylish – can be dressed up
    They could be the ONLY pair of shoes I need although thanks to fashion bloggers I am aware socks and sandals may not be stylish in Winter.

  99. Lianne Dawson says

    I would love Ellie in silver I thought about black but then they would make my work shoes jealous

  100. Naomi Davey says

    Oh Ellie I love thee. Find my feet pretty please

  101. My feet were constantly aching, so despite icing them every night and then continuing to wear thongs, I decided to do something about it when my mum said “you need to look after your feet, you can’t get new ones”. So off to the podiatrist I went, who advised me I have flat feet that incline inwards, so I need a slight heel and the best arch support I can find.
    So I have now entered the world of appropriate footwear, and it’s expensive. I would love a cool funky pair like you have displayed Beth, as my daughter has just started Prep and I need to find my groove.

  102. Being that I live in sunny Perth I would love a pair of Kat black sandals to enhance my shool pick up attire from the usual “havi” thongs… a funky mumma….ps A Mrs Franklin in Frankies is a sure to be a good look! Thanks for the opportunity xx

  103. Rowena Bass says

    I would absolutely love the Kat sandals because cheap sandals just don’t cut the mustard anymore! After many years in a previous life wearing high heels I’m left at 53 years old with Achilles tendinitis and arthritic knees. It would be lovely to have a fashionable pair of Frankie sandals instead of wearing ortho thongs .

  104. So hard to choose! So stylish,no Nanna about these lovelies! I could wear my frankie4’s to bed they are so comfy Once you’ve had ’em it’s hard to wear anything else,.,especially with older feet. .. Jenni would certainly suit cooking and cleaning as well as the Saturday market run, but hey, they could go anywhere.

  105. I’m quiet taken with the Penni wedge. Because A) enough height to boost me from shorty to not that short ?
    B) not too high that I fall and twist an ankle or fall over and make a scene
    C) I like the name D) black goes with everything!

  106. Skye Taylor says

    I love the Ellie !! They look so good and to have them comfy as well would be fab!

  107. Oh the Ellie shoes would be perfect for my feet!

  108. OMFG you make me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! You’re looking at a woman in her *ahem* late 40’s who has Planter Fascitis (really fucking sore heels in both feet) IN BOTH FEET!!!! Apparently its cos I have a little frame and although I didn’t put that much weight on during my 2 pregnancies its pretty much pregnancy that has caused it……..the things we do for our kids uh……don’t even get me started on the broken coccyx during the birth of the second one. The fact I’m rolling a thousand extra kilo’s ATM since I started full time work again, prolly doesnt help my poor sore heels…..

    Anyway – i digress – that Jenni there, from the block well the fact she is HOT and ORTHOTIC FRIENDLY – HELLOOOOOO???!!! I would LOVE Jenni from the block.

    Love you and your top tips Mofo xoxo

  109. mrs_woodette says

    Oh my goodness! They are all gorgeous but 100% the ELLIE! I suffer cronic neck/back pain after a car prang while I was pregnant with my third 11 months ago & can only wear supported shoes! My physio says my converse suck & I havent been able to find anything remotely cool and physio approved! But the ELLIE I would rock ALL day ERRYDAY!

  110. Stylish AND comfortable! Who’d have thunk it? As a busy mother of boys who works full time as a public school teacher, the BELINDA wedges are exactly what I need. Shoes can make or break an outfit. Although I know this, comfort is paramount. Sometimes I choose style and regret it. Sometimes I choose comfort and regret it. With a pair of Frankie 4 Footwear, I could be both! Stylish and comfortable. I’ve never owned a pair and can’t see my finances ever being able to fund a pair for myself. Fingers crossed xxx

  111. Oooooh … ” jenni gold” for sure! Everybody needs a bit of bling when doing the shitty jobs that life requires ?

  112. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I need the Ellie in black for the 12 million times I walk on our hard floors,they are slate and I could swan around with my Stick Dyson cleaning up all the crumbs and the dog hairs!
    Ellie would make me a cool Glam-Ma too?

  113. Oh my Lordy! Jenni Gold! Has my name all over them!
    A jazzy pair of shoes for a jazzy girl like me, oh pretty please help me jazz up my mummy uniform of 3/4 pants and singlet tops daily! Running after 3 kiddlets the orthotic friendly is a major yay too!

  114. Sally Clarke says

    My feet would totally love the Ella. I work in a kids hospital part time and love to wear bright shoes that are comfy and practical as I am on my feet much of the day. I also love that I could wear them for daycare pickups as I constantly go in barefoot as my feet are so sore from my current shoes!! Would love these!

  115. The Ellie in black for anything and everything!


    love a sandal. my high arched, width of a 8, length of a 5 size shoe must have these in my life. especially before it gets nipple stiffening cold in canberra.

  117. I was born with a passion and fascination of pretty shoes! I was also born with my Fathers feet!!! ? Thanks Dad, I inherited your high in steps, high arches, and if my feet were any broader they would be webbed – I would have preferred your olive skin. It’s as if the higher powers were looking out for me – ‘this girl will spend every cent she earns on shoes …. Let’s do something about that.’ So I struggle to get my hoofs into pretty sandals , strappy heels make my poor feet look like strapped hams and if they actually fit…. after a days wear my poor feet are so sore. I’d take any and every pair of Frankie’s but if I were to chose just 1 it would be the Penni in Black. A bit of a wedge to see me through a day at the office with drop offs and pick ups at day care, hockey training, hockey games, groceries, swimming lessons…. Oh god, time for tea and bed. My life is just too exciting ?

  118. Huh judging by the comments I am not the only one who has been onto the Frankie4 website and ordered! I saw your post this morning, googled the nearest supplier and went in and tried some on! After nearly 10 years of wearing sandshoes to just about every drop off and pick up I was resigned to ‘it’! Then today I found shoes that my orthotics fit in AND don’t hurt my feet. Sadly the store I went to didn’t have my size so I have to wait until my order arrives. If they are as good as I think then I’ll be having some Ellies in every colour!

  119. Its got to be the Ellie in black for me. I’m kindergarten teacher and am lucky enough to hang with wonderful little people all day. While I love it my feet are tired and sore by the end of the day. The Ellie would certainly add another spring to my step.

  120. The answer to my prayers! I work with BEAUTIFUL Special Needs kids full time at a wonderful
    inclusive high school and have searched high and low for closed in shoes that look smart enough to accompany them to their mainstream classes but that will also support my feet and back during the many hours of lifting, feeding etc! Current shoes have gone flat and ain’t comin back! The Ellie black smooth leather shoes would make me and the kids dizzy with excitement ( they love a shiny shoe!) xxx

  121. Week 4 of term done and dusted. Have yet to do prep drop off without my entourage causing major ruckus. If you have to endure repeated public tantrums, whilst hauling reluctant preppie plus kinder and toddler in 1000% humidity – then do it style. The Kat for the win!

  122. Oh Ellie – where have you been all my life!? ‘worn them with shorts, jeans, pants, dresses’ you say? Well, let’s just say as a mum of one sprightly toddler – we’ve got a pedicure situation and nobody needs to see my feet for a good while. Ellie would help keep my dignity intact for a while yet…now if only I could stop swearing and run a comb through my hair every now and then I’d be getting somewhere!

  123. Oh, I have dreadful feet! I have very badly rolled ankles, I really should be wearing orthotics but can’t afford them. Plus I love slip on (and more importantly OFF) shoes….. hello thongs! But I’d be as happy as a pig in…erm…mud 😉 trotting around town with Lauren on my tootsies!

  124. I would love a pair of Jenni Gold for popping into town on the Metro and walking all over the cobblestones of Red Square. Its the perfect splash of bling that will look fabulous with Basil’s gold domes in the background.

  125. The Jenni gold would help me though long days teaching and my grade 3’s would love them! Do you know how much 8-9 year old kids like to touch teachers shoes? More than you think!!!! ????

  126. Oh, how I love the Frankie shoes,
    I’ve coveted them so long,
    So when I saw a chance to win,
    I came up with this song (well, a poem if we are being technical).

    It’s hard to pick a favourite,
    The Ellie looks real nice,
    I’m wondering if hubby would notice,
    If I bought them twice! (in black and red of course)

    The Lauren looks so stylish,
    If not a little wild,
    Or maybe I should pick the Kat,
    So glossy, sweet and mild.

    I really love the Penni,
    They would go well with my dress,
    With these pretties on my summer feet,
    I am sure I would impress.

    So thank you Beth and Frankie,
    For bringing me this news,
    I still can’t pick a favourite,
    Oh boy, I love these shoes!

  127. Kylie Ellis says

    Oh Ellie how you would put a spring in my school step! I’m no sporty spice but these would improve my ability to teach ball skills to my year 2 munchkins, without a doubt! And if not, then Lauren will help me keep up with them every other day of the week. To dangle a free carrot would be the perfect way to convert me to FRANKIE4 forever more ?

  128. Thanks for the competition Beth. I would love a pair of the Black Ellie’s! Working in a retail environment on my legs all day they would be fabulous. We have to wear all black too. Your post may have prompted a purchase of the Kat sandals in black to replace my very loved but worn Georgie slides !

  129. Oh, how I would love a pair of good shoes. The Ellie in black would be the most practical, however, I’m coveting them in a silver just to feel a bit special. I have big feet so finding a shoe that fits and looks good is always a trial for me. I would never spend this kind of money on a shoe for myself so I’m just going to wish really hard that I win. Fingers xed.

  130. jenelle newton says

    The ELLiE in black is exactly what I have been searching for! I need a supportive shoe due to old sporting injuries, and I just feel so daggy wearing my sneakers with nice (ish – mum uniform) clothes!

  131. Oh those Jenni Golds are my shoe porn. I’ve been dreaming of them for many months. I tried them on while I was getting school shoes for my daughter. I lusted for them but with Christmas and other bills put them back like the sensible Mummy I am. I’d love to whirl these around in my day job of kindy teacher when I get to sit down never and also on my days of flapping my arms at the school tuck shop. Please make a pair of Jennis (said in a forest gump voice) mine.

  132. Ellie all the way. Even though everything 80’s is back again…jeans and joggers is best left in the past. I need a performance shoe to chase after my household of boys.

  133. Oh Ellie in black please clad my feet,
    a day in you would be such a treat!
    It’s a crazy life, always on the run,
    Teaching students and being a mum!
    My back is sore, my feet are too,
    Oh how I would love to to own a pair of you!

  134. I would LOVE a pair of Jenni Gold to adorn my feet all day every day! I am a primary school teacher so spend many hours on my feet every day. Pretty shoes that are good for your feet AND fit orthotics are really something to celebrate.

  135. Jenni Gold
    I’d wear them every time I was with my daughters as ‘blingy’ shock value from wearing boring Birks and black ballet flats (which I know cripple my feet but I am lazy like that)

  136. Ooh girl, your feet look so fancy! <3

  137. The Ellie in Silver is cool and sleek!

  138. The Ellie is everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Thanks for the giveaway. Would be nice to win a pair of the Ellie for the wifey.

    God bless!

  140. As a mum to four boys you can bet that my wardrobe is last on the list, and when it comes to shoes $10 Kmart shoes worn until they fall apart are what I own. The aellie black smooth leather would go lovely with my mum wardrobe of T – shirt dresses jeans and tee’s x

  141. Corbin Herder says

    Hi Beth, I thought I would mention my gorgeous mum. She has always been there for me, and with all my specialists and hospital treatments every three weeks, and I am 26 now. Mum would love these comfortable shoes. I think the black ones called Ellie would be the ones I think mum would choose. Thankyou Beth, love Corbin

  142. I’m loving the Laurens with the zebra print. I’d pop those on with my Mum uniform of jeans and black singlet top with whatever thongs are near the front door when I’m racing out the door to get 2 kids to kindy and school. Hats off to Frank4 for making shoes up to a size 13. My size is 11 or 12 and I struggle to get stylish and comfy shoes that fit. Kudos to them for catering to large footed ladies!

  143. Oh the black Ellie would definitely make my school morning 2-block dash to Prep drop off feel a lot more comfortable. The rush for a park at school tends to leave me out of the car park and up the road. Ellie could make my dash so comfortable and stylish I may even park a bit further away just to show them off a bit more 😉

  144. Another new world discovered from being a reader. I thank you for broadening my sheltered life!! Ellie in silver for me. They would be perfect while attacking/attempting my one thing lists (I feel better calling it one thing even though in reality I know its anything but). Also may up my stakes with the new parents as I get looked up and down for being the new family at school/sport. Won’t go into the probing I received while helping at the canteen last week. Like a gyno visit and job interview rolled into one!!

  145. I am IN LOVE with Sophie… Truth be told I’m an absolute shoe-aholic. My husband constantly reminds me that I “don’t need that many shoes!” However it’s just part of who I am. I have a bad ankle injury and working as a music teacher I have had to face the reality that heels are not an option. I need SUPPORT!! Sophie is my girl and I need her in my life… This teacher wage doesn’t afford me the luxury of frankie4’s so please give me my Sophie’s!!

  146. JenniGold could help me stop feeling the dorky kid on the block! Maybe, possibly, definitely!

  147. Emma Williams says

    Jenni in gold are the ones for me! You know why? Two words ‘orthotic friendly’. Turns out having 3 babies in 2 years is not a good idea and my lovely physio has informed me that if I have any chance of getting over some very inconvenient back pain I must wear orthotics at all time! Boohoo! All the pretty sandals I am now mourning. So very sad. But if there was any chance I could replace the current cheap pretend converse sneakers I’m wearing all day every day with beautiful gold Jenni’s then all my troubles would be over… Hmmm now what have those twin toddlers done with the baby as I irresponsibly ignored them whilst typing this… Eek!

  148. Ellie in rouge! First year back to full time teaching. On my feet all day! Red is my favourite colour and would look great for work attire.

  149. I’m loving the LiZ leather ankle boots! Sooooo perfect for everyday! Thanks for the super rad giveaway! xx

  150. After an episode involving trying to get fit and taking up running, I now have an occurring knee problem which I’m supposed to wear orthotics to help correct. I don’t wear them as often as I should as they only fit into my sneakers (not pretty ones). I’d definitely go for the Jenni gold as I can see myself wearing them a lot, and so hopefully get on top of this dodgy knee situation.

  151. My eldest started school this year and the school run 5 days a week, twice a day had my poor little feet aching!! After seeing this post I went and got myself a pair of ELLiE’s! OMG my feet are saved!! Now I need some sandals… Oh the decisions…. Can’t seem to stop looking at the gorgeous MARGiE! xx

  152. Glenda Hanks says

    I’ve just come home from a weekend at a Sports Carnival – 3 days, schleppping around from field to field with two daughters playing in a touch footy State Cup comp and one poor son dragging behind me (who didn’t have the goods to make the team!) and my feet are BARKING at me… I had bad shoes that I had to take off and then be barefoot and now my spine, knees and hips are also BARKING at me!!! Arghhhh – would have loved me some Frankies for the weekend.

    (FYI: Go the U12 Renegade Girls – friggin won the whole comp in the last 20 secs!!! My nerves were shot (U10 Girls won too – only two teams from the whole club) Yeah the girls! #stillonahigh #exceptformybody #feelingeveryyearofmy42)

    • Glenda Hanks says

      Soz – forgot to say it would have to be the Ellie – looks like it would do the perfect job for my sports-sideline life!!! Into rugby/netball season now…. 🙂

  153. The lovely Lauren would walk me comfortably & confidently to kinder drop off, school drop off & then a coffee/playground catch up with friends on a (nearly ?) daily basis but also take me out for a night on the town dressing up my slightly boring mum uniform & injecting a touch of interest & envy ?
    Who doesn’t enjoy coyly smiling while people admire your lovely shoes & ask where you got them from? ?

  154. Lauren @fairview_farmhouse says

    I need Ellie in my life. I just need her! To help my poor aching feet running after a 6,4, 2.5 and 1 year old and to help my back from carrying yet another baby inside my body (due sept 2016). Yes, I am that crazy woman that will have five children under 7 (don’t worry, I am aware of how it keeps happening and my obstetrician joked he would buy us a television for Xmas) but all I want are some amazing shoes to go with my jeans and stripey tee uniform and can help me run away from all the people trying to have me committed for having “too many” children. Ellie is that shoe!

  155. It’s the gold Jenni’s all the way. My daily hunt for my shoes, stolen and redistributed by the three year old, will be made so much easier with that gorgeous gold shining at me from under the couch/bed/tv cabinet/laundry sink! Loving the whole Frankie4 range xox

  156. I absolutely adore the ROSiE shoes (sold out, wahhh!) – they would help me drop the boys at day care, pick them up, get dinner ready and do the washing after a full day of work with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step!

  157. Oh my! The Lauren shoe in Black/Zebra would be so cushiony for my pregnancy-swollen feet! In the mornings they’re normal and by the afternoon they look like plump little sausages 😛 So Lauren’s adjustable straps would really come in handy! Thanks Baby Mac 😀

  158. I would love the pop of colour from a pair of red Ellie sneakers on the end of my pins as I go about my day, lunches, drop off, work, pickup, dinner, housework etc. I work in a casual jeans/shirt office so nice sneakers (not the heading to the gym kind) are my staple foot wear. I don’t have time for sore feet.

  159. Kate Williams says

    Hey Baby Mac. Thanks for the blog on all of their shoes. I fell in lurrvvve with Frankie4 when I bought my first pair last October. I am sure my feet were privately dancing naked and singing hallelujah as they slipped into the comfy soft goodness of these brand new sandals. And I feel your pain because between school shoes, footy boots and tennis shoes I haven’t had the opportunity or finances to purchase myself another pair. I would love ELLIE to take pride of place in my (bare) shoerack. Firstly because my 16 year old daughter (aka fashion police) has informed me that it is not ok to wear sneakers with my jeans anymore and secondly all those new sports shoes keep me out on weekends at cricket, footy, tennis and basketball and sandals despite their loveliness do not work well on a dewy oval. Ok this is way too long but I think you get my desperate drift. Thanks :).

  160. Jenni in Gold. These would brighten up every load of washing I do & by god I do a LOT of washing… In my house with 3 kids it never, ever ends…

  161. ELLiE . Black . Hands down.

  162. Ellie-silver. Would still wear no shoes to do the washing and cleaning but love that hint of rock star just for me.

  163. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE THE Ellie Smooth Black! I’m heading overseas very soon for our honeymoon and these would be perfect for tracking around Europe!! PLUS hoping for baby number one soon so these would definitely come in handy when we return 😉

  164. Gosh how does one choose between the Jenni Gold and the Kat black??
    They are both just awesome. I love frankie4 shoes. They are amazing!

  165. sussi mallon says

    Jenni Gold _Rock me, give me that kick now, roll me…
    Cake crumbs? What cake crumbs? Oh, nooooooo, that must be dust from when I was climbing up on the stool to dust on top of the fridge (a job which would be way less perilous & waaay more funky, funky, funnnnnkyy in a rockin’ pair of FRANKIE4 Jenni’s.
    Now, where’d I hide those scones, umm, err, I mean scourers?

  166. I really need some Kats in my life! I’ve noticed my feet are so sore in the morning from walking around the house barefoot all day. When I do go out I usually chuck on a pair of thongs. I’ve been neglecting the very things that hold me up all day! Please help these tired, cracked, old (only 31!) feet!

  167. Oh I love the Lauren black and zebra shoe- perfect for running errands and dressing up an outfit to make this tired new Mum feel a little special!

  168. Getting stuff done starts with baby steps. And hubbie always says that baby steps lead to a ballroom dance. Let me tell you, I’d like to waltz the night away with Ellie Black.

  169. I just hit the Bassike warehouse sale for a wardrobe update – 33kgs of baby weight is hard do shift. 9 months in I’m about 2/3rds of the way there and nothing fits again. So I stocked up on bassike basics and the Ellie would be perfect to go with it all and look good while I run around after three kids and try to establish a business. It doesn’t help that every time I have a baby my feet change size as well and none of my old shoes fit…

  170. Jacqui Kidman says

    Oh I love those Jenni Gold. I’ve got bad feet from years of night club abuse….. ???Unfortunately It’s not just the feet that are affected! Now a Mumma of two ?‍?‍?‍? and I can’t wear anything but closed toe shoes!!! Really need these babies to jazz my poor feet up!! And my uniform!!

  171. Nicole Harrison says

    I would love to win the Jenni Gold – nothing like wearing gold from head to toe ! I have admired these shoes from afar for a long time and would happily trade my $2 kmart shoes to these in heart beat !

  172. Would have to be Lauren!
    Love a good Zebra print.
    Thanks BabyMac & Frankie4 Shoes.

  173. Have been coveting Ellie in black for yonks – between wrangling two small children, (both with special needs) part time work and trying to get my butt into shape after surviving cancer… My feet could definitely use a chic, supported pick me up for the eleventy billion tasks of each day!

  174. Lisa Del Mastro says

    I would love the Ellie black, with three kids 6, 4 and 2 and working full time I am constantly running, whether it’s the multiple crèche, kinder and school drop off, running to and from the train station to get to and from
    Work as I like to leave it to the very last second before I have to leave and then the million after school and weekend activities we are running too and not no mention the never ending running around after a 2 year old that likes to run as fast as he can.These shoes would help relieve my tired and constant pressure on my feet?

  175. Al Callaghan says

    Ellie Black Smooth Leather would be perfect for my “arghh Wednesday” . The day with everything jammed in. Why does that happen – all activities on one day. My favourite gym class, school assembly, soccer after school for son and band practice after school for daughter AND because I learnt to play the PIANO when I was a kid, I’ve been convinced to join her band in the BRASS section to play the Baritone – cause that makes sense! (I had to google what it was). Even if I can’t blow the baritone, I’ll have the best shoes at school!

  176. Carly Betts says

    With 5 little boys under 7 to run after, I need those Jenni Gold in my life! Love Frankie 4,
    we all need a little rockstar glam to make the school run a little more glamorous 🙂

  177. Trish Pfeffer says

    I recently bought a pair of frankie4’s I absolutely love them. The only problem is now I can’t go back to any other pair of shoes. Would love the ellies so I could swap my margies for the run between work and school pick ups etc. I don’t want to wear them out too quickly!

  178. Michelle Stanhope says

    Lauren is the girl for me. What’s not to love about the combination of comfort, style and animal print? I would give Lauren a whirl at work and also at the school run when i’m trying to look effortlessly stylish in the face of extreme shriekiness just minutes earlier. I also think Lauren would be the perfect companion for what I like to call my ‘transition moments’, also known as realising you are about to miss the train that gets you back in time to collect the children.

  179. Essential that I get these mum feet into a pair of those black Ellie’s. They would make me so happy. I’ll show my 4 black leather school shoe wearing boys how it’s done!!!!!

  180. I would love the Lauren’s think they could get me through a day of teaching at preschool and out on the town with my husband .With no aching feet .

  181. I absolutely love the Lauren flats! I work in the community services industry and as part of my job description I look after my bosses kids whenever they need. Some days I need to be in the office and then look after kids so it’s so hard to find nice shoes that are comfortable and also look amazing! To sum up… These shoes would be perfect!

  182. After I very nearly went completely arse up in Bunnings wearing my thongs, I think a pair of Jenni on my feet would be much more sensible whilst chasing a child with one of the little trolleys one way & a pair of wayward thongs the other!

  183. Oh gosh I love the Ellie in black!
    What I would give for a pair of nice shoes.
    I can’t remember ever buying myself good shoes & my poor old feet would love these.
    All the shoes are gorgeous!

  184. Catherine Augunas says

    ELLiE in black, or maybe rouge because we all know red goes faster. I’d be faster than a speeding bullet and get my washing done in no time. Then I might just hide out in the laundry during the time I’ve saved. That’s my location of choice since our extra fridge is located there (secret snacks on demand) and the kids can’t find me thanks to baby gates. My ‘uniform’ consists of skinny jeans and breastfeeding friendly tops paired with sneakers since they’re one of the few orthotic friendly shoe options I have.

  185. Love, love, love my Ellies. But they’re lonely away from their Frankie family. I think Lauren would make a great sibling ?

  186. Ellie for the ongoing arch support of my kid’s Education!

  187. Jill Unsworth says

    Ooooh, a Jenni NEEEDS to belong in my wardrobe oh please please ! Our boys are middle-ish bigger – ish kids now and more often than not need more than one pair of orthotic friendly school shoes per year, of which we oblige , pretty much requiring us to remortgage our house loan each time *gasp* ? Just one pair of Frankie4 shoes would lessen the blow when this arises …. cool and calm I’ll be, forking out at the school shoe checkout late Term 4 *sigh* ?

  188. Ellie and I would quick becomes BFF’s! From work to home Ellie would be like my imaginary best friend, supporting me in a way that I only know about!

  189. Definitely Ellie for this sore footed duck! I own a pair of frankie 4 and when I don’t wear them it takes a week to recover! Need a non corporate pair now!!!

  190. Jess Swords says

    Could NOT go past the jenni gold!! How spesh would I be teaching sport to all the kiddies on Fridays!!! Super fancy teacher!

  191. The Ellie look amazing! Being pregnant and running around after a toddler + having big, flat clod-hoppers, I would love to win these!! Always seeking a comfortable shoe. Why is it such a battle?? ?

  192. Kutira Bandte (SuperKombi) says

    Hi there,
    Great giveaway competition! And love your blog and IG posts! Would love a pair of Jenni Gold to sparkle at work, on my lunchtime walk, at home, cooking dinner, cleaning the shower – actually, wouldn’t wear them while cleaning the shower, but hope they would motivate me to clean the shower more often ☺️ … And I’m a size 10 ?

  193. My baby girl (Sadie) turns one next week. It’s been an incredible year of highs and lows, mainly highs! I swore I would never succumb to the ‘mumdrobe’ but some days you think… “Why get food and puke on my nice things”. Nothing is nice anymore ?
    Yesterday I was hosting my mums group and I realized that it was yet another day that I didn’t have shoes on! I’m Irish so i can’t explain how weird it is that I now spend so much time barefoot!!! Anyway… There we all were, sitting on the floor (again, as the babies clawed us when we tried to be all civilized and normal and eat at a table!) when I copped a glance of my FILTHY DIRTY black feet! I was mortified! A pair of LAUREN’s would surely have saved my embarrassment!
    BTW, I’m new to your blog… Where have you been all my life!

  194. Kate Chamberlain says

    Pretty please may I win Ellie black?! I have been lusting after these forEVER. They would be perfect to wear to my #onmyfeetallday killer retail job and also for running around doing the 576 things that I do everyday for my nearest and dearest.i would be ever so grateful 🙂

  195. I would looooove the gold Jenni. They would fit perfectly with my mum uniform. I love the comfort and support of frankie4. They are the best shoes for busy feet.

  196. I need Ellie, but I really want Jenni. Ellie would be perfect for my job and for running around after my kids. As much as Jenni would make my feet look cool, I think my feet would appreciate more support… Gosh I am such the mum, choosing comfort first lol

  197. The Jenni sounds like a perfect match for me. As a Mum of three who needs to wear orthotics these shoe’s would be ideal. They would bring a bit of sparkle to my day but still allow me to fit the old orthotics in and not get sore feet!

  198. Throw my hands up in the air, praise a higher grace its the Ellie who I’d like to do the Riverdance in.
    Well there’s lots of things I’d like to do in a pair of Ellie’s….
    Walk my local streets waving to the neighbours, maybe casually stopping to do my laces up, getting envious looks at my sweet kicks. Walking the aisles of Woolies in, humming to tunes from the 90’s as I fill my trolley. Walking into kinder knowing I can get away with my oily unwashed hair and apricot jam stained t-shirt cause everyone is checking out my Ellie’s. Settling my baby hunched over the cot staring at my Ellie’s to help the RSI on my wrists from the 543 + pats. But mostly I’d love my Ellie’s for when I’m perfecting my Hop Shuffle Hop Back move with Micheal Flatley.

  199. Have penned a dodgy limerick to express my love for them:

    Take a look at the Lauren Black
    A pair would get me on track
    From groceries to school
    They’re nobody’s fool
    It seems there’s nothing they lack.

  200. My 2yr old son is currently surveying my skin rash after 6 weeks of strapping and ankle braces for a sprained ankle. The cure?! All it would take for this Mumma bear to alleviate the concern of master 2 is a pair of Frankie 4 Sophie’s. That’s it! Pick me!!

  201. Would love a pair of Jenni gold! Proper grown up shoes for this new mum to three children now. I think they would help with all the sleepless nights ahead of me!

  202. The Kat sandal would complete my mum uniform of denim skirt and sleeveless tee. I live in the tropics so comfortable and practical sandals are a must. Cheapos with no support just don’t cut it.

  203. Lesley Baker says

    Defo the Ellie black smooth leather! I’ve been purving at your red ones all year!!! I’m a mum of 3 (7,4,1) soooo my life is split into 3 different places and these shoes will get me from a-b-c perfecly! may even look like I’m onto something in the fashion sense!

  204. Kriss McLean says

    Argh! A day late! Oh well good luck to those who have their shit together enough to get those entries in on time! My partner is ALWAYS telling me I’m late for EVERYTHING. Guess she is right but that can be our little secret. Haha. A pair of those gorgeous Ellie in black will be mine eventually though. I might have to start saving my coffee money and treat my poor feet to a pair for mothers day. I’m sure my sore, tired feet smiled a little when I saw them. Good luck picking a winner out of these fab entries Beth. I don’t envy you having to make this decision. Xo

  205. Love my Ellie’s! Thanks for putting me onto them. Put my new set of orthotics in them last week and have never looked so stylish at pick up! (Anything beats my runners). Best of all they are comfortable! Cheers Sam

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