Holiday postcard: Day One

Yesterday morning we left home at 5.20am to head to the airport for a 9am flight. I like to have time up my sleeve when it comes to flying and driving 1.5 hours to get there in the first place meant that extra time was called for. You can imagine then, how pleased I was when our bags were checked and we headed for breakfast to get a text from Qantas telling me our plane was now running 2.5 hours LATER than we hoped for. It was then delayed further, and further again, and while the Melbourne Storm team and NRL trophy being on the flight was a highlight for some, my girls were funnily enough, unimpressed. The only highlight to them being there was that they all passed out as soon as they sat in their seats which made it easier for me to convince Harper that she too had to sleep on the plane. It worked! While we arrived eventually, the delays were further still as a blackout meant our bags couldn’t get off the plane…9.5 hours later…we arrived at my brother & sister in law’s place! Heavenly.

We could have driven in that time I’m sure. Have noted for future.

It was a perfect afternoon – the sun shining while the kids reacquainted themselves and I calmed my nerves with some bubbles.

Fairy gardens were made, of course.

We had an early dinner. The kids watched a movie and we were all in bed nice and early.

THIS is what School holidays are about.


  1. Oh how adorable … cousins lined up in a row. They are the holidays they will remember!

  2. All I am left thinking after reading this post is please don’t let our plane be delayed, please don’t let our plane be delayed! PLEASE! I am travelling with a 10 month old!

    Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Not cool about the massively delayed trip….but glad you got their safely and are now devouring family time and a real HOLIDAY 🙂 Enjoy!

  4. There are a LOT of girls in your family aren’t there. And look at that light. DIVINE.

  5. Gee they’ve got a nice garden.

    All the Best People Own Bromleys.

  6. i love the face of cousin being strangled by one miss daisy macdonald. my die.

  7. I have great memories of holidays with cousins. Gorgeous x

  8. Lovely pictures of happy families. I remember when MOH and I used to take our eldest 3 granddaughters on holiday. We always had a wonderful time. School holidays should be lots of fun and hope you all enjoy yours to the full. xx

  9. 9.5 hours to Melbourne*%#! Nice houses and gorgeous girls must run in the family x

  10. Cousins have such a special bond. Fun times ahead this week, enjoy!

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