Monday Meal Ideas: The comfort of cake

Having spent a considerable amount of Friday (OK, all day Friday) baking a unicorn cake for Maggie and then enjoying said cake PLUS Mum’s birthday cake yesterday, I have cake on my mind. There’s nothing like a piece of fresh cake, some leftover cake for breakfast…any time is a good time for cake!

Here are some ideas to get you baking this week ahead:

Lemon Delicious Pudding
Baked Lemon cheesecake
Sticky caramel apple tea cake
Sour lemon cake

What’s on for this week? Well I am going to be BUSY, chasing my tail all week as I plan and get ready for departure on Saturday!!! It’s going to be a crazy one…but worth the work as look at what’s waiting for me Saturday afternoon….QF1 to London.

I just can’t.
There will defo be cake consumed for sure.
Hope you have a good one friends x


  1. What was your mum’s birthday cake? It looked beyond delish!

  2. I’m gonna try and do a Violet Bakery one to celebrate the Royal Wedding. And to drown my sorrows I won’t get to be there! CAAAAAKE

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