Monday Meal Ideas: Cold and flu killers

Is it just our household that has been riddled with colds and flus for the past few weeks? It’s always the way here – in spring and in autumn when the weather starts to turn and you have cold weather, than hot, then cold again that we get hit.

We are all the mend now from a big attack a week or so ago: we all went down one by one with the only thing that actually works when getting better: time. One thing that does help though I find, is to pack as much garlic and ginger and lemon and chilli into our food and these recipes do the trick! May help your home if there’s lots of coughing and spluttering going on.

Quick ginger & garlic Wonton Soup
Lemon Chicken
Pork & chive dumplings
Chicken noodle soup

How’s your week ahead looking? Things are going to be pretty mad around here I think: some work on the shop and restocking, some other deadlines, school and after school life and then at the end of the week I have an escape to the beach with some girlfriends that has been months in the planning. A couple of kid free nights that I am DESPERATE for. I actually cannot wait! It will put the pep in may step that I am after!

Hope you all have a great one friends! x

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