I feel like…

One of my favourite expressions that I have heard EVERYONE saying since we arrived is “I feel like”. Whether its been walking down the street and listening to people talking or on the subway people having in depth conversations everyone is feeling like something. I can’t stop saying it myself pretty much using it at the start of every convo with Rob. “What do you want to do?” “Um, I feel like I want to say that we should go to the MoMa, but let’s go for a walk instead.”

Yesterday it was safe to say that I felt like shite. Oh Man, Saturday night broke me.

We started up by meeting one of Rob’s school friends who moved back to Australia 18 months ago with his wife and kids, they lived here for 10 years and had their 4 boys while living here. We started off by walking into a coffee shop (which I was thinking was WEIRD) because weren’t we meant to be having a drink? And then a door opened IN the coffee shop and behind it was a Speakeasy GIN CLUB like something from the 1930’s. Amazing! Called the Bath Tub Gin I felt right at home.

After that it was another dink around the corner at Tao Restaurant which was PACKED to the gills and pumping for a Saturday night. I think it was in Sex & The City movie used for the rehearsal dinner for Big & Carrie’s wedding? It was AWESOME.

And then from there we caught up with one of my little sister’s mates who has been living here for the past 3.5 years and we proceeded to drink ALL OF THE THINGS. The closing drink for me was a dirty martini, straight up which was pretty much just straight gin which did not help me yesterday morning when I woke up and realised that I could actually not move. At all. ALL DAY.

So when Rob asked me what we were doing I had to say “I feel like you need to leave me in the hotel because I am going to die”. So he did. And I literally could not move as I watched a marathon of the Real Housewives of Potomac and slowly lost my will to live. He arrived back from his adventures with a cheesy b that managed to pull me from the depths of my hangover, back into the land of the living. Medicinal!

From there, around 5pm I managed to get dressed and we took a slow walk down town on a perfect Spring Sunday. Of course I stopped for some fountain cola and Maccas chips (again medicinal) but it was one of the moments of this trip that I will never forget.

Each of the parks filled with people doing their Sunday afternoon things, feel like their feelings, from Madison Square Park, down to Union Square and onto Washing Square. Superior people watching, dog watching, kid watching (yes I am the creeper missing her kids & dog so much so pretty much tries to strike up a conversation with anyone with kids or a dog). I just won’t ever forget the light, the people, the warm spring afternoon.

Or the superior slice of pepperoni pizza (medicinal) that I felt like I needed just before we got back to the hotel and chilled out for the night.

It’s now Monday morning, the city coming to life down below with construction and people. I know next Monday won’t look like this one, that’s for sure. And I feel like I am very lucky that I get to enjoy this one…

We had a drink at Bath Tub Gin Speakeasy.
And then a drink at Tao Restaurant.
We had dinner at Perla in the West Village.
Then way too many drinks at Fedora West Village.
I had a Five Guys Cheesy B that saved my life.
And a slice of very good pizza from Bella Napoli.


  1. Medicinal! That’s what your posts are on a Monday night as I prepare to switch off the light. x

  2. I feel like, your trip is coming to an end all too quickly and I’ve enjoyed every post, you are tempting me to visit NYC!! And I’m no fan of anything American, too large, too loud, too everything!! Thank you for your insights xx

  3. Oh gosh I love that place…so vibrant at any hour of the day. One day hopefully I will go back!

  4. McD’s small cheese burger, fries and a 7-up is my medicinal cure.

    Haven’t had a bad one since NYE 1999.

  5. I’m loving your posts from New York Beth. So wish that I could get there. Maybe in another lifetime.

  6. I feel like I know exactly how it feels to be so hungover that death seems a better option. And the vowing NEVER to drink that much again. At least you didn’t have to deal with little people while feeling shite ? Onwards and upwards BabyMac!

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