Lawn gazing & food grazing

How was your weekend? If you were lucky like us, you may have had some of the most beautiful summery early Autumn days that even though it feels hot, the lights is different and it’s cooler at night so (to me) they just seem all the more beautiful.

We had slow days at home on both days with lots of lawn appreciation. Rob spent quite a bit of time doing some fancy mowing which resulted in both of us gasping every time we looked out the window.

Yesterday we had my Mum and Step Dad over for lunch in the garden where we could, you know, enjoy looking at the lawn! The sun was shining, the kids were happy and the garden looked a picture.

As did my table mind you…I had a few roses and lots of herbs in vases with some gorgeous napkins and tablecloth from Peacocks & Paisleys. Lots of sage and rosemary – so simple and so pretty. Don’t ever forget that you can use herbs in your floral arrangements or on their own in a jug.

Just never plant mint in with your herbs. You’ll be screwed.

Sage even featured on the cheese platter we grazed on before lunch. If you are ever after platter tips this post may help you (doesn’t have to be for Christmas can be any time of the year).

Another cheat tip for potatoes – like I always say – get yourself a Scanpan roaster and you will never make a bad roast potato in your life. I literally emptied out a kilo of cocktail potatoes, added in some rosemary and olive oil, salt and pepper and then when they were almost done I give them a small with the potato masher and they are even better!

We had roast beef and bearnaise like last weekend. I cook the beef for 20 mins per 500 grams in a hot oven (like 200 degrees hot).

Grandma had to play Barbies, a lot, like we all do. Over and over again.

Mum made a pav and Mags helped her decorate it. Proud as punch as she walked out with it!

Some pav, a little wine, late Autumn sunshine….does it get any better?

Maggie discovered a love and passion for running races. This is her ready to go pose.

She may just be like her father (Rob was a champion sprinter back in the day). I was not.

So much running, and laughter and loveliness around a table with people that I love. The kind of afternoons that I think of when I think of home.

What did you get up to on the weekend?
Any entertaining?
Or lawn mowing!


  1. all looks superb beth!
    much love mxx

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