Monday Meal Ideas: mid week family faves in our house

Week 3 of the school term was not the best with us: everyone seemed to be sick or getting sick (colds, sore throats) and a little exhaustion thrown in for good measure. Things aren’t sounding much better with the coughing and spluttering I can hear coming from their rooms already so it’s going to be a very quiet and slow week (well as much as I can make it), I have Rob away for most of the week and then on the weekend so my main plans are to get everyone well, rested and do as little as we can in between all our commitments.

One way for me to do that is to cook family favourites that are loved and are comfort and these are some of the girl’s favourites.

Sunshine rice
Green pig pasta
Chicken quesadillas
Chicken fried rice

How is your week ahead looking? Everyone in your place coughing too? Let the winter season begin…man it’s so boring isn’t it? Stay well! And hydrated! And calm! That is mostly a message to myself BTW…have a great week friends x


  1. Beth get some lemon essential oil and spray it around on the the bedding and in the air to kill germs x

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