Spinach, cheese (& anything green) triangles

I’m always looking for ways to use up all the veggies in the bottom of the crisper – whether it’s a fry up, fried rice, a soup I hate seeing sad, droopy vegetables go to waste. Seeing this happen on the weekend and being asked to bring something to Mum’s, I decided to make up a variation on a spinach and ricotta/fetta triangle by making a anything green triangle. I mean what can be better than something wrapped in buttery filo pastry? NOTHING is what.

You could make these just with spinach (frozen or fresh) or add in whatever you like – that’s the beauty of these things. I like to add in some fresh dill for flavour but leave out or put in whatever you like. I was a little low on filling on Saturday so I added in some frozen peas (and unfortunately for me that meant that my kids did NOT eat them). Whatevs, the adults ate them, and loved them.

Spinach Cheese & anything green triangles

Packet of filo pastry
1 small brown onion (finely diced)
2 cloves garlic (grated or minced)
1 large packet of baby spinach (or use frozen or a bunch of silverbeet)
1 leek (finely sliced)
1/2 pack frozen peas
1 (250g) tub ricotta cheese
1 (200g) packet of fetta
Bunch dill (finely chopped)
1/2 bunch mint (finely chopped)
Lemon zest
Salt & pepper
100g Melted butter for brushing pastry

1. Finely chop a brown onion and fry off with the grated garlic

2. Add in the leek and salt & pepper until soft

3. Add in the rest of the ingredients (I used frozen peas and threw them in frozen) mix until cooked through and set mixture aside to cool

4. Add the mixture into a mixing bowl and add in the chopped dill, ricotta and fetta mixing well and check for seasoning and adjust accordingly

5. Roll out the filo pastry onto a bench (keep the extra pastry covered under a tea towel so that it doesn’t dry out) and cut into squares (easiest for rolling into triangles) place one sheet down, butter it (melted butter), add another, butter it and then another (3 in total) add in a teaspoon of filling and roll up. Place onto a baking sheet and add some more melted butter. You can top with sesame or poppy seeds or leave plain

6. Bake in a hot 200 degree oven until golden brown and serve immediately

[gmc_recipe 24917]

If these didn’t have peas in them I’m pretty sure the lot would have been demolished by my 3 girls. But the pea factor meant that I had to eat them all. TYPCIAL.

Do you agree that anything wrapped in pastry is better?
We can be friends.


  1. love them thanks beth!
    and a happy birthday to daisy!
    much love mx

  2. Thanks! I got a beautiful daughter out of it, so it was worth it.

  3. Yum I made some of these the other night with my bottom of the fridge potluck – I used grated sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, celery and celery leaves with some tumeric, grated ginger and garlic they were snapped up in a juffy and delicious with tomato chutney..

  4. I am about to make these yummy looking morsels!
    Yum, yum.
    Do you think they would freeze OK? I would love to be able to freeze them to then give to my grandies when they visit.

  5. Just made these and I can’t wait to tuck in. Just thought I’d point something out in Step 1, it says “Finely chop a brown onion and fry off with the grated onion”. Should it be, fry the garlic off with the onion?

  6. Karli Lancaster says

    Beth I just want you to know that these are a staple back to school food for me (as a teacher). Tonight I made them and had them with Priya Krishna’s Aloo Gobi. A delicious vegetarian combo. I freeze extra mixture and pull it out the next time I want to make them.


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