Frank the Tank

It’s been, oh, say 2 or 3 years now of constant nagging. Asking. Pleading. Polite suggestions. Drawings. Craft. Β Crying for. Requests for a dog. I have always known it was going to happen, just not sure when. I mean DOG. Mess. Poo. Chewing. Crying. Barking. CHEWING. POO. But then…DOG. Love. Companionship. A new family member. Responsibility. LOVE. And PUPPY CUTE OH MY STARS PUPPY!

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Last week this picture got me. Was it the name? The details? AGAIN. Whatever it was, something made me think maybe rather than NO WAY straight away. And then maybe turned into we could totally do this to I HAVE GONE AND DONE IT.


Last week we went and found our very own Frank. It was SO hard keeping it a secret, knowing that he was coming home with us today. I was bursting out of bed this morning, the girls no clue as they headed off to School. Β Rob and I had some time at home playing and then he slept at my feet while I worked this afternoon. Then it was time for the girls to come home. Tension was mounting, Frank chewed my rug none the wiser and then in they came…

It’s been a lovely afternoon getting to know each other. It’s love. Plain and simple. Sure, it’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it. I’m ready and so it will happen. Let the adventure begin! And Frank? Welcome. You are no longer a little girls dream, a drawing, you’re here. And it’s SO good to meet you x

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Got some puppy training tips for me? Tell me EVERYTHING.


  1. OMG I am in Love with Frank! And the look on your little ones faces when they saw him! Good on you for getting a dog – all kids need a pet! My puppy training advise would be get yourselves onto a puppy preschool or puppy school program – your local vets should have the down low on this. Also the girls (and you and hubby) should all take turns feeding him – so he knows everyone in the ‘pack’ is above him. Otherwise enjoy – he’s adorable!

  2. Actual tears at the video. Can’t wait to get our own little ‘Frank’ one day πŸ™‚

  3. How gorgeous!,

  4. Oh, dear me. That’s delightful! Enjoy getting to know one another and best of luck with the tricky bits

  5. Your video made me cry. Such joy! Enjoy Frank – he’s gorgeous.

  6. Ohh my gosh! He is so cute!!

    Max my shihpoo just turned two and the poodle crosses are soooo easy to train. They have THE best personalities.

    Tips: Toilet train ASAP… ie. get him to pee outside. I used wee mats and it seriously just made him lazy lol
    Socialise, socialise, socialise…. try and take him to puppy school. Best thing we did was socialise him with other dogs. Most vets run puppy schools.

    I can see Frank is going to be very well loved. I teared up when the girls realised he was theirs. So gorgeous xx

  7. I just cried watching the video, tears of happiness for you guys. Prettysure the lady next to me on the train thinks I am a nutter! Go Frank!

  8. OMGosh I love Frank. My tips is getting a crate, put him in it it when you can’t watch him so he doesn’t chew everything and pee everywhere (make it cosy for him like his own bedroom). Also second the puppy school if you don’t want him to be a grump with other dogs.

  9. OMG i had tears streaming down my face watching your gorgeous girls. Frank is adorable, he is a lucky boy to be with a very loving family

  10. Lisa from Two Point Five Kids says

    Awwww – ever since we lost our Pawthos last month the boys have been begging for another little dog with brown spots. Frank looks divine – I hope he brings you all a lot of joy and happiness. As for tips? Ummmmmm, invest in a carpet cleaner πŸ™‚

  11. That must have been a very happy mum moment!

    Best thing I did when we got our pup was getting him a crate to sleep in. It sounds cruel but it was his space away from the noise of the house, it made him feel safe, he knew when it was bed time and he goes in it when we go out so no surprises when we get home. Best part about it is he loves going in it – he puts himself to bed now.

    Other than that I just had to keep telling myself – eventually those sharp needles they have for baby teeth – they do fall out πŸ˜‰

    Good Luck and enjoy it!

    • Agree with Louisa. We have a 12-week old black miniature schnauzer puppy who goes in a crate at night. We had one night of crying. One week of getting up to take her to the toilet and after that she went through the night without a peep. Toilet training not great by day yet but night is great. And those teeth are so sharp – kids have been mauled a few times in play but still hurts. Puppy pre-school is excellent if you can find one near you. So lovely for kids to have a dog – what a happy life Frank will have!

    • The teeth…yes!

  12. Made me cry!! Gorgeous reaction from your girls. Frank is soooooo cute!!

  13. no words……

  14. Oh my boys had the same reaction when we introduced our pre loved Pugalier Frankie to our home! He has fitted right in….cant remember what it was like before his arrival!

  15. Oh my he is just gorgeous!! Enjoy and make sure you have lots of newspaper, stock up on paper towel….. The girls reaction is just priceless!!

  16. So, so gorgeous. Every child deserves to grow up with a family pet. Well done.

  17. Lisa Mckenzie says

    You made me cry Beth so beautiful ,I love Frank too,he is beautiful and the looks on your girls faces priceless,the love of a dog is a wonderful thing.
    Tips keep in only one part of the house while he is new if you can,puppy preschool and remember no yelling he is a baby cause he will do naughty things,get the girls to tire him out in the day time do he sleeps at night,and enjoy Xx

  18. Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    Get him used to be bathed and groomed from now – the sooner you start, the better, he’ll grow up being used to it and it will make bathing and grooming him SO much easier.

    Also get into the habit of taking him outside first thing in the morning, after every meal [if you’re feeding him at certain times/particular meals – Ruby dog just has access to biscuits all the time and has done since she was a pup] and then last thing at night. We did this with Ruby dog and she toilet trained herself – true story and now if she wants to go out, she comes and sits in our line of sight and makes a noise. Ignoring her is futile because she just does a whine that gets louder until we get up and let her out!

  19. This post could not have come at a worse time for my will power! The kids have been begging for forever and then at the weekend we had friends visit with their dogs. The joy on my daughter’s face as she hugged, kissed and generally blissed out with the puppies, was making my resolve waver. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to last.
    Congrats on your new arrival – he is ADORABLE!

  20. AHHH SO CUTE!! I love that little puppy bounce, sooo excited about everything. My top tip is definitely crate train, our little pup just turned 1 this month, we were vigilant about crate training and he was fully house trained by 6 months of age, no weeing in the house or chewing things he shouldn’t (except for the occasional sock) and we can leave him at home on his own roaming the house and he doesn’t destroy anything. So excited for your family!! Enjoy πŸ™‚

  21. So gorgeous Beth!! Good on you πŸ™‚ tips from me.. Puppy school, lots if exercise will keep him from chewing everything in sight!! Definitely a crate… And dogs are pack animals so let him be beside you and he’ll be happy. Little Minnie sleeps beside our bed & is one happy little girl. Xx

  22. I actually can’t tell you how freaking awesome this video is. My die! Those lucky girls, for the rest of their lives, will remember this day. And Frank will be sooooo loved. Puppies make the bestest friends, and it looks like your babes just hit the jackpot!!

  23. OMG that video is gold. One to keep forever. What an amazing moment.

  24. Take him out every hour if you can. When he does ones or twos say “wee wee” or “toilet” or whatever word you want. He will soon get the idea when you say that he is to go to the toilet. Be patient, and teach the girls they have to pick stuff up or it WILL get chewed. He needs his own toys too, things to chew on especially. When he accidents, pick him up and take him out to the grass ASAP, then he learns that’s where he is supposed to go. No smacking or yelling though, only frightens them. Make sure he knows you are all his boss, not the other way around. Not on the bed, or at your level. Never ever ever feed him from the table so he doesn’t learn to beg for food while you are eating. Agree with everyone re puppy school. Absolute must! Oh the joy, puppy breath – almost as good as newborn smell…

  25. Oh motherfucker. I ACTUALLY let out a “shut the fuck UP”. LEGIT. And then I watched the video and I CRIED. Yay Frank!

  26. That made me cry!!! So beautiful!!! We pick our puppy up in 2 weeks time. The kids have no idea either πŸ™‚ They too, especially my daughter, have begged for a dog for a few years. They have done the tears, pleading, pictures EVERYTHING. I can not wait to see their reaction when they find out. I am excited but also a wee bit nervous about caring for a 8 week old puppy….yikes!!

  27. Yep, I cried xx

  28. How excited was Frank to see them too!

  29. That video is priceless! I was excited and nervous waiting with you and yes there was a tear at my end. My husband will love this post, it will be under his nose when he gets home! We have 4 weeks to wait and we’ll be picking up a new addition for our family. We picked her out with the kids (a black little Moodle) but they don’t know when she’s arriving, hoping to give them a little surprise.
    Enjoy your new puppy Babymac family!

  30. The top tip we got for a family dog is they must understand they are bottom of the pack, like rob, you and kids are above Frank. Little things like the dog is fed after your dinner and so on reaffirms this. Crate also brilliant, we used an old playpen but he may be too small

  31. Oh Beth that is pure Joy. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing xx

  32. Def do puppy school, I didn’t and we now have a naughty sausage dog who chews everything I love!

  33. Gorgeous….just gorgeous πŸ™‚

  34. he is great!!! lovely vid.

    sob sob


  35. Bloody hell, tears here. Now I have to go and buy the goldfish my kids are hassling me for. They’d love a dog, but not here. Welcome to Frank, he’s adorable! xx

  36. The expressions on the girls faces, just priceless. Made me teary being the mad dog lover that I am. ❀️

  37. I have tears! That is the happiest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!! What a special video. Hi Frank! xx

  38. Oh Frank, bless. And Harper with her little foot stamping ‘thank you SO. MUCH. MUM!’ bahahaha Our Tessa is a little cavocker, with a smidge of poodle thrown in too, what a bitzer! It’s the blend that is the win though, I think you’ll find with Frank too, the poodle makes them really easy to train. I trained Tess with little bits of cheese and it’s still her favourite food, she will do anything if you have cheese in your hand! Old habits die hard. Puppy school is a must for socialisation if nothing else, Tess didn’t learn an awful lot at our local vet’s puppy preschool but she got to play with other pups, big and small, meek and bossy, get to know a pecking order. Good luck with the toilet training, uggghhhh, Tessa had worms as a little one and ruined a rug. Say no more. He WILL prefer to go on the rug rather than your timber floors. He just will. Tess was quite precious about getting her feet wet on grass so would go on concrete, her prompt to go to the toilet is still me tutting at her ‘on the grass Tess, on the grass!’ no matter where we are, that’s just her cue! I have a feeling that little unborn baby waiting somewhere for your family has just arrived, in a black fluffy form. Clucking subdued?!

  39. Crying!!!! (in front of my girls bitch, now I appear vulnerable and they’re going to attack me with AGAIN with the same wish).

    Welcome Frank, you adorable bundle.

    One and only tip: make sure Frank is independent and does not need your attention all the time, train him to stay home alone and let him know boss is. I’ve never been to a puppy school with any dog in my life….just trained them based on common sense.

    Have fun kids, there’s a lotta love right there!

  40. Oh he is gorgeous! Puppy pre school is de riguer but in hindsight would have liked some obedience training too.
    We bought a pen like this from the beginning to leave him in when we went out or went somewhere unfenced in the early days.
    Have seen fot $20-30 at Reject Shop et al.
    Now use spike in the beach etc – similar to this:
    He also loves his crate bought for flights to Sydney.
    *Heart worm shot with annual vaccinations and then other wormer 3 montthly
    *Flea meds etc much cheaper online.
    *Blackhawk aussie made dry food from pet shops is much cheaper than imported and not irradiated like imported ones.My Leo has only ever had dry food and brisket bones and roast chicken when we have it and he’s in perfect health.
    *A small brisket bone every night has kept his teet pristine plus no doggy breath (he’s 7.5 yrs and a Maltese x Tibetan Spanielβ™₯)
    *Pet insurance!
    *Seat belt harness and in the back!
    Also didn’t feed from table to avoid *begging.

    Enjoy your darling furbaby x

  41. Also we never leave him outside unattended, pen was in lounge room – yay to floorboards! Ooh and those training pads you have – much cheaper at Reject shop etc. Xx

  42. I may or may not have tears in my eyes. Best. mum. ever!

  43. Ropey chew toys like this but not necessarily mint flavoured!

  44. How will you top that when you next go away as a welcome home present??! Can’t wait to meet The Tank x

  45. Congrats on very very cute Frank! Filming the girls’ reaction was priceless. Tearing up!

  46. We have. a Frank the Tank also…he is a mini sausage dog & a thorn in my side πŸ˜‰ I like your frank much better!

  47. Instagram is able to get a whole lot Frankier!

  48. Aw man, made me cry. Daisy’s face! Welcome home Frank. He’s gorgeous.

  49. Welcome Frank, you are delightful.
    What a great surprise for your girls, Beth. They will remember this day forever. Little Frank looked like he was super excited as well. Imagine how many drawings there will be now of actual FRANK! Wish I was a fly on the wall at school tomorrow to hear the girls telling the story of Frank…although they may not want to go and leave him!
    The crate is the way to go. It’s his house & he will love it.

  50. Margaret Jolly says

    Take him out onto the grass as often as you can, liver treats in hand. Say a word like ‘wee wee’ and when he does one give him a treat. You will have him going to the toilet, outside, on command in no time. Have fun!

  51. Now, I don’t even like dogs and that video made me cry! Your girls, their joy!!

    Oh mum, thank you SO MUCH!

    And Frank prancing and doing whatever the puppy equivalent of a fist-pump is, thinking yes, I’m in!!

    How utterly lovely!!

    To quote Annie – I think I’m gonna like it here!

  52. Absolutely gorgeous! And look how happy you made your girls – the gratitude on their faces is just delightful and heartwarming. So worth it!
    My advice…unconditional love!! There will be poo and wees and chewing for a bit but some good training and lots of exercise will do wonders. Enjoy!! x

  53. Frank is so cute, and the perfect size for two little girls. I second, third, and fourth the crate suggestion. We had one for each golden puppy, and if freed us up to sleep through the night and be able to go out during the day without worrying about what they were destroying. Our goldens would use it as their “safety” place, too. It’s not punishment for them–it’s their own spot. They won’t pee or poop in it because they won’t do that where they sleep. Just don’t make it too big so they can’t find an empty spot in there to pee. Leave the crate door open when you’re home. You can google how to crate-train a puppy. I highly recommend it and wouldn’t do it any other way.

    The puppy kindergarten suggestions and socialization suggestions are a must, too. Then you’ll be all set! That first year as hell, and then you have a great dog.

    After the girls get used to him, you KNOW he’ll be your dog, don’t you??? πŸ™‚

  54. I LOVE HIM.

    Pink shovel, Beth. Start them early. And, he will grow out of his puppy stage – take lots of pics. He’ll get more self-sufficient I promise. Opie needed a LOT of tlc in the early weeks, Dave did all of it. Make sure Frank knows his place in the pack – at the end, but still. Tight family unit. Love him LOVE HIM.


  55. OMG I just found my earplugs and watched the vid in bed with Dave next to me snoring away. Omg. I love how straight away Daisy’s all pointing saying, “Is this?” And Harper is I LOVE YOU MUM.

    Tip #476 – BE THE BOSS. Both Dave and I do NOT take any shit from Opie. He is not to run around being a maniac jumping on people ALL the time (obviously sometimes he just will because dog) … but untrained dogs are really annoying. We missed puppy school so did it ourselves. Make sure you and the girls are on the same page e.g.. Opie IS NEVER ALLOWED ON MY COUCH EVER. I do not want stinky dog couch.

    Tip #1567 – Feed him first, away from the family, then you eat, then he can re-join the family NOBODY LIKES A BEGGER, FRANK


    When your vid finished You Tube automatically played the next one – a tutorial on how coca-cola can clean your toilet and I wasn’t even grossed out I was just all, mmmmmm, fountain Mexican coke xxxx

  56. Oh I loved that video! How exciting for your girls. Frank is a cutie patootie!

  57. I swear by the crate – it saves rugs, shoes, furniture and underwear!! And they find it a safe place. I have used a crate the first 8 months for all my dogs and it was the best. I work from home so I have more time to walk, train and be watchful. I’ve never used a training service but it is 2 years of solid training!! Digging holes was more an issue – again, I just point at the hole and say NO and we are hole free until my ex brings over his crazy dog!

  58. As soon as he wakes, as soon as he has eaten and about every hour or so take him outside on to the grass and wait for him to wee. As soon as he does, say one word and praise him. Wont be long before he heads to the door to go outside for some praise, and yippee you have a housetrained dog. I used toilets as the word but any word will do as long as you are consistent. The other best piece of advice is that puppies were not born knowing they are allowed on beds or furniture. You set the rules about this, and again consistency is the key. Having said that, my dog sleeps on my bed, has full run of the house and furniture. Make sure he has his own things to chew and give him a tap on the nose and say No! if he has a go at your shoes etc. He is a gorgeous little fellow, I wish you all the happiness that he will bring to your family. xx

  59. That video is priceless Beth, I may have even had a tear in my eye. Pull it together Chards! What a cute puppy, and I am telling you I am by no means a dog lover!! The girls must be beside themselves, fantastic!!!

  60. That’s just the best! Now watched the video 8 times just love it!
    Crate is essential not only for sleeping in while little but also if you want to take Frank on holidays with you. My girls are happy to fly around the country in their crates. Regular toilet breaks outside will get him into a routine but apart from that lots of cuddles, kisses, treats and secret whispering in their ears- they never tell!

    Can’t wait to see the ‘Frank’ story unfold, what a lucky boy x

  61. Proud schnoodle owner since 2012 πŸ™‚ Our girl is clever, loving, great with our kids and so, so much a member of our family. I wish I had been more firm with training her not to jump up on people (which is from the ‘oodle’ genes) because it’s molto annoying for visitors. Plus, don’t let ANYONE feed her from the table. The jumping, I tell ya, it will be an issue if you dont crack down on that shit early…

  62. OMG I cant see for my tears! Best mum moment EVER! xx

  63. i might have cried.

    massive softy and animal lover.

    This little guy is going to rock your world! enjoy <3

  64. Dogs are the best people. Until they chew your stuff then they are motherfuckers but you keep on loving them. I have no training tips because all our dogs have been/are feral untrained lunatics, much like my children, but start as you mean to finish. It really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks so teach him now while he’s little & eager. Enjoy!

  65. oh my goodness, this is so sweet! Beth Daisy hugged you before Frank, and you got an I love you so much! Such a special addition to your family. I just love this so much, I may need to share with the Huzbando in hope he jumps on the puppy train. Missy and I are keen, Daddy not so much.

  66. Oh my heart! That movie and the look on the girls’ faces! Frank is all kinds of adorable. I’m staying with my mum and her new puppy at the moment. He’s called Calvin and he’s a Yorkie. He’s a handsome handful and the only bit of advice I can give you is hide your socks! I think Frank Macdonald has a really lovely ring to it!

  67. I want a dog about as much as I want a hole in the head… but it must be said that Frank is pretty damn cute and the way your girls fell to pieces when they saw him….. just gorgeous.
    Maybe I’ll change my mind about pets when my kids are a little older. For now I’m just barely coping with looking after budgies and hopping mice with the kids at School this week! Apparently it’s a learning experience. Pffft.

  68. Damn. Internet ate my comment. I think…

    It went something like this.

    Cute dog. Awesome video. You’re crazy.

  69. OH! Internet didn’t eat my comment! Ha! …. as you were.

  70. I keep going back to see that video it is the best. Just showed my husband it too – what is it with puppies, they bring so much joy.


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