Lessons in seeds

Remember back in March, on St Patrick’s Day when I planted those sweet peas for Amelia?


Well I walk past them every day because the pot is near my front door. I watched them shoot too quickly in April when the weather was still too warm, and they got confused. We all got confused.


I watered them through the winter when they were cold and still, away from the frost but quietly growing. I protected them from the wind through the end of winter, until now where it still blows so strongly, too strongly.

And then yesterday? On a warm, windy (dear LORD MAKE IT STOP) Spring day I saw this:


And this!


All from some tiny seeds, some dirt, some sunshine and some water.


And I was reminded by my friend Amelia that life, on it goes. Through the mundane, normal days. The tough nights. The tricky parenting, the wonderful days and times filled with friends and family and travel. On it goes. Aren’t we lucky to enjoy it all in between?

Thanks for the reminder little seeds, and thank you Amelia for always making me stop and remember (in both March, and now October) to hold onto these moments for what they are: the true little joys of life.


I can’t wait to get some sweet smelling pickings into a vase soon.

Do you love sweet peas?
Garden looking pretty at the moment too?
Learnt anything from the dirt lately?


  1. Sweet peas always remind me of my nans place. She had them on a trellis near her kitchen window and out the front of her home. Thank you.

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful Beth ❤️

  3. “All from some tiny seeds, some dirt, some sunshine and some water.” Indeed but you missed the most important thing Beth…love. Without love, care and attention nothing grows – plants or little people. Well done, Amelia would be proud. Thank you for the timely reminder x

  4. Jill Unsworth says

    Gardening brings me so much joy. I’m loving my ranunculus at the moment – such beautiful vibrant colours. I planted Cosmos seeds when Mother Nature teased us with Spring warmth early September, expecting them to die due to the cold and torrential rain (I’m in Victoria) but alas there they are ! Popped up ready to take it all on!
    Thanks Beth for the reminder.

  5. I love sweet peas, they remind me of my Nan & Pa, they had a trellis covered in them in their garden. Such a lovely smell

  6. a lovely story insight thanks beth! … love sweet peas!
    I wonder if I put some seeds in now? my daughter gave me a packet and said plant them in autumn! I forgot!!!
    I have been pottering today with head scarf and parker on! oh dear!
    everything is bursting forth!
    i’m going out now and planting those seeds!
    who knows!
    love m:)X

  7. My sweet peas, planted shortly after St Patrick’s day (fashionably late of course) decided to flower yesterday too!

  8. Love sweet peas. I feel I was a little late getting mine planted.

  9. I love growing things from seeds. So satisfying.

    Garden looks good, my gardenia hedge is gearing up to flower.

    Gardening above all else teaches us that we cannot make things work by sheer force of will x

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