Tuesday Haiku

What’s not to love about this place? Free haikus offered in the bar of our hotel where we had a drink tonight is a start.

I was feeling a little tired and angsty and a little nostalgic as it’s our last night here. I sat and read a great book that was in the library section about the buildings of NY, had a chat to Rob and then perked up a little after a mojito or two (funny that). I asked for my haiku, you just had to give them a topic.

“Give me something on the complexities of motherhood and self”.

After a high five on the topic from all three young men who sat at type writers tip pity tapping them out on small cards perched at the bar, a little while later I came back to see them and was presented with this:

And then we went and had some Korean for dinner.

This place you guys, this place.

Last night we had a drink at the Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel.
We took a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tramway.
Had a superior Australian flat white coffee at Little Collins Street cafe.
Had lunch at Quality Meats.
Got a free haiku from the Haiku Guys at Arlo Hotel Bar.



  2. Ha! That Haiku! Spectacular!

  3. That, right there, is the caption to your crossing the street photo on Insta….

  4. That is GOLD! I don’t want your adventure to end!! What memories you have made. We probably have 6+ years till we can do a kid-free NYC trip but I may just start a countdown on the back of your posts! ?

  5. What hotel did you stay at in New York? I am going there next year.

  6. Oh that is AMAZING!!!! NYC, hey?

  7. Cate Lawrence says

    New York is great, I just can’t afford to live there as a tech journalist-unless i want to share bunk beds in a one bedroom…

  8. you could live there beth!
    then you would be our NY reporter on the job and we would know everything fabulous about that amazing city!
    I haven’t been there but I feel like I have now!
    well done you and @bertmag!
    much love m:)X

  9. That’s so cool! I’m going to lock that away in my memory bank in case I ever get back to New York one day. Would love a haiku of my very own.

    Looks like you had a blast!


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