Monday Meal Ideas: Meatless Monday

Oh friends, we are getting to the pointy end of the year aren’t we? We still have a week and a half of school left (HOW?!) and we are all limping to the end. It’s hot. We’re tired and overworked. There’s a huge week ahead for us in the shop and also with deadlines and last minute work stuff too. Rob is away again this week for a few days, there are end of year assemblies and way too many nights eating out (and badly) and getting to bed too late. Did I mention we are tired?

In any case I have got you sorted with some vego ideas this morning. I need more veggies in my life (that are not hot chips) and I need to get cooking this week before the madness of this time of year takes over. Here are some recipes to get you/me inspired.

Corn Fritters
Smug Pie (aka anything green in the bottom of the fridge)
Spinach & cheese triangles

How is your week left? Are you one of those lucky families I see on Instagram that are on holidays already and enjoying family time? What is that even like doing that before the 20th December? Or are you like us and DEEP into term 4 exhaustion? Dear lord make it end. And yet keep it going because I have not started shopping.

It’s a complicated time of year isn’t it? Hope you have a good week friends, dig deep,  get your online shopping done and try and be kind to yourself x


  1. Thanks for the inspiration Beth. My latest innovation is using bagged salads from the supermarket. I’ve always resisted them but when we are super busy putting something like kaleslaw on the table in literally 2 minutes is huge relief. That, bread and chicken fillets pan fried or even a cooked chook is healthy, easy and superfast meal. Maybe with hard boiled eggs for the vegetarian daughter, or just cheese on a board. My business is retail and these last few weeks are busy but exhilarating. The christmas rush is what we have been prepping for!

  2. Beth, you must be tired. Your link for the spinach and cheese triangles goes to the corn and fritters recipe 🙂

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