Frank is now 2!

You guys, little Frank is not so little anymore. Today he is 2!


And hasn’t the old boy aged? Look at all that grey hair now! With his fresh cut from the groomer he is looking way more schnauzer than poodle at the moment. Schnauzer or poodle, he is 100% adored by every member of our family and although he hasn’t quite been with us for the full 2 years yet, he’s certainly captured all our hearts.

IMG_7691 IMG_4191 IMG_3260 IMG_9154

I have loved the way Daisy said she would look after a dog, and she has. She adores him and will happily take him for a walk, let him out, give him a brush and a cuddle whenever he needs it. Harps and I are a little further down the chain with Rob and Maggie both at the top. Frank ADORES Rob. And vice versa. The only boys in the house, they have a certain connection that we just don’t get.

And as for Maggie? That has been the most precious thing to watch unfold. From protector, to play mate and friend, they just love each other. I think Maggie thinks he is her brother. And he is very grateful for all that food that he gets now that she’s around. It’s a win win relationship.

IMG_7593-1 IMG_1999 IMG_3349 IMG_5817

I love how he features pretty much in all our family photos now, especially on birthday mornings when he seems just as keen to see what presents are given.

IMG_7070 IMG_7050

He’s still got a bit of puppy in him, the toilet training is sorted but you can bet that if there is one of Maggie’s toys on the ground (which there are ALWAYS) he will chew it. Every time. He literally cannot help himself. Pencils? Textas? GONE. The ripping of book covers and toilet paper has passed but the odd Sylvanian Family member will get their face chewed off, just so we know that he is still important. Or something. Annoying is the word I think…


He dead set thinks he is a cat, or a human and will sit on the edge of the couch waiting for Rob to get back like a person. It makes me laugh every time.


Frank, you are a beautiful natured boy. So patient with Maggie and loving to us all. You are no trouble really, and have so many friends that stop by the fence on their daily walk to have a chat and a pat. How can anyone resist that face?


I hope you are happy with us all and you know just how much we love you. Happy birthday Frank! I can’t wait to see you grow even more over the next year. Just stop chewing the goddamn toys OK?

Love you! We all do. Happy Birthday.



  1. certified says

    Oh that last photo. Be still my heart

  2. Happy birthday to furry cute little Frank.
    I am so glad he is getting on so well with Maggie and they have developed a strong bond. It is so cute to see them in the photos together. What gorgeous daughters you have!
    Dogs are the best, loyal, cute, always there. We left our two dogs in Argentina with my parents and my 6 year old daughter who has had them since they were 2 month old puppies (for nearly three years) misses them so so much. Even yesterday out of the blue she said to me I miss my puppies, I want to go back to Argentina!

  3. God I love your photos Beth! They always bring such joy to my day.

  4. Happy birthday Frank? We have a Frank too, a Maltese Foxie lunatic who is 8 yrs old. A much loved dog that barks a little too much but doesn’t chew, he carries shoes and socks all over the house but never chews them. He is my best friend especially when I’m preparing food. Hope Frank has a great day by the fire.

  5. what a sweetie beth!
    so good natured and just gorgeous for the girls!
    I remember that video when you showed the girls!
    they were over the moon!
    and now there is the maggie thing with frank! too cute!
    love m:)X

  6. Julie Dodd says

    He is the dead spit of our 9 year old moodle Cooper xx

  7. He’s just as irresistible as he used to be, only more! What fab photos, but that one of Frank sitting on the sofa is pure GOLD!

  8. What a loved dog! I’ve only recently discovered your insta/blog and wrongly assumed Frank was actually quite old – must be those wise eyes…
    Love the way he thinks he’s a cat – so adorable!

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