The Holiday Stack

We’re heading away tomorrow to the beach for a change of scene and to blow the cobwebs with some fresh salty sea air. There’s going to be lots of walking and sitting by the fire, reading, napping and doing not much. I hope the kids agree with our plans…let’s see. I can’t wait!

Here’s my pile that I am taking away with me. Lots of reading of books and magazines and even some knitting…trying my best to quiet the mind and keep the hands busy and away from my phone. Let’s see how that works out.

Thanks so much for all your book suggestions, I have slowly started to get my reading mojo back and boy does it feel good to be reading at night instead of mindless scrolling. I can’t wait to get stuck into some more, get away from screens, get some music on and chill out.

Much like how things are here this Saturday night. It’s bloody cold out, there is a gale force wind a blowing and the fire is roaring. Mags has fallen asleep early so there’s a whole night ahead for me to do whatever it is I fancy…what a treat! I think it may involve laying on the couch.

Hope your Saturday night is just as warm and cosy. Enjoy friends x


  1. Beth,
    I almost guarantee you will love A Man Called Ove- it was one of my favourite books from last year. If you do enjoy it, go on a reading binge by the author Fredrik Backman. Britt Marie Was Here is also wonderful and so is Bear Town… but actually all of his book are.
    Happy reading and happy holidays!

  2. The lost Flowers is amazing – the first few chapters take your breath away

  3. That sounds like a wonderful break from the routine of life.
    I read A Man Called Ove earlier this year, it was a great read. Now I think on Beth’s recommendation I will look for some of his other works.
    Please share your tips and tricks for leaving the damn phone alone.
    Have a lovely time, I’ll be crossing everything that the kids co-operate.
    cheers Kate

    • I literally have to put it in another room. From about 7pm at night it’s on the charger and I leave it there for the night until the morning. It’s ridiculous how addicted we get to looking at it – soI have to remove it like I am one of my kids!

  4. Katie Clews says

    Enjoy Alice- it’s one of my faves of 2018.. Ove is also fantastic.. have a great time away ..

  5. Katie Clews says

    Enjoy Alice .. it’s one of my favourite books of the year!!! Ove is also fabulous..

  6. A Man Called Ove–you won’t be able to put it down! I was in the library a couple of years ago, perusing the New Books shelf, when a total stranger pointed to it and said “Read this! It’s so good.” So I went home and bought it on my Kindle as we were getting on a plane for a long flight.

    And she was so right. That was the fastest 9-hr flight for me on recofd.

  7. A man called Ove ❤️ Amazing read, cried laughed, all the feels !

  8. Have a great break away! I’m watching Look Who’s Talking on this windy Saturday night and it’s bliss! 😁

  9. Love all the recommendations. I’m heading away tomorrow too but am trying to finish Tangerine. Anyone read that?

  10. I agree A Man called Ove is a wonderful book, loved all Kristin Hannah’s books The Nightingale iswonderful, also Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is another good read. Enjoy your break away a the coast

  11. Danielle says

    I’d love your take on the phone addiction. Even when I read (say a new copy of lunchlady mag for instance) I am jumping to my phone to look up vendors or the Insta pages of cool artists I like or similar. It all seems so i innocent but it’s so bloody distracting and my brain literally aches with jet lag as I do it but I AM COMPELLED.

    • I am the same. I lietrally have to remove the phone from me when I am reading and then make a mental note to chevk those things later because I know once I open it I will scroll. If it’s within reach I will pick it up. It’s SO bad. So I have to put it on the charger in another room and make sure I leave it there. I’m bad.

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