6 minute butterscotch sundae

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If you are anything like me, I get a certain craving for something sweet a few hours after I have eaten dinner (yes I eat dinner with my kids at 5.30pm) and a little while before bed. For me, that time is around 9pm. Most of the time I can push the thoughts away, but sometimes, sometimes you just have to give in. And sometimes you have to pull out the big guns: HOME MADE SUNDAE WITH HOT BUTTERSCOTCH SAUCE.

You can whip this bad boy up in 6 minutes flat. You can! If you eat it in a mug it makes you feel like you aren’t pigging out as much (plus it’s easier for the drinking at the end). And in 7 minutes you can be back on the couch. Interested? Why wouldn’t you be!


6 minute sundae

Butterscotch sauce
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup thickened cream
1/2 stick (125 grams) butter

Ice cream scoops
Toasted nuts (I used silvered almonds)

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If you can be patient I would give the sauce 5-10 mins to cool down so that the ice cream doesn’t just turn into a milk shake, but other than that, this is one quick, delicious sundae.

Woolworths Select have a new range of ice creams that come in 3 flavours: vanilla, hokey pokey or Cookies and Cream. Not bad for a fiver.

Do you get the 8.58pm sweet craving?
Got any other quick tips to share?


  1. So let me get one thing straight … you’re not pouring the entire cup of brown sugar, 125gms butter and half cup of cream onto your mug of ice cream … are you???
    Though I did think I might eat my ice cream straight … and then drink the sauce as a chaser ;0)

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You could! But no, it’s all into the saucepan to cook…I suppose an entire mug of sauce could make even the sweetest tooth a little woozy!

  2. Tanya_blogreader says

    I am so doing this tonight, i just hope you didn’t use that cream from the carton in the fridge…

  3. If only I had some ice cream…

  4. Oh my god I LOVE THIS! Thanks Bev xx

  5. Have been 100% off the sugar for about 5 weeks now, still when I see something like this I feel like I would sell my entire family on the black market for a freaking Tim Tam! Damn it.

  6. Oh my. Sugar coma come to mama.

  7. OMG! Copied the ingredients picture, copy and pasted the recipe, printed off and its in my recipe file – my girls will love it!

  8. I doubt there is anyone on this earth who wouldn’t enjoy this at anytime of the day or night. xT

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Who would not be interested in that recipe! Thankyou Beth for sharing and that’s when I want something yum about 9 to 9.30 at night!

  10. Yummy – I’m a fan of adding a few slices of banana into the sauce towards the end… It’s a thing my mum used to do when we were kids.

  11. Julijana Griffiths says

    Still dreaming about it Beth! I can remember all the delicious taste sensations, crunchy almonds, creamy ice cream and that to die for butterscotch sauce. I think I almost carved a groove in the bowl!

  12. Mandi Jones says

    You are a Goddess!! Was craving caramel ANYTHING last night… rather suspect this will be my 8.23pm (my sweet craving obviously hits a wee bit earlier than yours lol) sweet treat hit.

  13. Bad girl! I would never make that!
    I attack a block of chocolate for the late night sugar craving but it has to be 70% coco or more (the higher the percent the less guilt) and if its one of those dark chocolate, no children used in the labour organic types, even less guilt so I can eat twice as much. But some nights I just can’t cope with the dark variety and I’ll go for the milk chocolate and nut type (I never buy chocolate with runny flavoured centres, I would have to become Catholic again and go to confession).
    Apart from chocolate I am always looking for the no sugar no dairy type sweets. God knows I wont find them here LOL!!

  14. I am so making this tonight – we are loving My Kitchen rules and the family has been saying – Mum you never make desert any more!

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