10th wedding anniversary weekend away

I had grand plans for our 10th wedding anniversary: a trip to Tasmania for at least 4 nights, getting a car, driving to wineries, visiting galleries, eating cheese and drinking LOTS of wine. And then I got knocked up and the eating (soft cheeses and the like) and the drinking thing kind of went out the window. So we adjusted plans, dialled it all down and decided on a weekend away from the kids. Was it going to be to a fancy pants hotel in the city? Somewhere by the sea? It was impossible to choose so I took the advice of my brother and booked a weekend away in a gorgeous house for 2 people at Mount Tomah in the Blue Mountains that he had stayed in a few years ago. Just us. No TV. A gorgeous house. Lots of books. A fabulous kitchen for cooking (and veggie garden to boot) and of course a fire. Yes, for a pregnant woman who really just wanted to eat and sleep and get over a cold, this place ticked all the boxes.

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We arrived Friday afternoon and were a little underprepared. While I had great notions of having a slow cooked something to bring with us for dinner on Friday night, after the week that I had, it was a few bottles of booze for Rob thrown in at the last minute and that was it. It was a hot afternoon when we got there, but after we threw open all the doors and windows and unpacked (and eventually went for a quick trip to find supplies) we settled into the house. It’s a gorgeous tiny little shack – the original one room (kitchen, bed and dining space) has had a fancier architect designed addition with a lounge room and the most amazing bathroom.

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Right on time (for a sweaty pregnant woman at least) a cool change rolled in over the mountains bringing with it mist and drizzly rain as we sat outside on the front patio and toasted our 10 years. I went for quick forage in the veggie garden for something for dinner: plenty of fresh greens (spinach, swiss chard, kale and a heaps of herbs) and Rob dug up some new potatoes and I cooked a vego simple dinner before settling into some reading and backgammon. All that quiet. No TV, no puppy, no kids, just Spotify playing endless tunes and us. I quickly remembered my passion for backgammon that I had pre-kids and just how competitive I get.

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Right on time for me I was crashed out before 10 listening to the drizzle on the tin roof and the cool breeze through the window. I had a great sleep, woke to more drizzle and mist, made tea, and then coffee and went back to bed. PURE BLISS.

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I managed to get myself into that bath before we headed out to lunch to Mount Tomah Botancial Gardens which was 3 minutes down the road. Although the white out weather meant there was no view it didn’t matter. We had a cosy table for 2 by the fire and got stuck into one of the tastiest meals out I have had in a LONG time. You know when you go out and you are just grateful that someone else has cooked that you don’t care what you’ve eaten? Well this was ALL that but with the most delicious food. TASTY food. Well seasoned, seasonal food that is the exact kind of food I love to eat. Great staff, the place was a winner as is worth a trip up there from Sydney just for lunch, couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Rob had roast chicken, I had lamb rack and for dessert BAKED CUSTARD with stewed rhubarb and a pistachio shortbread. Amazing.

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After a long lunch we were back home to get comfy, get that fire on and that’s exactly where we spent the remainder of the day. Chatting, listening to music, reading and laughing. Lots of the time just being quiet. A late simple fireside dinner of cheese and then crashing out again even earlier and not moving for over 11 hours. I could not have asked for a more perfect day.

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We left late Sunday morning as the mists were finally starting to lift and the weather clear. Completely recharged (and me desperate to see the kids because I am a crazy hormonal Mum who misses her kids the minute she is away from them and then is desperate for a break the minute we are back together). It was such a lovely weekend – the perfect celebration for our 10 years together.

We stayed at A Mount Tomah cottage which is available through Stayz here. I would highly recommend this place for a couples weekend away. There is WIFI but no TV – bring your iPad or phone along for Spotify which you can connect to a speaker there. There are SO many books and the best equipped kitchen I have ever stayed at. If you were there in winter and for longer than 2 nights you would get that Aga cranking and cook some amazing meals. Make sure you get organised before you go…once you get there you will NOT want to leave and it’s not a short drive to grab supplies from anywhere. It’s small, romantic and THE perfect escape. A very happy 10 year celebration indeed!

Accommodation link here.
Restaurant link here.

Do you have a great secret weekend getaway you’d like to share with us all?
Sharing is caring and that’s why I HAD to share this place with you!


  1. That wooden bear carving is just DARLING and I need it, Beth. NEED.

    Your weekend away sounds gorgeous. I’m a bit envious, really!

  2. Yes the animal wood carvings, love them! Very reminiscent of my husbands childhood family home, exact same wood shelving in the kitchen with jars and jars of assorted foods. Alas, a weekend of this nature would NEVER happen with my twitchy husband, who has some sort of guilt issue if his backside sits on a couch for longer than 5 minutes and 37 seconds. Hmph. Happy ten years, lovers.

  3. Happy Anniversary Beth & Rob! 10 years is a special one. Love Mt Tomah! Visited the Botanical Gardens to take pics. Such a glorious spot & still quite unknown! You’ve now put it well & truly on the map! D x

  4. Here’s too many more decades of wedded bliss! That place looks ah-mazing and how good are the Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens? We always stop off there on our way to the Blue Mountains, but now I know the food is as good as the views, we might have to make it a destination in itself!

  5. Just gorgeous! Can’t believe you didn’t want to spend your 10th with us 😉 x

  6. Amazing!
    Sounds like the perfect weekend.
    I would love to sleep and sleep and sleep and to eat a meal someone else cooked for me!
    I just need an occasion!

  7. Sleep and eat undisturbed. Oh my…what is that?
    Looks great, thanks for caring and sharing 🙂

  8. Sounds like the perfect weekend Beth. Our 10th was last April and we escaped cold Melbourne to Sydney for two nights. Stayed in the most AMAZING airbnb place. Very reasonable with the best view I’ve ever had in Sydney. We barely left the room – we couldn’t stop looking at the view. Same as you, couldn’t wait to get home to see the kids then was ready to leave within 15 mins of getting home when the first fight erupted. Happy 10th wedding anna love. Here’s a link to the place we stayed at: https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/66301

  9. home away from home beth! … perfect for you both!
    congratulations! love m:)X

  10. Thank you Beth
    I went to Andrea’s apt in NYC last Nov based on your rec.
    Now this!
    I have a 25th wedding anniversary this year and was just going to book an outrageously $$$ in the area. You are the best. Thank you again.

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Perfect weekend Beth just what you needed Xx

  12. DREAMY!

  13. Oh that looks just DIVINE! So perfect.

  14. I love Mt Tomah. My Godmother who is no longer with us had a farm up at Bilpin so I spent many a weekends with her exploring that area when I was growing up. Such a special place.

  15. Sounds like & looks like the perfect night away!

    Hmm… Am I the only one that sees something in the fireplace? Sorry it just kind of jumped out at me & I showed my husband and it was the first thing he noticed too!! xx

  16. Such a lovely spot for a lovely couple, Beth. Happy 10 years to you and Rob. x

  17. That bath is amazing….but being preggers how the hell did you get in and out of it?

  18. Happy 10 years, lovebirds! That just looks like total heaven on earth for me. You’ve got me craving a perfect wintery getaway like that now… x

  19. That place looks like the business Beth. How about that Aga? And that big cutlery collection…you could feed a team of shearers with that. I love how you spent a lot of time just being quiet. Once we become parents this becomes really rare doesn’t it? Of course, lengthy, meaningful conversation is wonderful but I have noticed that when my husband and I get away we become quiet and it is SO nice. Just peaceful and good x


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