All for the love of you

She doesn’t like butter on her toast. (one of my greatest disappointments)
She finally sleeps at night.
She can be so patient and kind when she decides.
She is fiery.
And stubborn.
And always right. Or so she thinks.
She’s ready for some routine again.
She’s absolutely her (dramatic) Mother’s daughter.
She’s almost 6.
She made me a Mother. And every day I learn something new.


  1. Sounds like my Poppy x

  2. “She made me a Mother”. You kill me! I love it and I’m in tears.

  3. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    This is so incredibly lovely. You are lucky to have each other txxx

  4. How they grow so fast! We lost our daytime naps on the weekend (aaarrrggghhh) and our first two nights in a row where she has slept all the way through. Only a child can irritate you one minute and make you fall in love with them all over again a minute later!

  5. I have goose bumps now!! So sweet!!

  6. Gorgeous picture and sentiment. x

  7. What a joyful photo – dear, sweet girl.

  8. She is Beautiful. Unique, diverse, so, so gorgeous and I love how you let her be free to be her. Motherhood is beautiful and so are the little personalities we are given to guide, even if it means pulling our hair out now and then. Ps I have one who does not like butter on her bread or toast too – what’s with that?? xx

  9. Stunning – not unlike post this week – this sounds SO much like my 16 year old – oh the joy of a daughter – and it only gets better. Enjoy it’s such a magical time F xx

  10. I love this- so true. My gorgeous Amelia has done the same and every day she makes me a better person! Thank goodness for children!!!

  11. So beautiful. I LOVE that photo, so captures the moment, and a whole lot more.
    x Rhi

  12. Sob…beautiful xxx

  13. “It won’t be a stylish marriage, I can’t afford a carriage… but you’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two”. I’m going to have that sweet tune ringing in my ears til I go to bed now, haha.
    Six years, Wow, your beautiful Daisy is growing up xo

  14. Sounds like my miss three. Great photo

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