The yellow chair

Many months ago my friend Miss Rabbit sent me a photo of a new chair that she had bought because she knew that I would 100% approve of it. And of course I did, it was MAGNIFICENT. Second hand. Yellow. Velvet. Chesterfield Style. I told her that if she ever changed her mind I would take it off her hands. Because I am a good friend.

Well fast forward and what do you know? She needed to offload that chair and who was I to say no? Well, I said yes ages ago and then forgot about it until she said she needed to drop it to my place this morning. And now it’s here. And it’s mine. And it’s YELLOW. And fabulous.

You all know my love for things yellow around the place, and this is not letting me down.

How many times can I take a photo of a chair? 7 or 8 times does the trick I find.

Thank you Miss Rabbit for this beauty. I will look after it and if you ever want it back, well I’ll send it your way.

Bought anything new for your place or yourself lately?
I have been on a strict not buying ANYTHING (except for yellow chairs) policy.
Like everyone I speak to.


  1. That chair is MAJOR!!

    I just received some absolutely beautiful Art Deco teaspoons that I snapped up second hand off Instagram. They are divine! And the set even comes with sugar cube tongs! Still in the original box and all. It seems they’ve spent a good few decades in someone’s cupboard, being saved for ‘special occasions’. I intend to use and enjoy them every day.

  2. Di Ross says

    Looks great πŸ‘ right on trend with the velvet βœ…

  3. I found a gorgeous print at the op shop the other day and it’s magnificent. Looks amazing on my side of the bed

  4. Love it! We have moved to a new modern rental place. The floors are all tiles except in the bedrooms & tv room. I wanted a rug. I coveted a very colourful rug…& last Sat we brought it home. Makes me smile seeing it & walking on it is ace! It’s helped make the house our home.

  5. Gorgeous chair, echoes the other pops of yellow in the room beautifully and complements the rich, deep green items – very lovely and patriotic! πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh wow. That chair is worthy of more photos. Love it. It goes so well with your other beautiful stunning velvet chair that I could quite easily steal. Your home is so gorgeous. May is certainly your monh. x

  7. I have serious yellow chair envy! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
    I bought a dorper lambskin last weekend to put on my special chair in our cabin that we are planning to build.

  8. it looks great !!! can i ask where you got the white pot with the mother in law tongue planted in it?

    • Thanks Karen – just from a local nursery many moons ago have a look at their indoor pots at most nurseries which sit inside with the indoor plants. Good luck!

  9. Reannon says


  10. Once upon a time, I had a penchant for writing odes to inanimate objects and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is a chair that deserves an ode. It’s glorious!

  11. that looks so stunning, of course you had to have it – especially when it goes so absolutely perfectly with everything else in your room πŸ™‚ enjoy!

  12. Beth, I think we need another tour of your house. I love your furniture!

  13. All I can say is DIVINE with a capital D. I will be a good friend and say if you ever change your mind, I can take that chair off your hands! Yellow. Velvet. Chesterfleld!

  14. Where did your two chairs go that used to be there? I love those too…

  15. Oh I love it. And where did you get the side table? I have nothing as magnificent as the yellow chair to pair it with, but it’s just what I’ve been looking for.

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