Pretty in Pink

The month of October always brings with it crazy weather. You can get a hot, summery day and the next you can get a cold snap that takes your breath away. We’ve even had snow in October! But one thing that October brings that ALWAYS makes me happy, is the pink clematis in flower all over the house.


Every corner of our house has this gorgeous vine planted that climbs over the corners with the flowers on show in such a splashy way. It’s just so pretty.

img_9357 img_9361 img_9365

And when they have finished flowering the ground is carpeted in pink petals. Or on a windy day, it looks like it’s snowing pink.


They like cold feet I think, so may only work in colder climates. And the rest of the garden is looking pretty good at the moment too – new colours popping up every day – blossoms everywhere!

img_9354 img_9356 img_9368

We’re still a good few months behind Sydney with our wisteria only coming into bloom this week and the star jasmine not even forming flowers yet. But how lucky we are to enjoy the seasons in all their glory down here!

How’s your garden at the moment?
What’s looking good? Ready to burst?


  1. What a show! So much pink! I must admit, I am smitten with the colours of a northern hemisphere autumn- just breathtaking.

  2. omg that clematis is gorgeous beth!
    can’t boast about flowers in my garden but everything has new growth and shrubs have their flowers! …
    I planted the sweet peas after putting them in tepid water overnight last week!
    and my newly planted lavenders are getting ready! everything is so slow this year! like me!;)
    my aggies are starting to look like they are moving too!
    I saw some out in flower already! when is Christmas???
    I have got some pretty star type flowers (bulbs)which dance in the roaring 40’s!
    have a good one hun! love m:)X

  3. About to google Clematis and my climate. So pretty.

  4. Time for a spring podcast!

  5. I love star jasmine, it always reminds me of ‘home’ because it grows in the entry way to my parent’s house. I love all the beautiful purple blooms that come out in November in Sydney. When we were kids we would always play ‘count the Jacarandas’ on our way anywhere in November.

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