Monday meal ideas: get some greens in ya!

Oh Monday! Here we are again. I am kicking goals this #maintenancemonday with the world’s biggest laundry pile looking slightly smaller. Superior washing conditions here today friends, windy and sunny (but a chilly autumnal feel in the air) bound to put a pep in your step after these hot weeks we have had.

I’ve got just over a week of #febulous to go and stocked up at the fruit shop yesterday on LOTS of greens. I always find that if the supplies are there, I will eat better for the week. Here are some favourite recipes for greens that may find their way onto my (green) plate this week!


Green Pig Pasta
Zucchini fritters
Quinoa salad
Smug pie

What’s on your calendar this week? Mine is looking much quieter than last (THANK GOODNESS) no more birthdays for a little while. I am planning on taking advantage of any down time I can get as well as keeping the exercise up and finishing up on a high with #febulous.

Hope it’s a good week for you all x


  1. Ooh, I like the look of Smug pie! I think I’m struggling with my nutrition because I haven’t done a big, organised food shop in a while – keep running to the store for bits and pieces! I must sort my shit out!

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