Monday Meal ideas: Delicious, light, Spring food!

Good morning friends! We’ve woken to a frosty here this morning, and below zero temps, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a beautiful, sunny day out there. This time of the year is certainly a rollercoaster isn’t it? One thing that I want to try to get consistent about (even though the weather can’t sort itself out) is to start focus on better eating and to get moving again. I’m taking salads, lots of greens and veggies and laying off my beloved carbs. I hope these recipes will get me motivated.

Salad prep can take some time and planning but the results are ALWAYS worth it: so delicious and you just feel SO much better. Let’s all try together shall we?

Fattoush Salad
Double marinated Maggie Beer butterflied lamb
Ancient grain & herb salad
Deconstructed pumpkin salad

What’s ahead for you this week? We have just 2 more weeks of school before we head into our holidays…the girls are tried I tell you! BUT! We have no more hockey! And that’s one less thing we have practice for in the afternoons. Bring it on I say! Other than that we are looking at a pretty stock standard week ahead of us…hope you all have a great one friends x

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