New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 4

I’m like a kid on this holiday. Between the extraordinary accommodation – the best I have ever had the pleasure of staying in – to the scenery to the SNOW ON THE MOUNTAINS – the service, the FISHING, the helicopters, the wine, the FISHING, I’ve been quite beside myself.This morning we went on ANOTHER helicopter ride to another fine river in this beautiful south island, the mighty Lochy River.

What a way to travel! I’m not going back. I need a helicopter. I’m done.

We travelled across the lake into that little mouth on the right.

To the mighty Lochy. HOLY SHIT this place is beautiful.

The chopper set down one couple whilst we headed back down to the mouth to walk down. And fish.

What a river. Only accessible by air or boat. Not many people have been on this river. You know the Queen Mother fished a part of this river and she caught a 5.5 pound on this river? ME TOO (OK I didn’t catch a fish, but I FISHED IT). What a thrill.

Surrounded by majestic mountains all the way down to the Valley floor. There would have been Hobbits in those hills. HOBBITS.

We fished for 3 hours. Then we stopped for lunch by the river. It’s a simple sambo. A cup of tea. I fear I might be becoming AN OUTDOORS PERSON. I know.

I had a really good go at it today. Getting my casts right. My mends. My drifts. My stripping.

Rob caught 2 fish. I got none. A fish popped up and took my fly, I was just too interested on stripping my line to worry about actually setting the hook. Living. Learning.

Rob can just do it.

God love that man. I know I do.

We met in the afternoon with the others for a late fish.

And a whiskey as the weather closed in.

And then we were taken out, by chopper. DEAD SET, some seriously good days have been had. I’m quite beside myself and so flipping grateful.


  1. It’s incredibly easy to see yourself being an outdoorsy person when the great outdoors is as awesome as that, isn’t it? I’m so thrilled the country of my birth is showing you all such a great time, Beth. I have LOVED the photos. My heart pings every time I look at them xx

  2. Stunning Beth, just stunning! Love NZ, married a kiwi after all 🙂 Went to south island and Queenstown for our honeymoon, would so move there just to enjoy that scenery every single day. Am loving your excitement … it’s just jumping off that page … you sound like a kid again and that’s wonderful to read x

  3. Look at you! Down with the your mends, and your drifts Lingo BabyMac!

    What a great way to spend a few days. The type of days that memories are made of, and often revisited.
    Becks x

  4. Ditto what two Aussies said – except for the honeymoon but, my Kiwi and I honeymooned in Fiji, but visited Queenstown later on.

    Lovely Beth.

    Gabs x

  5. These beautiful photos really do make me question why the bloody hell did i move from there to here!!??

  6. It looks incredible Beth. I am loving reading these posts. You can tell you are having a brilliant time and your enthusiasm pours out of your writing. So much in fact that it makes me want to try fly fishing – waders and all!

  7. Loving your posts Beth. My husband & I used to fly fish before kids and it was so relaxing, yet exhausting. We still get out once or twice a year but your NZ posts are inspiring a whole new trip. My husband fishes NZ yearly and I think after seeing this I might just have to join him next time! Love the helicopter idea. So much easier to park and noone would dare scratch your doors when you park it at the supermarket.

  8. You’re a very lucky lady indeed! x

  9. Loving your posts Beth. So glad for the fabulous time you’re having. That time out just to be in a beautiful surrounding.. Learning something new… In my homeland – oh you’re making me homesick. But ever so happy that you’re loving it too xx

  10. OOoh, looks beautiful. I’m going to have to visit someday soon. Your blog is really inspiring BabyMac – just stumbled on it today.

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