A 3 celebration kind of weekend

From the moment that we got back from New York just over 5 weeks ago now, we have literally not stopped. We got in at 1am, up at 5am with the kids and it’s been NON STOP. There have been family visits (lots of them) Easter and the fair and more visitors, babies being born, more family visits, school holidays, back to school, my first event and now this weekend some birthday celebrations. I guess busy is just now the new normal, no time to sit and think…on we go!

This past weekend we had 2 birthday celebrations (Rob on Saturday) as well as an early little celebration for Maggie who turns two tomorrow (GULP) and then Mother’s Day. This meant shopping! Cakes! Entertaining! And that elusive weekend of no plans and relaxation slipping through our hands again. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Saturday we had a day of running around for kid’s saturday sport, so poor Rob celebrated most of his day in car. There was a great afternoon soccer game that Daisy organised for us all, as well as a carrot cake I whipped up (the birthday boy’s favourite and annual request) and a lovely dinner out locally with my sister & bro in law and Dottie of course! Home by 9.30pm…we go pretty hard around here!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day – I was thrilled with lots of gorgeous home made pressies and cards from the girls (and some gorgeous gifts from Rob too…how’s the sign?!) plus those new slippers of mine!

Breakfast was cooked by Rob before I took over in the kitchen to make another birthday cake (Anne of course!) and get ready for a little party we put together for Maggie with a handful of good friends and Rob’s Mum who came down from Sydney.

It was small, low key and perfect for a 2 year old to be around people she knows and loves, she had the very best time. Bless her world. Plus! It was a chance for me to celebrate motherhood with some of the best Mum’s I know….any excuse to pop a Prosecco I say!

And there stripe dress code memo was purely coincidental…EVERYONE was on board with it!

So now I’m left with another week ahead…sport and parent teacher interviews, preps for the event on the weekend ahead and work and life in between. I’ll rest some time maybe? Never? That’s OK!

How was your weekend?
And your Mother’s Day?
How can it be that Maggie is 2 you guys? HOW?


  1. I can’t believe Maggie is turning 2 ! I love the birthday balloons, particularly the pig, Maggie’s thing is cows mine is pigs ?
    Mother’s day was prètty quiet around here, my 14 year old handed me a card & then spent the rest of the day in her room. In the afternoon my big boy (our first foster baby, lived with us from newborn until 11 years old) rang to say happy mothers day I love you mum. He is 19 now & never missed a mothers day, it always makes my day

  2. Gorgeous photos! Happy Birthday to the gorgeous, moo cow obsessed, little Maggie! Our little one turns 2 soon and I honestly can NOT get my head around it.
    You guys have certainly had no time to spare by the sounds of it! There is certainly no pause button and with us all being struck down with a cold this week, I am taking a minute to appreciate how much we actually do in a 24 hours period because right now, the house is a bit of a schamozzle. Really hoping to be able to come to one of your events this year!!

  3. How is it even possible that Maggie is 2? Big love to you x

  4. Two, Miss Maggie? Really? So lovely when they start becoming real little people who can really DO things (and they certainly let you know when they can’t!) My youngest is 3 months from turning three and I’m gobsmacked to discover that all evidence of babyhood has well and truly left the building (apart from that bloody dummy, but I’ll deal with that later!) yet his second birthday doesn’t seem so long ago!

  5. I love the last photo with you and Maggie. Birthdays really special for the kid and the Mum, right?

  6. Maggie is just gorgeous, but how is she two already. Such lovely memories to be held in these photos. Happy Birthday Maggie xx

  7. HB to your fella and the fabulous Mags! Cannot believe that kid is TWO!! So good you had a great, albeit busy, weekend and received some lovely gifts Beth.

    My Mothers Day was so crap that I gathered the ingrates together last night and demanded a do-over next Sunday. For that is how I roll. Apparently a gift, card, flowers and/or cup of tea as recognition for a year of my labours for them were all too much to ask… I decided to make it a lesson for Mr 45 and Misses 14, 11 & 8 on not allowing people to treat you like crap.

    • I like the way you think Susan…not good enough is NOT good enough. Plenty of others could take a leaf out of your book! Hope next week is much better x

  8. how gorgeous are those photo beth!
    loving the stripes and ballet skirt with red boots! … tops!
    thanks for sharing hun!
    glad you had a happy mother’s day!
    much love m:)X

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