Weekends filled with ALL of the things

The weekend started out a little like this. Not ideal.

Kids had finished the end of term/year and were extra delirious from the sleepover the night before. I didn’t want to cook dinner, but ended up having to, and it was just a general shit fight of bad moods, tiredness, no talkies and CRANK. Man was I cranky. I guess everyone feels a little like this as we limp towards the end of the year.

Saturday we turned things around with some serious rage cleaning and organising. Thought I better channel it into something productive and it did the trick. Furniture was moved around, clothes swapped out of drawers that were so full you couldn’t shut them, trips to Vinnies, washing and clean sheet day. By Saturday night I was exhausted, but the mood somewhat improved.

Guess what else happened? We got rid of these:

That’s right. No more baby stuff. Like ever. And even though we did this once before cleaning out all the baby stuff and getting rid of the LOT and then getting preggers 3 months later, this time is the REAL DEAL. No returns. No passing go. It’s done.

Maybe that had something to do with my mood?

In any case, Mags is in a bed. Sheesh.

Yesterday we had Archie’s 3rd birthday which was a lovely simple breakfast at Lucy’s place with lots of Christmas delights: ham, fruit, cake and bacon and egg rolls, just so lovely.

Then it was home for some quiet time before going back to see Archie and let the kids have a quiet play together.

While the bog kids hung out with their cousins who are on holidays down the coast.

A special hats off to this guy, you puts up with ALL the female business in this house. From tantrums to tween tears, hormonal middle age rage and 8 year olds who just want to play Yahtzee with him. He’s always playing, and being there for all of us. So long as the cricket is on in the background.

Thanks Rob.

So now we are here staring down at the last week before Christmas. Always a crazy time with last minute (or ALL) the shopping, catch ups and a little travel as people head wherever they are going for Christmas. It’s going to full on friends, may the rage stay contained. I sure hope so for the sake of my family!

What did you get up to on the weekend?
How’s your weekend ahead looking?


  1. Oh there has been some hardcore cleaning here too. The MIL arrived from over east on Saturday arvo & the house looked a treat so it was all worth it. I will say though, when I was repainting a kids room on Thursday ( because there was no way in hell I could put my mil in that room with all the teenage filth & grime on the walls. What do they do in there?! I don’t even want to know) every curse word ever invented, & then some, passed through my mind. But it’s ok. Today & yesterday have been unseasonally wet, cold & windy so we’ve don’t bugger all. My to-do list consists of 3 things this week, not the usual 1567. I only have 2 appointments & the joy of having my mil here means I will not be dragging young children with me. It’s like a Christmas present!
    Let’s all go slowly yeah? We deserve it x

  2. We decided it was a good idea to venture west to my husband’s home town for a charity golf day. Of course, a heat wave decided to hit and I spent my day entertaining too hot cranky kids and trying to remember why we thought this was a good idea a week before Christmas! Good times!

  3. We have all gotten the flu and it’s 3 days until the end of school in Vic and I’m over it. Can’t be bothered with the school runs just want a cuppa in bed and watch pride and prejudice

  4. This is my cranky mood- no Christmas tree or decorations. Other half with cellulitis. That is all. Merry Christmas Everyone,

  5. We celebrated my middle child’s 8th birthday, can’t believe he is 8! And now it’s time for the big wind up to Xmas and then beach camping for New Years, oh so much to do. xx

  6. “as we limp towards the end of the year” I love this description and it perfectly sums up my recent weeks. The weekend was full of final Christmas shopping, a swim at the local pool, some pre Christmas de-cluttering and some food prep.

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