Full & Thorough reporting: The Halloween edition

We’re still reeling from the mother of all sugar come down tantrums from one of our children last night (remain unnamed) but I *think* we had a good time yesterday! Our little village all comes together for a trick or treat with people that want to get involved putting a balloon up out the front of their house and then everyone meets back at the pub for a sausage sizzle and this year the judging of the first pumpkin carving competition.

Give Rob a competition and he is ALL over it – he did a great job on his pumpkin and eventually won third place – a big bag of redskins!

Daise and Mags were a couple of witches – these two are peas in the pod best friends, and so similar in so many ways. I hope they always have a close bond, despite the age difference.

Daise turned 17 apparently.

I am finding the demands of a pre-teen and toddler and their different needs FULL on at the moment. We are navigating new stuff, important stuff for females about self belief and all the kind of stuff that females start to think when they grow up. I’m doing the best I can but am feeling so deeply just how important my role is and not wanting to fuck it up. Toddler tantrums are a walk in the park right – they usually just need a big cuddle from their mum. I suppose it’s not that different at the other end (for now).

The little ones all walked around with us very excited by their first go at it all. Dots looked like a gypsy wedding baby and spent the time screaming “caaaaaake” as she ran down the street. Too funny.

Bunches of lavender were given here to ward away evil spirits! So crisp. Most houses were having a drink on their verandahs too – very nice on a sunny, warm afternoon!

Then it was back to the pub for a catch up with everyone, some dinner before walking back home in the darkness. We even saw an owl on our way home! And then there was the comedown….let’s not talk about that, I still have a twitch in my eye from it.

This afternoon I am heading away for THREE NIGHTS SANS CHILDREN for a long awaited girls weekend at the beach. I think we planned this about 8 months ago and finally it’s here. So much dirty planning and it’s here at last. The fact that I will have some SPACE to sit and think and chat and have fun with my friends without one interruption from any children is deeply pleasing.

Bring. It. ON.

Hope you have a good weekend friends…I’m likely to be signing out until I’m back on Sunday afternoon x


  1. Helen Cairns says

    Hey Beth…. My daughter is now 19 and we are almost through the ‘Teen’ years. I so hear you about the whole ‘Female self believe’ bit. Teens of all ages start to really question the hard stuff, how they fit in and whether or not they are worthy…. It is an emotional roller coaster I tell you. There are awesome highs but there are also horrible lows that leave you questioning your own self worth…. But… There is light at the end of the tunnel and it does get better as they get older. The only advise I can give is to listen and listen often. To just be there when they are experiencing those lows and let them know you are there biggest supporter and they will eventually figure it out for themselves.(oh and don’t forget to enjoy the highs!) Enjoy the journey because before you know it they aren’t teenagers anymore and like all the stages you miss it…

  2. What about Harper…? When you said Daisy and Maggie went as witches, I was really hoping to see what she had dressed up as. I love Halloween, it’s a hoot and a bit of fun before the Christmas season craziness kicks in.

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