Two times I fell down dead from gorgeousness this week

Exhibit A

On Saturday when I was busily minding my mind own business browsing the shops with the Stitch & Bitch crew we walked into a new shop in Moss Vale called Bowerbird. Man was it love at first sight. Filled with delightful odds and ends I wasn’t looking for anything in particular until I turned a corner and there she was!


No you shut up! I have never really had such a visceral reaction to a piece of furniture. But I gasped. I fell in LOVE HARD. And I had to have it. Did I have budget for a new couch right now? Did I need a new couch right now? Well, we did have to replace our shitty 13 year old Fantastic Furniture couch with more wee, vomit, baby stuff, sweat and dog than I care to think about that used to be in this corner…but no and no, but we’ll work that out later. And I did. I text Rob to tell him and on Monday she was delivered.

I have only really had this reaction before to my beloved aqua wing back at I bought when we moved here and have had to since re-cover. People might get like this about jewellery, shoes or bags but for me, apparently it’s soft furnishings.

And can we talk about the poodle lamp that I bought at the same time? It’s completely bonkers but I LOVE IT.

Rob said we had a unicorn head coming out of our wall so it’s really not that mad. He gets it.

Exhibit B

You guys, Maggie started ballet last week and this week we had to get the proper uniform sorted. I was hesitant walking into that Dance shop because I have previously bled money on previous visits but really. I think I could have paid 3 million dollars and it would have been worth it.

If you are ever considering having a child but are undecided, may I suggest to you that they could indeed turn out to be a little girl that one day does ballet. Are you done now? Good.

Did you drop down from anything gorgeous this week?
What was it?!


  1. Oh my lord, adorable!

  2. The ballet dancer is completely edible!!!

  3. Maggie brings a smile to my face every time. She is gorgeous in her tutu! The couch is pretty nice too.

  4. Love your photos! Your composition is bang on ( I know nothing about photography FYI, but the way you frame your shots just gets the detail to a t) mmmmm now I wonder how my son will feel if I just Pop him in a tutu just the one day so I can experience that level of cuteness ?? My cute moment is our little fellow feeding his stuffed animals with a little spoon while he makes licking sounds. Saaaaaah cuuuute.

  5. OMG! That couch gives me all the feels. Its amazing. Well played.


  7. I dropped down over those Maggie-tutu pictures. No wait, the couch. No wait, the poodle lamp! Maggie! The couch! No, Maggie! No wait…☺

  8. Robyn Jokic says

    Gorgeous little Maggie….prepare yourself for the concert in a word “tissues”, I still have a tear of joy when I watch my now 20 year old baby girl perform, unfortunately now a days its mostly overseas living the dream. That couch the colour dreamy and that poodle lamp I’m with Rob goes with the unicorn 🙂

  9. mags is too adorbs beth!
    love mxx

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