Maggie’s 3rd Birthday Newicorn Party

On Saturday we celebrated an early birthday for Miss Maggie with some of our friends and family on a beautiful Autumn day, just like the one on which she was born. Of course because I am going to be in London for her actual birthday, I said yes to ALL of the things (in fact I suggested most of them) because: Mother guilt. A wasted emotion I know, and as far as she knows, she has had her birthday, actually THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, so you know, let’s go with it.

Prep started Friday, with the construction of the “Newicorn” Cake. This is how Mags rolls the word and as far as I am concerned, it shall be known as such henceforth. She showed me the kind she wanted (thanks to her big sister who wants to go on Great British/Australian Bakeoff just as soon as she can reach the bench properly. Being one to never shy away from a challenge, and some buttercream icing, I made the cake early on Friday (despite knowing it would dry the shit out of it) but it was done and Maggie said “It’s PERFECT Mum! You did it!” so I was happy.

We’re talking packets of vanilla cake, some natural food coloured extracts with batter split in two and then a little fondant (unicorn topper things), gold dust stuff and piping bags from Woolies and some magnificent sprinkles & party supplies from Melt . I piped you guys!

Saturday Rob was off to a 2 day RFS training course so I was running solo. The big two were off to hockey which left Mags and I to set up the rest. Thankfully the wind died down, the sun came out and we were ready to roll. It was a magnificent day just like Rob’s 40th 2 years ago.

This is another example of Motherly guilt, in the form of inflated air.

Best money I have ever spent. It kept over 15 kids happy from 12-1 for many hours. And who doesn’t love a jumping castle? For any locals down here I got it from Castle Kingdom in Mittagong and they are the loveliest people – couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Maggie’s face when she watched it go up will be a happy memory I will tuck away forever. And then the fact that she got the ENTIRE thing to herself for about an hour before her sisters got home. Frank and her were thrilled.

The rest of the afternoon was a delight. Sunshine, bubbles, happy kids and parents as we sat under our snow pear in the Autumn sun. I love having these kind of things at home, our house has seen some entertaining over the years that’s for sure.

The kids ate the usual suspects of party food and for the adults I did a slow cooked Indian lamb recipe from Donna Hay with some sunshine rice and potatoes, wraps and condiments which warmed us all up.

The sun set, the temperature plummeted and I unashamedly kicked everyone out as I wanted to get Maggie to bed, sit by the fire and put my feet up after unpacking the dishwasher for the 64th time that day. Maggie had the BEST time, she was so happy and that’s all that matters.

I’m so glad we did this for her, our little Newicorn who brings us all the magic and light and joy and colour that regular Unicorns do. Thanks to all our friends who made her feel special and loved.


  1. You nailed it Beth! What a great looking party. Three so soon – I can’t believe it!

  2. Leeanne Boyson says

    How can your baby girl be three already ??? Happy Birthday Maggie and fabulous job Beth !! Looks amazing and all pulled together beautifully !!!

  3. Jeanine says

    The lighting, the leaves, the cake, the beautiful three year old – such a perfect day you made for Maggie. She’s had a wonderful birthday and you have a wonderful time at the wedding xx

  4. merilyn says

    it all looks and sounds delightful! … clever beth!
    I hope she continues to be a free spirit!
    much love mxx

  5. What a fabulously beautiful newnicorn party Miss Mags had. Well done mama-mac.
    Have fun in old blighty!
    xxoo Manda

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