Weekends filled with cousins and candles

Friday afternoon we escaped the end of term and headed off not too far from here for a weekend away to celebrate Rob’s Mum’s 70th with all the family. The weather was heating up and I was STOKED to be able to escape home for 2 nights as were the kids who had a chance to catch up with their cousins from this side of the family. I got to wear some new Bohemian Trader jeans I got last week that I know are going to get a serious work out this spring summer. I love the waist, the fact they aren’t too distressed especially on the knees as I spend time on my hands and knees with a  toddler. I wear a size 14 and am in a size 32.

Can we please discuss Maggie walking into shot and posing like me? It’s too good. WERK IT GF.

Those slides are from Frankie4 and will be coming out next month (MARiA) they are bloody brilliant – that little step up from thongs in the summer months. Love the two tone black and white sole too that is pretty much my everyday uniform.

So off we went down the mountain then back up another mountain…just in time for an afternoon swim for the kids and a G&T for me.

It’s always hard to find accommodation for big groups – this place in Berry was perfect and sleeps 20 people! Unheard of right? You can find the link to the place here (linked to as a few people asked me about it).

We spent our time swimming, playing with cousins, eating and drinking…Mags and the girls in their element. I think Rob’s Mum had a wonderful celebration with all her family with her – what more could you want?

Saturday afternoon Harps and I had to depart to head back home for her dance concert – it was just the two of us as I sat in the theatre and cried little tears of joy at how happy she was (all the kids were in fact) dancing. Of course she won a shining star award too. Oh Harps!

We got back home around lunchtime yesterday, poor Mags went downhill with a nasty cough which had us up for most of the night. Today we are taking things nice and slowly with pj’s on, movies on rotation and no plans. I need everyone to get well, even just for a few days, and I need to get some rest done myself I am feeling exhausted myself.

So that’s us. What about you guys?
What did you get up to on the weekend?
Got any exciting plans this week?

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  1. Sounds like a fab weekend Beth. Hope Maggie feels better soon. xx

  2. Movies on rotation here too beth, my sick little chicken has only just got out of bed and its after 4pm! If she’s got that nasty flu again I’ll cry. Not minding the lazy day though not one bit.

  3. Ps harps is just unstoppable at the moment I love it!

  4. Get better, Maggie! Hope you all have a smashing school holidays x

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