Maggie gets her first hair cut

Just in case I wasn’t sure that Maggie is actually no longer a baby (the arrival of tiny Dorothy has made that SO obvious now) this morning we really sealed the deal. Maggie got her first hair cut.

The mullet was off the charts so we needed to straighten it up and thicken up what was there. She had a terrible time as you can see.

She took a little warming up, and Harper to go first, but then she was into it, sitting there like a big girl, doing big girl things.

Another first gone, and now we are left with this big little girl. Maggie. Two in just a few weeks time. Sigh.

What can I do to slow this all down I ask you?
How can one little snip of hair make such a difference?

Because locals always ask me where I get my hair done (we all go here) I see Aimee at the Hare House in Mossy who she shares with Glenn O’Reilly. She’s been doing my hair for about 6 years now. You can check her out:

Instagram: @hairbyaimeenelson
Facebook: Hair by Aimee Nelson
Appointments by email: [email protected]
565 Argyle Street Moss Vale NSW


  1. You know Maggie’s actually mine don’t you? And I’m just letting you mind her for a while.

  2. Milestone day! I bet she enjoyed the view up in that big girl chair.

    Such gorgeous girls.

  3. just gorgeous! … thought it had to come soon beth!
    happy as a lark and no cape to catch the hairs!!!
    well done! she looks like daisy in that profile photo!
    much love m:)X

  4. Their matching bobs are adorable. She was loving that experience by the looks of it! Gorgeous girls, as always.

  5. Seriously how cute ! Such a big girl now xx

  6. so so cute x

  7. Ahhhh so gorgeous! She just looks more and more adorable and dare I say it, grown up, each week! ?

  8. Oh my Beth I’m feeling you !!! asking yourself those raw questions “WTF” When ? How ? Why ? Where have those 2 years gone ??? I say ???? God bless her soul with her big sisters onboard and a whole lotta love from You, Rob & the extended family ? Including the new addition ?? We wish you all good health, love and happiness ?

  9. Look at her! All proud as punch and so grown up! I have a little 18 month old lady, who desperately needs her mullet cut, but I can’t bear to pull the trigger on that first hair cut, as she’s my last baby and it really does signify the end of that chapter.
    Given that she is currently standing on our coffee table yelling “fart” and making everyone laugh, I should probably accept that she is no longer my littile bebe but a full toddler now. ☹️

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