Monday meal ideas: the humble roast

I slow roasted a delicious lamb on the weekend and was reminded of just how good the humble roast can be. Whether it’s over coals, slow and low or hot and fast there is something magical that happens with an oven and a piece of meat. Simple perfection!

Here’s some of my favourite recipes for roasts collected over the years…I think this week will definitely involve one of these!

Slow roasted pork belly
Thai chilli roast chicken
Slow roasted pork shoulder for tacos
Pork roast on the bone

How’s your week looking? We are back to school tomorrow so slowly getting back into a routine and the swing of things today making sure there is food for lunches. I am off on a quick trip interstate and generally trying to get back to “normal” after holidays. Routine always feels good after a break I think. Hope you guys all have a good week too!

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