Green & white

There’s no better colour combo. Simple perfection.

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While I do love colour, sometimes simple is enough. Hope your weekend is filled with some simple…we are celebrating Christmas with my Dad at his place at the beach. Can’t wait to breathe in some salty air, walk on some sand and soak in some simple family times.

Happy weekend!


  1. Emma Steendam says

    Agreed – I’m a big green and white fan. Our Christmas tree ornaments aren’t very colourful, basically all white, linen, hessian, twine and mercury glass, I just like that look against the green tree. I considered green for bridesmaids for our wedding too, always love a green and white wedding, in the end we just went with all white flowers and neutral colours which was perfect. Simple is best.

  2. I am all about green and white as well. Colour and the garden are not for me. Well I feel crazy with a coloured Kate Spade bangle on – so I am guessing colour is not for me in general!

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Stunning Pics Beth I have been picking lots of Gardenia’s to bring inside and i love them so much they smell amazing,Have a lovely weekend at the beach xx

  4. Vange Asuncion Langford says

    Such beauty in nature, well captured. What plant is that in the white pot?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That is the VERY best indoor plant you could ever hope for – called a Zanzibar Gem they are nearly impossible to kill! You do NOTHING to them, then every 3-4 months I fill up the kitchen sink with cold water, sit the pot in there (the water only goes up to about half way up the side of the pot), let it sit for 30 mins and then that’s IT for another 3-4 months. Very good indeed!

  5. Beautiful. Great pics Beth.


  6. Lisa Penberthy says

    I have one of those little bunnies from DTLL. So cute.

  7. So totally needing more green in my sea of white right now. Thanks for the fix C:

  8. Stunning. Fresh. Chic. Love!

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