20 hours in Brisbane for the launch of Styling You the Label

This time last week I was lucky enough to escape my normal life for just under a day to celebrate the launch of my friend Nikki’s new label: Styling You The label in Brisbane.

This label has been a long time coming for Nikki who has worked championing fashion brands for REAL women of all shapes and sizes for many years. Through Nikki’s blog she has shown us over the years great fashion for all budgets and different sizes and shapes and ages. It was only natural that eventually she would create her own stuff for us all to enjoy. To say I proud of her for having a crack and MAKING it happen is an understatement, Nikki works so hard and will always share her wisdom along the way.

After school drop off I hightailed it to the airport for a lunchtime flight (it took me 3 hours to get there due to accidents along the way) and was thrilled to arrive in steamy Brisbane and check into our fancy hotel as Nikki was doing the same. Always so good to catch up with a mate who lives in a different state! She was straight into makeup and the like while I was happy to check out my room and enjoy the air con, a King bed and no one bothering for ANYTHING for an hour.

Then it was straight into an outfit change (what to wear what to wear?!) before heading upstairs to take in the night!

It was such an amazing venue for the naught upstairs in the rooftop bar next to the pool that overlooked Brisbane on a balmy summer night – felt like I was in NY or Honkers. The thing about any event that Nikki seems to host is that everyone that comes looks ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I was completely underdone in my ensemble.

There was a fashion parade where Nikki and I had a chat between “stories” to discuss what she came up with and why and how to style the pieces – so much fun and again I was completely out of my depth about this stuff so at least provided some light relief!

There are a number of different “stories” that are on offer in the collection. From ANIMAL to TECHNICAL to STRIPES to BAMBOO with some seriously fun and flattering pieces along the way. I particularly love the inclusiveness of the models that Nikki has used: from sizes 8 to 18 you can see exactly what the pieces would look like in your style – how good is that?!

It was great fun to catch up with lots off familiar faces throughout the night too, again all looking SO good.

Then it was a chance for everyone to try on the pieces that they loved, while I focused on having a few glasses of bubbles.

Lots of pieces have sold out already…I am so happy for Nikki! I have loved wearing some of the pieces I was lucky enough to be given and bought on the night! There’s even a denim skirt named after me!

Here’s some of the pieces I have been wearing (apologies in advance if they are sold out in your size) I am in a 14 in all of them and they are all true to size.

This is the ANIMAL CAMI which I love and will absolutely flog in the years to come. It’s long, can be worn with a bra, such a flattering neckline and can be dressed up or down. I dead set love this.

And here are the shorts in the same print that I LOVE. These are like dead set pj pants but so flattering: elastic waist with pleats at the front (extra flattering) and pockets they can be dressed up or down and are a firm fave already. You can get the same shorts in black or sage too.

And this shirt (which has also sold out soz I meant to get this post out sooner) is another top pick of mine – also comes in different colours too though.

Before I knew it it was awake and in the shower, a spot of brekkie before getting back into the Uber, then plane and then HOME all in time for Preschool pick up, them primary school, then…oh you get the drift. Life.

Make sure you go and check out the new collection, register your interest for pieces that have sold out (I think there is an email me option on some of the sizes) or get shopping! I am SO proud of Nikki and all she has created and achieved…she knows no limits! I hope this continues to be a HUGE success for you. Well done!

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